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A1b1a1a2a At subclade A1b1a1a2a added SNP M212
E1b1b1b2 At subclade E1b1b1b2 added SNP Y5425
E-M34 At subclade E-M34 added SNP Y5438
E-Y4968* New sample YF01881 in subclade E-Y4968*
E-Y4972 Subclade E-Y4968 renamed to E-Y4972
E-M84 At subclade E-M84 added SNPs Y5411, Y5413, Y5414, Y5415, Y5416, Y5417, Y5418 and other 15 SNPs
E-M84 Subclade E-M136 deleted from E-M84
E-PF6751 Subclade E-M84 divided to E-PF6751, E-PF6748
E-PF6748 Subclade E-M84 divided to E-PF6751, E-PF6748
E-F2831 At subclade E-F2831 added SNP PF6747
E-Y5412 New sample YF01882 in subclade E-Y5412
E-Y5412 Subclade E-Y5412 added to E-M84 with SNPs Y5412, Y5419, Y5420, Y5421, Y5435, Y5436, Y5437
E-Z1274 Parent of subclade E-M293 changed from E1b1b1b2 to E-Z1274
E-Z1274 Subclade E-M293 renamed to E-Z1274
E-M293 From subclade E-M293 deleted SNP Z1258
E-M293 Parent of subclade E-M293 changed from E1b1b1b2 to E-Z1274
E-M293 Subclade E-P72 deleted from E-M293
E2 From subclade E2 deleted SNP P68
E-M41 Subclade E2a renamed to E-M41
E-M98 Subclade E2, E2b merged to E-M98
E-M90 Subclade E2b renamed to E-M90
E-M85 Subclade E2b1 renamed to E-M85
E-M200 Subclade E2b1a renamed to E-M200
E-P258 Subclade E2b1a2 renamed to E-P258
E-P45 Subclade E2b1a1 renamed to E-P45
C1b At subclade C1b added SNPs K257, K289
G2a1a1 From subclade G2a1a1 deleted SNP F3099
G2a2a1b1 At subclade G2a2a1b1 added SNPs Z6129, Z6132/Y2426
G-Y76 Subclade G2a2b2a1c1a1 renamed to G-Y76
G2b At subclade G2b added SNP PF1343
H1a1d1 At subclade H1a1d1 added SNP Z14602
H1a1d2c2a At subclade H1a1d2c2a added SNP Z12598
H1a2a1 At subclade H1a2a1 added SNP Z14774
H3a1 At subclade H3a1 added SNP Z13169
I1 From subclade I1 deleted SNPs CTS5789, M4536/CTS11022 and added SNP Z2798/CTS6109
I1a From subclade I1a deleted SNP L341.1/L341.2/L341
I-Z2336 Subclade I1a1 renamed to I-Z2336
I-M227 Subclade I1a1a, I-Y4781 merged to I-M227
I-L22 Subclade I1a1b renamed to I-L22
I-P109 Subclade I1a1b1 renamed to I-P109
I-L1438 New sample YF01921 in subclade I-L1438
I-L1438 Subclade I-L1438 added to I-P109 with SNPs S19489/L1438, S23062, S23679, Y5612, Y5613, Y5614, Y5615 and other 7 SNPs
I-S10200 Subclade I-S10200 added to I-S10891 with SNPs S10200, S22534
I-Y4043 At subclade I-Y4043 added SNP Y5489
I-Y5487 New sample YF01897 in subclade I-Y5487
I-Y5487 Subclade I-Y5487 added to I-Y4043 with SNPs Y5487, Y5488, Y5490, Y5491, Y5492
I-Z74 Subclade I1a1b3 renamed to I-Z74
I-L287 Subclade I1a1b3a renamed to I-L287
I-L258 Subclade I1a1b3a1 renamed to I-L258
I-L813 Subclade I1a1b3b renamed to I-L813
I-Y5474 New sample YF01890 in subclade I-Y5474
I-Y5474 Subclade I-Y5474 added to I-Z718 with SNPs Y5474, Y5475, Y5476, Y5477, Y5478, Y5479, Y5480 and other 3 SNPs
I-Y5473 New sample YF01893 in subclade I-Y5473
I-Y5473 New sample YF01917 in subclade I-Y5473
I-Y5473 Subclade I-Y5473 added to I-L22 with SNPs S4744/CTS11603, Y5473
I-Z58 Subclade I1a2 renamed to I-Z58
I-Z138 Subclade I1a2b renamed to I-Z138
I-S6270 Subclade I-S6270 added to I-S2293 with SNPs S20289, S6270, S6275, S6277
I-Z2541 Subclade I1a2b1 renamed to I-Z2541
I-Z59 Subclade I1a2a renamed to I-Z59
I-Z60 Subclade I1a2a1 renamed to I-Z60
I-L573 Subclade I1a2a1c renamed to I-L573
I-A379 Subclade I-A379 added to I-L573 with SNPs A379, A380, A382, A383
I-Z73 Subclade I1a2a1b renamed to I-Z73 and added SNP Y5279
I-L1301* New sample YF01870 in subclade I-L1301*
I-Y5448 New sample YF01888 in subclade I-Y5448
I-Y5448 New sample YF01905 in subclade I-Y5448
I-Y5448 Subclade I-Y5448 added to I-L1302 with SNPs Y5448, Y5449
I-Y5568 Subclade I-Y5568 added to I-L1302 with SNP Y5568
I-L803 From subclade I-Y3239 deleted SNP Y3239
I-L803 Parent of subclades I-Y3238, I-Y3456 changed to I-L803 and deleted SNP CTS12354 and added SNP Y3239
I-Y3238 Parent of subclades I-Y3238, I-Y3456 changed to I-L803 and deleted SNP CTS12354 and added SNP Y3239
I-Y3456 Parent of subclades I-Y3238, I-Y3456 changed to I-L803 and deleted SNP CTS12354 and added SNP Y3239
I-Z140 Subclade I1a2a1a renamed to I-Z140
I-Z140 Subclade I-L592 deleted from I1a2a1a
I-A196 New sample YF01936 in subclade I-A196
I-A196 Subclade I-A196 added to I-Z140 with SNP A196/Y5497
I-S2169 Subclade I1a2a1a2 renamed to I-S2169
I-Y1843* New sample YF01884 in subclade I-Y1843*
I-Y2967 Parent of subclade I-Y2963 changed from I-Y1843 to I-Y2967
I-Y2967 Subclade I-Y2963 renamed to I-Y2967
I-Y2967* New sample YF01901 in subclade I-Y2967*
I-Y2963 Parent of subclade I-Y2963 changed from I-Y1843 to I-Y2967
I-Z2535 Subclade I1a2a1a1 renamed to I-Z2535
I-YSC261 At subclade I-YSC261 added SNP Z4732
I-L338 Subclade I1a2a1a1a renamed to I-L338
I-S12289 Subclade I-S12289 added to I-L338 as parent of I-Y4015 with SNP S12289
I-Y4015 At subclade I-Y4015 added SNP S12289
I-A375 Subclade I-A375 added to I-Y4015 with SNPs A375, S1965, S1972, S1975, S1977, S2014
I-Y5384 New sample YF01880 in subclade I-Y5384
I-Y5384 Subclade I-Y5384 added to I-Z382* with SNPs Y5384, Y5385, Y5386, Y5387, Y5388, Y5389, Y5390 and other 5 SNPs
I-Z63 Subclade I1a3 renamed to I-Z63
I-S2078* New sample YF01876 in subclade I-S2078*
I-L1237 Subclade I1a3a renamed to I-L1237
I2 Subclade I2b deleted from I2
I-Y3722 From subclade I-Y3722 deleted SNP Y3998 and added SNP Y5458
I-Y4660 At subclade I-Y4660 added SNP Y5281
I-Y5280 Subclade I-Y5280 added to I-Y4660 with SNP Y5280
I-Y5450 New sample YF01889 in subclade I-Y5450
I-Y5450 Subclade I-Y5450 added to I-Y3722 with SNPs Y5450, Y5451, Y5452, Y5453, Y5454, Y5455, Y5456 and other 9 SNPs
I-Z16971 At subclade I-Z16971 added SNPs Y5595, Y5596
I-Z16971 New sample YF01914 in subclade I-Z16971
I-CTS5779 New sample YF01920 in subclade I-CTS5779
I-CTS5779 Subclade I-CTS5779 added to I-Y3118 with SNPs CTS5779, Y5597, Y5598
I2a2 At subclade I2a2 added SNP Y5381
I2a2a Subclade I2a2a2 deleted from I2a2a
I-Y4450 Subclade I2a2a renamed to I-Y4450
I-CTS616 Subclade I2a2a1 renamed to I-CTS616
I-CTS10057 Subclade I2a2a1c renamed to I-CTS10057 and deleted SNP Z176
I-L701 At subclade I-L701 added SNP Y5599
I-L699 Subclade I-L699 added to I-L701 as parent of I-L704, I-Y5669 with SNPs L699, L703, PF6896, PF6899, PF6902, Y5600, Y5601 and other 4 SNPs
I-L704 New sample YF01918 in subclade I-L704
I-L704 Subclade I-L704 added to I-L699 with SNP L704
I-Y5669 New sample YF01934 in subclade I-Y5669
I-Y5669 Subclade I-Y5669 added to I-L699 with SNPs Y5669, Y5670, Y5671, Y5672
I-P78 Subclade I-L701 renamed to I-P78 and added SNP Y5370
I-Y4884 From subclade I-Y4884 deleted SNP M8965
I-Y5359 New sample YF01879 in subclade I-Y5359
I-Y5359 Subclade I-Y5359 added to I-Y4884 with SNPs Y5359, Y5360, Y5361, Y5362, Y5363, Y5364, Y5365 and other 13 SNPs
I-Z161 From subclade I-Z161 deleted SNP CTS2862
I-L623 Subclade I2a2a1c2b renamed to I-L623
I-L801 At subclade I-L801 added SNPs CTS2862, Z176
I-Y5282 New sample YF01853 in subclade I-Y5282
I-Y5282 New sample YF01873 in subclade I-Y5282
I-Y5282 Subclade I-Y5282 added to I-CTS1977 with SNP Y5282
I-L1425* New sample YF01946 in subclade I-L1425*
I-Y4769 Subclade I-L1425 renamed to I-Y4769
I-S2361 Parent of subclade I-Z78 changed from I-S2364 to I-S2361
I-S2361 Subclade I-Z78 divided to I-S2361, I-Z166
I-S2361* New sample YF01885 in subclade I-S2361*
I-Z78 At subclade I-Z78 added SNP S14170
I-Z78 Parent of subclade I-Z78 changed from I-S2364 to I-S2361
I-Z78* New sample YF01943 in subclade I-Z78*
I-Z166 Subclade I-Z78 divided to I-S2361, I-Z166
I-Z190 From subclade I-Z190 deleted SNP S14170
I-Z79 At subclade I-Z79 added SNPs Y5283, Y5284, Y5285, Y5286
I-Z79 New sample YF01945 in subclade I-Z79
I-L1272 Subclade I-L1272 added to I-S8112 with SNPs CTS661/L1272, S4901/CTS7493
I-S8104 Subclade I-S8104 added to I-Y4926 with SNPs S8104, S8105
I-Y5188 New sample YF01868 in subclade I-Y5188
I-Y5188 Subclade I-Y5188 added to I-Z161 with SNPs S3673/CTS11871, Y5188, Y5189, Y5190, Y5191, Y5192, Y5193 and other 32 SNPs
I-M284 At subclade I-M284 added SNP Y4169
I-L126 Subclade I-Y4172 deleted from I-L126
I-L126* New sample YF01915 in subclade I-L126*
I-Y4750 New sample YF01877 in subclade I-Y4750
I-Y3670 From subclade I-Z2056 deleted SNP Y4717
I-Y3670 Subclade I-Z2056, I-Y4186 merged to I-Y3670
I-Y3670* New sample YF01852 in subclade I-Y3670*
I-L1229 Parent of subclade I-S8171 changed from I-Y4186 to I-L1229 and added SNP L1229
I-L1229 Subclade I-Z2056 divided to I-L1229, I-Y3681
I-Y3681 Subclade I-Z2056 divided to I-L1229, I-Y3681
I-Z2058 Parent of subclade I-S8171 changed from I-Y4186 to I-L1229 and added SNP L1229
I-Z2058 Subclade I-Y4186 deleted from I-Z2058
I-Y3672 Parent of subclades I-L812, I-Y4332 changed to I-Y3672
I-Y3672 Subclade I-Z2058, I-Y4717 merged to I-Y3672
I-L812 At subclade I-L812 added SNPs Y5307, Y5308, Y5309, Y5310, Y5311, Y5312, Y5313 and other 3 SNPs
I-L812 New sample YF01864 in subclade I-L812
I-L812 Parent of subclades I-L812, I-Y4332 changed to I-Y3672
I-Y4332 Parent of subclades I-L812, I-Y4332 changed to I-Y3672
I-S14702 Subclade I-S14702 added to I-Y4722 with SNP S14702
I-L596 Subclade I2c renamed to I-L596 and added SNPs Y5339, Y5338, Y5329, Y5335, Y5334, Y5337, Y5336 and other 3 SNPs
I-CTS7767 New sample YF01871 in subclade I-CTS7767
I-CTS7767 Subclade I2c2 renamed to I-CTS7767
I-L1251 Subclade I2c1 renamed to I-L1251
J-Y5399 New sample YF01883 in subclade J-Y5399
J-Y5399 Subclade J-Y5399 added to J-Y3081 with SNPs S12192, S17446, S18537, S18784, S20001, S22932, S22972 and other 9 SNPs
J-S21237 At subclade J-S21237 added SNP Y5585
J-S21237* New sample YF01863 in subclade J-S21237*
J-Y4348 Subclade J-S21237 divided to J-Y4348, J-Y4349
J-Y4349 Subclade J-S21237 divided to J-Y4348, J-Y4349
J-Y5320 New sample YF01865 in subclade J-Y5320
J-Y5320 Subclade J-Y5320 added to J-Y4349 with SNPs Y5320, Y5321, Y5322, Y5323, Y5324, Y5325, Y5326
J-Z1828 At subclade J-Z1828 added SNPs Y4418, Y5344
J-Z1842 Subclade J-Z1828 renamed to J-Z1842
J-Y4423 From subclade J-Y4423 deleted SNP Y4418
J-CTS7188 Subclade J-CTS7188 added to J-Y3496 with SNP CTS7188
J-Y5345 Subclade J-Y5345 added to J-Y3496 with SNPs Y5345, Y5346, Y5347, Y5348, Y5349, Y5350, Y5351 and other 4 SNPs
J-Z7671 Parent of subclade J-CTS900 changed from J2a1b to J-Z7671
J-Z7671 Subclade J-CTS900 renamed to J-Z7671
J-Z7671* New sample YF01903 in subclade J-Z7671*
J-CTS900 Parent of subclade J-CTS900 changed from J2a1b to J-Z7671
J-Y5007 At subclade J-Y5007 added SNP Y5499
J-Y5500 New sample YF01900 in subclade J-Y5500
J-Y5500 Subclade J-Y5500 added to J-Y5177 with SNPs PF5746, Y5498, Y5499, Y5500, Y5501, Y5502, Y5503 and other 7 SNPs
J-Z387 At subclade J-Z387 added SNP Z2148
L From subclade L1 deleted SNPs L1304, L656, M22, M295, PAGE121
L Parent of subclades L1a, L1c changed to L and added SNPs L1304, L656, M22, M2596, M295, PAGE121, Y5514 and other 31 SNPs
L Subclade L1b1 deleted from L1b
L Subclade L1b2 deleted from L1b
L Subclade L1b deleted from L1
L Subclade L2 deleted from L
L1a Parent of subclades L1a, L1c changed to L and added SNPs L1304, L656, M22, M2596, M295, PAGE121, Y5514 and other 31 SNPs
L1c At subclade L1c added SNPs PF5374, Y5515, Y5518, Y5526, Y5527, Y5531, Y5532 and other 10 SNPs
L1c Parent of subclades L1a, L1c changed to L and added SNPs L1304, L656, M22, M2596, M295, PAGE121, Y5514 and other 31 SNPs
L1c* New sample YF01902 in subclade L1c*
T1a1a1a From subclade T1a1a1a deleted SNPs CTS8603, Z711
T1a1a1a1 At subclade T1a1a1a1 added SNPs CTS8603, Z711
T1a1a1a1a1 From subclade T1a1a1a1a1 deleted SNPs CTS5207, CTS5208 and added SNPs Y5287, Y5288, Y5289
T-Y4981 At subclade T-Y4981 added SNPs Y5290, Y5291, Y5292
T-Y4981 New sample YF01939 in subclade T-Y4981
N-L1026 At subclade N-L1026 added SNP Y3535
N-CTS3451 From subclade N-CTS3451 deleted SNPs CTS367, M8317, CTS368, CTS7067 and added SNPs Y5445, Y5446, Y5447
N-CTS3451* New sample YF01887 in subclade N-CTS3451*
N-PF5246 Subclade N-CTS3451 renamed to N-PF5246
N-L550 At subclade N-L550 added SNP Y4754
N-L1025 Subclade N-L1027 deleted from N-L1025
N-L1025 Subclade N-Z4869 deleted from N-L1025
N-M2782 Subclade N-M2782 added to N-L1025 as parent of N-CTS8173, N-L551, N-L591, N-LGM2 with SNPs M2782, M2783, M2784
N-CTS8173 New sample YF01937 in subclade N-CTS8173
N-L591 At subclade N-L591 added SNPs PF5331, S21116, Y5576, Y5577, Y5578, Y5579, Y5580, Y5581, Y5582, Y5583, Y5584
N-L591 New sample YF01908 in subclade N-L591
N-LGM2 New sample YF01857 in subclade N-LGM2
N-LGM2 Subclade N-LGM2 added to N-M2782 with SNPs LGM2/Z16975, Z16974, Z16976, Z16977
N-Y5611 New sample YF01924 in subclade N-Y5611
N-Y5611 Subclade N-Y5611 added to N-Y4338 with SNP Y5611
N1c2 At subclade N1c2 added SNPs Y5298, Y5300, Y5301
N-P43 At subclade N-P43 added SNPs Y5295, Y5296, Y5297, Y5299, Y5302, Y5304
N-P43* New sample YF01867 in subclade N-P43*
P At subclade P added SNP PF5867
Q-L275 At subclade Q-L275 added SNP Y1016
Q-Y2016 Subclade Q-M378 renamed to Q-Y2016
Q-Y2209 Subclade Q-Y2220 renamed to Q-Y2209
Q-Y5185 Subclade Q-Y5185 added to Q-Y2250 as parent of Q-L301 with SNPs Y5185, Y5186
Q-L330 Subclade Q1a2a1c renamed to Q-L330 and added SNPs Y5229, Y5228, Y5241, Y5248, Y5252, Y5253, Y5250 and other 41 SNPs
Q-L329 Subclade Q1a2a1c1 renamed to Q-L329
Q-L341.2 From subclade Q-L341.2 deleted SNP L341.1/L341.2/L341
Q-L940 At subclade Q-L940 added SNPs Y5470, Y5471, Y5472
Q-L527* New sample YF01892 in subclade Q-L527*
R1a At subclade R1a added SNPs Y2362, Y2363
R-CTS4385 From subclade R-CTS4385 deleted SNPs Y2362, Y2363
R-L664* New sample YF01896 in subclade R-L664*
R-S2857 At subclade R-S2857 added SNPs Y3760, Y5106
R-S2852* New sample YF01906 in subclade R-S2852*
R-YP621 Subclade R-S2852 renamed to R-YP621
R-YP358 Parent of subclade R-YP356 changed from R-S2857 to R-YP358 and deleted SNPs Y5106, Y3760
R-YP358 Subclade R-YP356 renamed to R-YP358
R-YP358* New sample YF01955 in subclade R-YP358*
R-YP356 At subclade R-YP356 added SNPs Y5293, Y5294
R-YP356 Parent of subclade R-YP356 changed from R-S2857 to R-YP358 and deleted SNPs Y5106, Y3760
R-YP356* New sample YF01859 in subclade R-YP356*
R-YP356* New sample YF01861 in subclade R-YP356*
R-YP356* New sample YF01912 in subclade R-YP356*
R-YP430 New sample YF01860 in subclade R-YP430
R-M458 New sample YF01919 in subclade R-M458
R-CTS11962 Subclade R-Z2953 renamed to R-CTS11962
R-L1029 At subclade R-L1029 added SNP Y5342
R-L1029* New sample YF01875 in subclade R-L1029*
R-YP263* New sample YF01558 in subclade R-YP263*
R-L260* New sample YF01838 in subclade R-L260*
R-YP253 Subclade R-L260 renamed to R-YP253
R-YP610 New sample YF01894 in subclade R-YP610
R-YP654 Subclade R-YP654 added to R-YP256 with SNPs YP654, YP655, YP656, YP657
R-YP355* New sample YF01925 in subclade R-YP355*
R-FGC19283 New sample YF02007 in subclade R-FGC19283
R-FGC19283 Subclade R-FGC19283 added to R-L1280 with SNPs FGC19283, FGC19284, FGC19286
R-YP611 At subclade R-YP611 added SNP Y5647
R-YP611 New sample YF01930 in subclade R-YP611
R-Y3219 Subclade R-Y3219 added to R-Y2902 as parent of R-Y3220 with SNPs Y3219, Y3226, Y3227
R-Y3220 Subclade R-Y3220 added to R-Y3219 with SNPs Y3220, Y3222
R-YP243 Subclade R-L365 renamed to R-YP243
R-YP677 Subclade R-YP677 added to R-L365 with SNPs S799.2/S799, YP677
R-YP295 From subclade R-YP295 deleted SNP Y3156 and added SNP YP339
R-YP335 From subclade R-YP335 deleted SNP YP339 and added SNP Y3156
R-YP591 New sample YF01891 in subclade R-YP591
R-YP578 At subclade R-YP578 added SNPs Y5493, Y5494, Y5495, Y5496
R-YP578 New sample YF01899 in subclade R-YP578
R-YP340 At subclade R-YP340 added SNP YP653
R-YP371 Subclade R-YP380 divided to R-YP371, R-YP372
R-YP372 Parent of subclade R-YP380 changed from R-YP340 to R-YP372
R-YP372 Subclade R-YP380 divided to R-YP371, R-YP372
R-YP380 Parent of subclade R-YP380 changed from R-YP340 to R-YP372
R-YP658 Subclade R-YP658 added to R-YP561 with SNPs YP658, YP659, YP660, YP661, YP662, YP663, YP664 and other 3 SNPs
R-YP569 At subclade R-YP569 added SNP YP672
R-YP682 Subclade R-YP682 added to R-YP569 as parent of R-YP685 with SNPs YP682, YP683, YP684
R-YP682* New sample YF02028 in subclade R-YP682*
R-YP685 Subclade R-YP612 renamed to R-YP685 and added SNPs YP691, YP690, YP692, YP687, YP685, YP688, YP689
R-YP270 Subclade R-Y1401 renamed to R-YP270
R-YP350* New sample YF01916 in subclade R-YP350*
R-M8032 Subclade R-YP350 renamed to R-M8032
R-Z93* New sample YF02054 in subclade R-Z93*
R-Y920 From subclade R-Y920 deleted SNP Y2362
R-Y2351 From subclade R-Y2351 deleted SNP Y2363
R-Y2428 From subclade R-Y2428 deleted SNPs Y2362, Y2363
R-Y945 From subclade R-Y945 deleted SNPs Y2362, Y2363
R-Z2124 From subclade R-Z2124 deleted SNPs Y2362, Y2363
R-Y2619 At subclade R-Y2619 added SNP Y5668
R1b1a2a1a1b Subclade R1b1a2a1a1b1 deleted from R1b1a2a1a1b
R-S27264 Subclade R-L257 renamed to R-S27264
R-S5673 Subclade R-S5673 added to R-S3207 with SNPs S5673, S5701
R1b1a2a1a1c1a1a At subclade R1b1a2a1a1c1a1a added SNP L128/PF3499
R-L44 Subclade R1b1a2a1a1c2b1a renamed to R-L44 and added SNP Y5187
R-L46 Subclade R1b1a2a1a1c2b1a1 renamed to R-L46
R-L525 Subclade R1b1a2a1a1c2b1a1a renamed to R-L525
R-Z159 Subclade R1b1a2a1a1c2b1b renamed to R-Z159
R-S3249 Subclade R-Y2924 renamed to R-S3249
R1b1a2a1a1c2b2a1* New sample YF01933 in subclade R1b1a2a1a1c2b2a1*
R-Z324 New sample YF01833 in subclade R-Z324
R-CTS4188 Subclade R1b1a2a1a2a1b3 renamed to R-CTS4188
R-L165 Subclade R1b1a2a1a2a1b2 renamed to R-L165 and added SNPs Y5327, Y5343
R-Y5108 New sample YF01872 in subclade R-Y5108
R-Y5108 New sample YF01874 in subclade R-Y5108
R-Z262 Subclade R1b1a2a1a2a1b1 renamed to R-Z262
R-SRY2627 Subclade R1b1a2a1a2a1b1a renamed to R-SRY2627
R-CTS4299 New sample YF01954 in subclade R-CTS4299
R-CTS4299 Subclade R-CTS4299 added to R-CTS9762 with SNP CTS4299
R-L617 Subclade R1b1a2a1a2a2 divided to R-L617, R-M225
R-L617* New sample YF01856 in subclade R-L617*
R-M225 Subclade R1b1a2a1a2a2 divided to R-L617, R-M225
R-S7402 New sample YF01926 in subclade R-S7402
R1b1a2a1a2c At subclade R1b1a2a1a2c added SNP Z260
R-CTS6919 At subclade R-CTS6919 added SNP Y5306
R-CTS6919 Subclade R1b1a2a1a2c2a divided to R-CTS6919, R-S3687
R-CTS6919* New sample YF01862 in subclade R-CTS6919*
R-S3687 Subclade R1b1a2a1a2c2a divided to R-CTS6919, R-S3687
R1b1a2a1a2c1 New sample YF01869 in subclade R1b1a2a1a2c1
R1b1a2a1a2c1* New sample YF01878 in subclade R1b1a2a1a2c1*
R-DF73 Subclade R1b1a2a1a2c1f2d renamed to R-DF73
R-L226 Subclade R1b1a2a1a2c1f2a renamed to R-L226
R-Y4010* New sample YF01895 in subclade R-Y4010*
R-Y4010* New sample YF01922 in subclade R-Y4010*
R-Y5609 New sample YF01923 in subclade R-Y5609
R-Y5609 New sample YF01927 in subclade R-Y5609
R-Y5609 Subclade R-Y5609 added to R-Y4010 with SNPs Y5609, Y5610
R-L643 Subclade R1b1a2a1a2c1f2b renamed to R-L643
R-Z2185 Subclade R1b1a2a1a2c1f2c, R1b1a2a1a2c1f2c1 merged to R-Z2185 and added SNPs S883/Z2184, Z2186
R-CTS9881 From subclade R1b1a2a1a2c1f2c1a deleted SNPs CTS4396, CTS8167, CTS11864, CTS12232 and added SNPs A139, CTS7513, CTS10558
R-CTS9881 Subclade R1b1a2a1a2c1f2c1a divided to R-CTS9881, R-M4884
R-M4884 Subclade R1b1a2a1a2c1f2c1a divided to R-CTS9881, R-M4884
R-L743 From subclade R1b1a2a1a2c1k1a deleted SNP L743
R-L743 New sample YF01931 in subclade R-L743
R-L743 Subclade R-L743 added to R-S764 with SNP L743
R-CTS2501 Subclade R1b1a2a1a2c1i renamed to R-CTS2501
R-A40 New sample YF01932 in subclade R-A40
R-A40 Subclade R-A40 added to R-CTS2501 with SNPs A40, A41, A43, A44, A45, A46, A47 and other 19 SNPs
R-L563 Subclade R1b1a2a1a2c1i2 renamed to R-L563
R-L744 Subclade R1b1a2a1a2c1i1 renamed to R-L744 and added SNPs S797, A475, S802
R-Y5626 New sample YF01928 in subclade R-Y5626
R-Y5626 Subclade R-Y5626 added to R-CTS2501 with SNPs Y5626, Y5627, Y5628, Y5629, Y5630, Y5631, Y5632 and other 10 SNPs
R-S5668 At subclade R-S5668 added SNP S5668
R-A115 Subclade R-A115 added to R1b1a2a1a2c1l with SNP A115
R-Y5305 New sample YF01866 in subclade R-Y5305
R-Y5305 Subclade R-Y5305 added to R1b1a2a1a2c1 with SNP Y5305
R-Y5046 New sample YF01806 in subclade R-Y5046
R-Z2111 From subclade R-Z2111 deleted SNP Z2114
R-Z2110 At subclade R-Z2110 added SNPs S12460, S17864
R-Z2110* New sample YF01886 in subclade R-Z2110*
R-CTS1450 Subclade R-CTS1450 added to R-Z2110 as parent of R-Y5586 with SNPs CTS1450, CTS7556, CTS9219, Y5589, Y5590, Y5591, Y5592, Y5593, Y5594
R-CTS1450* New sample YF01929 in subclade R-CTS1450*
R-Y5586 New sample YF01913 in subclade R-Y5586
R-Y5586 Subclade R-Y5586 added to R-CTS1450 with SNPs Y5586, Y5587, Y5588