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A00 At subclade A00 added SNPs PF2651/F1704/M3675, PF4882
A0 From subclade A0 deleted SNP PF280/M11755
A1a From subclade A1a deleted SNP PF280/M11755
A1b1 From subclade A1b1 deleted SNP PF280/M11755
B-M8633 At subclade B-M8633 added SNP CTS11573
E1a At subclade E1a added SNPs FGC12769, Y16126, Y16131, Z15126, Z15454, Z15455, Z15457 and other 48 SNPs
E1a1 From subclade E1a1 deleted SNP M4507 and added SNPs SK564, SK568, V1883, Y15939, Y15940, Y15941, Y15942 and other 93 SNPs
E1b1b1a1 At subclade E1b1b1a1 added SNP FGC2143
E1b1b1a1a1 At subclade E1b1b1a1a1 added SNPs FGC14370, FGC7694
E1b1b1a1a1b From subclade E1b1b1a1a1b deleted SNPs CTS5790, CTS10974/Z824, Z813, CTS3472 and added SNPs FGC14374, FGC14375, FGC14376, FGC14377, FGC14378, FGC14379, FGC14380 and other 3 SNPs
E1b1b1a1a1b* New sample YF03675 in subclade E1b1b1a1a1b*
E-Z809 Subclade E1b1b1a1a1b renamed to E-Z809
E-Y8827* New sample YF03614 in subclade E-Y8827*
E-M5043 New sample YF03674 in subclade E-M5043
E-Y8829 At subclade E-Y8829 added SNP Z5008
E-Y8828 New sample YF03672 in subclade E-Y8828
E-Y15561 New sample YF03592 in subclade E-Y15561
E-Y15936 New sample YF03635 in subclade E-Y15936
E-Y15936 Subclade E-Y15936 added to E-Y6923 with SNPs Y15936, Y15937, Y15938
E-PH3893 New sample YF03604 in subclade E-PH3893
E1b1a At subclade E1b1a added SNP FGC10954/Y1646
C2b From subclade C2b deleted SNP PF6526
G From subclade G deleted SNP Z6041
G-Y15861 Subclade G-Y15861 added to G-Y12975 as parent of G-Y15563 with SNP Y15861
G-Y15563 At subclade G-Y15563 added SNPs Y15862, Y15863
G2a2b2a1a At subclade G2a2b2a1a added SNP Z30374
G-L1266 At subclade G-L1266 added SNP FGC21526
G-S17722 New sample YF03669 in subclade G-S17722
G-S17722 Subclade G-S17722 added to G-L1266 with SNPs FGC21495, FGC21496, FGC21512, FGC21515, S17722, S20935
G-FGC12126 At subclade G-FGC12126 added SNP Y15858
G-L661 At subclade G-L661 added SNPs Y15855, Y15856, Y15857
G-Y15853 Subclade G-Y15853 added to G-L661 with SNPs Y15853, Y15854
H3a2 From subclade H3a2 deleted SNP Z12770
I-CTS6397 From subclade I-CTS5510 deleted SNP Y8941
I-CTS6397 Subclade I-CTS5510 divided to I-CTS6397, I-Y9414
I-CTS6397* New sample YF03648 in subclade I-CTS6397*
I-Y9414 Subclade I-CTS5510 divided to I-CTS6397, I-Y9414
I-A5697 At subclade I-A5697 added SNPs A5716, A5721, A5722, A5723, A5724, A5725, A5729 and other 2 SNPs
I-A5697 New sample YF03542 in subclade I-A5697
I-S2077* New sample YF03661 in subclade I-S2077*
I-S2077* New sample YF03671 in subclade I-S2077*
I-Y15019 At subclade I-Y15019 added SNP Y15949
I-Y15019 New sample YF03642 in subclade I-Y15019
I-Y13012 At subclade I-Y13012 added SNP Y16043
I-Y15947 New sample YF03620 in subclade I-Y15947
I-Y15947 Subclade I-Y15947 added to I-Y13012 with SNPs Y15947, Y15948, Y16044, Y16045
I-FGC10444 At subclade I-FGC10444 added SNPs FGC10431, FGC10445, FGC10449, FGC10455, FGC10456, FGC10458, FGC10464 and other 4 SNPs
I-Y14328 New sample YF03646 in subclade I-Y14328
I-Y15031 New sample YF03577 in subclade I-Y15031
I-S23679 At subclade I-S23679 added SNP FGC16681
I-Y15572 At subclade I-Y15572 added SNPs FGC22152, FGC22153, FGC22154, FGC22155, FGC22156, FGC22158, FGC22159, Y15860
I-Y11203* New sample YF03654 in subclade I-Y11203*
I-Y15578 At subclade I-Y15578 added SNPs FGC22045, FGC22046, FGC22048, FGC22049, FGC22050, FGC22053, FGC22055 and other 4 SNPs
I-Y15578* New sample YF03544 in subclade I-Y15578*
I-FGC33034 At subclade I-FGC33034 added SNP FGC22054
I-Y6204* New sample YF03495 in subclade I-Y6204*
I-CTS6868 Parent of subclade I-Z74 changed from I-Y3549 to I-CTS6868
I-CTS6868 Subclade I-Z74 renamed to I-CTS6868
I-CTS6868* New sample YF03649 in subclade I-CTS6868*
I-Z74 Parent of subclade I-Z74 changed from I-Y3549 to I-CTS6868
I-L813* New sample YF03638 in subclade I-L813*
I-Y5476* New sample YF03571 in subclade I-Y5476*
I-Y5483* New sample YF03639 in subclade I-Y5483*
I-L258* New sample YF03676 in subclade I-L258*
I-Y15585 At subclade I-Y15585 added SNP Y15859
I-Y13391* New sample YF03644 in subclade I-Y13391*
I-Y15897 Subclade I-Y15897 added to I-Z133 with SNPs Y15897, Y15898, Y15899, Y15900
I-Y8954 At subclade I-Y8954 added SNPs Y15894, Y15895
I-Y15575 At subclade I-Y15575 added SNPs Y15902, Y15903
I-Y8341* New sample YF03594 in subclade I-Y8341*
I-Y15694 New sample YF03690 in subclade I-Y15694
I-Y12342* New sample YF03560 in subclade I-Y12342*
I-Y15584 At subclade I-Y15584 added SNPs FGC23807, FGC23808, FGC23809, FGC23810, FGC23811, FGC23812, FGC23814 and other 12 SNPs
I-Y15584* New sample YF03607 in subclade I-Y15584*
I-Y15584* New sample YF03608 in subclade I-Y15584*
I-FGC33077 New sample YF03605 in subclade I-FGC33077
I-FGC33077 New sample YF03606 in subclade I-FGC33077
I-FGC33077 Subclade I-FGC33077 added to I-Y15584 with SNP FGC33077
I-S12289* New sample YF03659 in subclade I-S12289*
I-Y16133 New sample YF03656 in subclade I-Y16133
I-Y16133 Subclade I-Y16133 added to I-Y4870 with SNP Y16133
I-Y15582 At subclade I-Y15582 added SNPs Y15929, Y15930, Y15931, Y15932, Y15933
I-Y15582 New sample YF03603 in subclade I-Y15582
I-Y5180* New sample YF03613 in subclade I-Y5180*
I-Y8339 From subclade I-Y8339 deleted SNP L1460/M7586
I-Y3548* New sample YF03590 in subclade I-Y3548*
I-A1328 At subclade I-A1328 added SNP Y15928
I-M223 At subclade I-M223 added SNP FGC3550/Y4170
I-S23680 At subclade I-S23680 added SNP Y15946
I-Y4450 From subclade I-Y4450 deleted SNP FGC3550/Y4170
I-Y4171* New sample YF03580 in subclade I-Y4171*
I-Y4751* New sample YF03630 in subclade I-Y4751*
I-Y7214 At subclade I-Y7214 added SNP Y15920
I-Y7214 New sample YF03578 in subclade I-Y7214
I-Y13023* New sample YF03657 in subclade I-Y13023*
I-Y15912 New sample YF03572 in subclade I-Y15912
I-Y15912 New sample YF03612 in subclade I-Y15912
I-Y15912 Subclade I-Y15912 added to I-Y13023 with SNP Y15912
I-L1198* New sample YF03624 in subclade I-L1198*
J-Z1828 At subclade J-Z1828 added SNPs FGC31532, FGC31552
J-ZS2910 At subclade J-ZS2910 added SNP ZS2872
J-ZS2910 New sample YF03596 in subclade J-ZS2910
J-Y6094 New sample YF03425 in subclade J-Y6094
J-FGC8216 New sample YF03682 in subclade J-FGC8216
J-FGC8216 Subclade J-FGC8216 added to J-Y3441 with SNP FGC8216
J-Y10887* New sample YF03467 in subclade J-Y10887*
J-Y13481 At subclade J-Y13481 added SNPs FGC4415, FGC4417
J-Y14643 Parent of subclade J-Y14641 changed from J-Y13481 to J-Y14643
J-Y14643 Subclade J-Y14641 renamed to J-Y14643
J-Y14641 Parent of subclade J-Y14641 changed from J-Y13481 to J-Y14643
J-Y8966* New sample YF03558 in subclade J-Y8966*
J-Y8537* New sample YF03491 in subclade J-Y8537*
J-Y15952 New sample YF03610 in subclade J-Y15952
J-Y15952 New sample YF03636 in subclade J-Y15952
J-Y15952 Subclade J-Y15952 added to J-Y12364 with SNPs Y15952, Y15953, ZS6400
J-Y15612 New sample YF03611 in subclade J-Y15612
J-M102 At subclade J-M102 added SNP Z8211
J-CTS11760 New sample YF03663 in subclade J-CTS11760
J2a From subclade J2a deleted SNP L378
J-Y15598 At subclade J-Y15598 added SNPs A5360, Y15907, Y15908, Y15909, Y15910, Y15911
J-Y14675 New sample YF02343 in subclade J-Y14675
J-S11842 At subclade J-S11842 added SNPs FGC21345, FGC21346, FGC21347, FGC21348, FGC21349, FGC21350, FGC21351 and other 50 SNPs
J-S11842 New sample YF03576 in subclade J-S11842
J-Y15222* New sample YF03667 in subclade J-Y15222*
J-Y15238 Subclade J-Y15222 renamed to J-Y15238
J-Y13373 Parent of subclade J-Y13097 changed from J-Y11782 to J-Y13373
J-Y13373 Subclade J-Y13097 renamed to J-Y13373
J-Y13373* New sample YF03684 in subclade J-Y13373*
J-Y13097 Parent of subclade J-Y13097 changed from J-Y11782 to J-Y13373
L At subclade L added SNPs Y15954, Z20066, Z20071, Z20073, Z20074, Z20075, Z20076 and other 7 SNPs
L-M317 New sample YF03600 in subclade L-M317
L-M317 Subclade L-M317 added to L with SNP M317
L-L1307 At subclade L-L1307 added SNP Z20223
L-M27 At subclade L-M27 added SNPs Z20362, Z20368, Z20387, Z8046
L-Y15955 New sample YF03489 in subclade L-Y15955
L-Y15955 Subclade L-Y15955 added to L-Z5931 with SNPs F1611, L686, V2609, Y15955, Y15956, Y15957, Y15958 and other 22 SNPs
T* New sample YF03586 in subclade T*
T-Y13280 From subclade T-Y13280 deleted SNPs Y13308, Y13315, Y13292 and added SNP Y16020
T-Y13718 Subclade T-Y13280 renamed to T-Y13718
T-Y13279 At subclade T-Y13279 added SNPs Y13292, Y13308, Y13315
T-Y15709 New sample YF03488 in subclade T-Y15709
T-Y16021 New sample YF03628 in subclade T-Y16021
T-Y16021 Subclade T-Y16021 added to T-Y7794 with SNPs Y16021, Y16022, Y16023, Y16024, Y16046, Y16047, Y16048 and other 11 SNPs
T-Y11596 New sample YF03529 in subclade T-Y11596
T-Y15648 At subclade T-Y15648 added SNPs Y15864, Y15865, Y15866, Y15867, Y15868, Y15869, Y15870 and other 7 SNPs
T-Y15648 New sample YF03540 in subclade T-Y15648
T-Y15648 New sample YF03588 in subclade T-Y15648
T-Y16136 New sample YF03660 in subclade T-Y16136
T-Y16136 Subclade T-Y16136 added to T-Y4981 with SNP Y16136
N From subclade N deleted SNPs Z4814, Z4997
N-L732 At subclade N-L732 added SNP Y16084
N-L731 At subclade N-L731 added SNPs PF2001, Y15965, Y15966, Y15967, Y15968, Y15969, Y15970 and other 32 SNPs
N-L731 New sample YF03641 in subclade N-L731
N-CTS8565* New sample YF03689 in subclade N-CTS8565*
N-CTS3223 Subclade N-CTS8565 renamed to N-CTS3223
N-Y15616 At subclade N-Y15616 added SNPs BY2738, Y15904, Y15905, Y15906
N-L591* New sample YF03662 in subclade N-L591*
N-Y13978 At subclade N-Y13978 added SNP Y16156
N-Y13978 Parent of subclade N-Y13977 changed from N-L551 to N-Y13978
N-Y13978 Subclade N-Y13977 renamed to N-Y13978
N-Y13978* New sample YF03692 in subclade N-Y13978*
N-Y13977 Parent of subclade N-Y13977 changed from N-L551 to N-Y13978
N-Z16975 Subclade N-LGM2 renamed to N-Z16975
N-Y15974 New sample YF03629 in subclade N-Y15974
N-Y15974 Subclade N-Y15974 added to N-Y11783 with SNP Y15974
N-Y15922 New sample YF03591 in subclade N-Y15922
N-Y15922 Subclade N-Y15922 added to N-CTS8173 with SNPs Y15922, Y15923
O-M324 At subclade O-M324 added SNP FGC16770
O-L465 At subclade O-L465 added SNP Z24740
O-IMS-JST002611 At subclade O-IMS-JST002611 added SNPs Z24975, Z24979, Z24982
O-F4062 At subclade O-F4062 added SNPs Y15975, Y15976, Y15977, Y15978, Y15979, Y15980, Y15981, Y16154, Y16155, Z2108
O-F4062 New sample YF03687 in subclade O-F4062
O-YP4135 Subclade O-YP4135 added to O-CTS201 as parent of O-S15830 with SNP YP4135
Q-L54 At subclade Q-L54 added SNP Y720
Q-M930 From subclade Q-M930 deleted SNP Y771
Q-JN15 Subclade Q-JN15 added to Q-L804 with SNPs JN13, JN14, JN15, JN16, JN17, JN18, JN19, JN20, JN22, Y16137, Y16138
Q-Y15622 New sample YF03570 in subclade Q-Y15622
Q-M3 At subclade Q-M3 added SNPs CTS11663, Y771
R-YP4131 New sample YF03626 in subclade R-YP4131
R-YP4123 At subclade R-YP4123 added SNPs Y16017, Y16065
R-YP4243 New sample YF03632 in subclade R-YP4243
R-YP430 New sample YF03537 in subclade R-YP430
R-Z93* New sample YF03565 in subclade R-Z93*
R-YP639* New sample YF03625 in subclade R-YP639*
R-FGC18226* New sample YF03645 in subclade R-FGC18226*
R-YP1074 At subclade R-YP1074 added SNP FGC23326
R-YP1366 New sample YF03651 in subclade R-YP1366
R-M12280 New sample YF03623 in subclade R-M12280
R-Y2632 New sample YF03573 in subclade R-Y2632
R-Y615 From subclade R-Y615 deleted SNP Y635
R-YP1337* New sample YF03575 in subclade R-YP1337*
R-YP1337* New sample YF03583 in subclade R-YP1337*
R-YP722* New sample YF03598 in subclade R-YP722*
R-YP4232 New sample YF03609 in subclade R-YP4232
R-CTS5848 From subclade R-CTS5848 deleted SNP CTS9224/S3230
R-S5168 At subclade R-S5168 added SNP CTS9224/S3230
R-S7680 Parent of subclade R-YP1205 changed from R-CTS5848 to R-S7680
R-S7680 Subclade R-YP1205 renamed to R-S7680
R-S7680* New sample YF03621 in subclade R-S7680*
R-YP1205 Parent of subclade R-YP1205 changed from R-CTS5848 to R-S7680
R-YP4248 Subclade R-YP4248 added to R-YP609 with SNPs YP4248, YP4249, YP4250, YP4251, YP4252, YP4253, YP4254, YP4255, YP4256, YP4257
R-YP4234 From subclade R-YP4234 deleted SNP Z27338/YP4237
R-YP3932 At subclade R-YP3932 added SNP Y16153
R-YP3932 New sample YF03686 in subclade R-YP3932
R-YP4078 From subclade R-YP4078 deleted SNP Y15818
R-YP4078 New sample YF03589 in subclade R-YP4078
R-YP4258 Subclade R-YP4258 added to R-YP1034 with SNPs YP4258, YP4259, YP4260
R-P278.2 At subclade R-P278.2 added SNPs FGC29872/M12461, M12430
R-P278.2* New sample YF03670 in subclade R-P278.2*
R-YP951* New sample YF03585 in subclade R-YP951*
R-YP235* New sample YF03581 in subclade R-YP235*
R-FGC19283* New sample YF03650 in subclade R-FGC19283*
R-YP3987* New sample YF03664 in subclade R-YP3987*
R-YP3992 New sample YF03665 in subclade R-YP3992
R-YP3992 Subclade R-YP3987 renamed to R-YP3992 and added SNP Y16016
R1b At subclade R1b added SNPs CTS2134/PF6253, CTS2229/PF6254, CTS2703, CTS3625/S4228, CTS3794/PF6256/S4229, CTS46, CTS8436/PF6259 and other 37 SNPs
R-L389 At subclade R-L389 added SNP L388/PF6468
R-P297 At subclade R-P297 added SNPs CTS10212/PF6491, CTS11422/PF6519, CTS11985/PF6523, CTS12612/PF6530, CTS3876/PF6458, CTS5577/PF6464, CTS6532/PF6465 and other 36 SNPs
R-M269 At subclade R-M269 added SNPs CTS1421/PF6423/M8208, CTS1738/PF6449, CTS2466/PF6453, CTS2701/PF6098, CTS6832/PF6467, CTS7400/PF6469, CTS7659/PF6470 and other 35 SNPs
R-Y16005 New sample YF03694 in subclade R-Y16005
R-Y16005 Subclade R-Y16005 added to R-Y14512 with SNPs Y16005, Y16158
R-Y15982 Subclade R-Y15982 added to R-CTS1450 with SNPs BY250, Y15982, Y15983, Y16140, Y16141, Y16142, Y16143 and other 5 SNPs
R-L51 At subclade R-L51 added SNP Y410
R-Z19* New sample YF03688 in subclade R-Z19*
R-DF95 At subclade R-DF95 added SNPs CTS2206, S8387, S8388
R-Y15995 New sample YF03584 in subclade R-Y15995
R-Y15995 New sample YF03643 in subclade R-Y15995
R-Y15995 Subclade R-Y15995 added to R-DF95 with SNPs Y15995, Y15996, Y15997, Y15998, Y15999, Y16114, Y16115 and other 5 SNPs
R-S5673* New sample YF03587 in subclade R-S5673*
R-S5918 Subclade R-S5918 added to R-L48 with SNPs CTS3104, S5918, S5940
R-Y13229* New sample YF03627 in subclade R-Y13229*
R-CTS13009 Subclade R-Y13229 renamed to R-CTS13009
R-Y3001 Subclade R-Y3301 renamed to R-Y3001 and deleted SNP CTS2367/S3539
R-S18890 New sample YF03647 in subclade R-S18890
R-S18890 Subclade R-S18890 added to R-Y3001 with SNP S18890
R-S3334 At subclade R-S3334 added SNP FGC7935
R-Y10821 At subclade R-Y10821 added SNP Y15889
R-Y15631 At subclade R-Y15631 added SNPs Y15883, Y15884, Y15885, Y15886, Y15887, Y15888, Y15890, Y15891, Y15892, Y15893
R-Y15631* New sample YF03546 in subclade R-Y15631*
R-Y15633 New sample YF03547 in subclade R-Y15633
R-P312 New sample YF03695 in subclade R-P312
R-CTS2617 New sample YF03574 in subclade R-CTS2617
R-PF6652 At subclade R-PF6652 added SNPs Y16000, Y16001, Y16152, Z194, Z29460, Z29461, Z29462
R-PF6652 New sample YF03680 in subclade R-PF6652
R-CTS9733* New sample YF03691 in subclade R-CTS9733*
R-Z1909* New sample YF03579 in subclade R-Z1909*
R-Y8397 New sample YF03569 in subclade R-Y8397
R-Y15647 At subclade R-Y15647 added SNPs Y15924, Y15925, Y15926
R-Y15647 New sample YF03593 in subclade R-Y15647
R-Y16018 New sample YF03618 in subclade R-Y16018
R-Y16018 Subclade R-Y16018 added to R-Z225 with SNPs PH2007, Y16018, Y16019
R-Y8410 At subclade R-Y8410 added SNP Y16042
R-Y8410 New sample YF03619 in subclade R-Y8410
R-S16785 New sample YF03597 in subclade R-S16785
R-L679 New sample YF03599 in subclade R-L679
R-Y9097 At subclade R-Y9097 added SNP Y15901
R-Y9089 At subclade R-Y9089 added SNP Y9095
R-Y5305 At subclade R-Y5305 added SNP Y16134
R-Z17901 New sample YF03658 in subclade R-Z17901
R-Z17901 Subclade R-Z17901 added to R-Y5305 with SNP Z17901/MC02
R-FGC11134 Parent of subclade R-L96 changed from R-DF13 to R-FGC11134
R-FGC11134 Subclade R-Y3550 renamed to R-FGC11134
R-L96 Parent of subclade R-L96 changed from R-DF13 to R-FGC11134
R-Y16007 New sample YF03633 in subclade R-Y16007
R-Y16007 Subclade R-Y16007 added to R-FGC11134 with SNPs CTS1133, CTS12024/S3671, CTS1864, CTS5296, CTS5721/S3670, CTS6295/S3675, CTS6491/S3667 and other 11 SNPs
R-Y6238* New sample YF03595 in subclade R-Y6238*
R-S5668* New sample YF03652 in subclade R-S5668*
R-A228 New sample YF03693 in subclade R-A228
R-A228 Subclade R-A228 added to R-Y7624 with SNPs A228, A238, A242, A244, A245, A246, A247 and other 8 SNPs
R-Y15785 New sample YF03499 in subclade R-Y15785
R-Y5833* New sample YF03601 in subclade R-Y5833*
R-S691* New sample YF03679 in subclade R-S691*
R-S695* New sample YF03681 in subclade R-S695*
R-A5291 Subclade R-S695 renamed to R-A5291
R-Y15984 New sample YF03640 in subclade R-Y15984
R-Y15984 Subclade R-Y15984 added to R-DF21 with SNPs FGC6662, S7150, S7162, S7172, S7174, S7176, S7180 and other 24 SNPs
R-Y16002 New sample YF03631 in subclade R-Y16002
R-Y16002 Subclade R-Y16002 added to R-Y12464 with SNPs FGC21907, FGC3101, Y16002, Y16003, Y16004, Y16063, Y16064, Z17998, Z17999
R-S844 At subclade R-S844 added SNP FGC8542
R-L1308 New sample YF03616 in subclade R-L1308
R-L1308 New sample YF03637 in subclade R-L1308
R-L1308 Subclade R-L1308 added to R-S844 with SNPs FGC20563, FGC20564, FGC20565, FGC20566, FGC20567, FGC20568, FGC20571, L1308
R-S845 Subclade R-S844 renamed to R-S845
R-Z2534* New sample YF03622 in subclade R-Z2534*
R-Y3515 From subclade R-Y3515 deleted SNP L378
R-L744* New sample YF03554 in subclade R-L744*
R-L744* New sample YF03673 in subclade R-L744*
R-Y15896 Subclade R-Y15896 added to R-Y4954 with SNP Y15896