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B From subclade B deleted SNP M8685/CTS843
D From subclade D deleted SNP CTS795
E1b1a At subclade E1b1a added SNPs Y6733, Y6734
E1b1a1a1 At subclade E1b1a1a1 added SNP Y6735
E1b1a1a1a From subclade E1b1a1a1a deleted SNP CTS835
E-Z874 From subclade E-Z874 deleted SNP CTS668
E1b1b1a At subclade E1b1b1a added SNP Y6736
E1b1b1a1 From subclade E1b1b1a1 deleted SNPs CTS808, PF2104/CTS675 and added SNP L18
E1b1b1a1a At subclade E1b1b1a1a added SNPs Y6737, Y6738
E1b1b1a1a1 At subclade E1b1b1a1a1 added SNPs Y6739, Y6740, Y6741, Y6742, Y6743, Y6744, Y6745, Y6746
E-Z807 From subclade E-Z807 deleted SNP CTS693 and added SNP Y6732
E-Y6721 Subclade E-Y2876 renamed to E-Y6721 and added SNPs Y6723, Y6722, Y6721, Y6727, Y6726, Y6725, Y6724, Y6729, Y6728, Y6730, Y6731
E1b1b1a1b1 From subclade E1b1b1a1b1 deleted SNP Z1044/PF2212/CTS791
E-Y6227 New sample YF02039 in subclade E-Y6227
E-Y6227 Subclade E-Y6227 added to E-S26015 with SNP Y6227
E1b1b1b1a From subclade E1b1b1b1a deleted SNP M5018/CTS665/PF2482
E-Z1180 Subclade E-Z1180 added to E-M5347 with SNP Z1180
E1b1b1b2 From subclade E1b1b1b2 deleted SNP Z829/CTS689 and added SNPs Y5783, Y5787, Y5894, Y5895, Y5896
E-M34 From subclade E-M34 deleted SNPs L385, PF2015/CTS677 and added SNPs Y5769, Y5776, Y5780, Y5784
E-L791 From subclade E-L791 deleted SNPs CTS841, CTS9840, Z855 and added SNP L385
E-Y2947 At subclade E-Y2947 added SNPs CTS9840, Z855
E-Y4971 Subclade E-Y4968 renamed to E-Y4971 and deleted SNP Y4968
E-Y4972 At subclade E-Y4972 added SNP K257
E-M84 At subclade E-M84 added SNPs Y5754, Y5755, Y5757, Y5767, Y5768, Y5770, Y5771 and other 9 SNPs
E-PF6751 At subclade E-PF6751 added SNP Y5756
E-PF6748 At subclade E-PF6748 added SNP Y6720
E-S9747 New sample YF01957 in subclade E-S9747
E-S9747 Subclade E-S9747 added to E-PF6748 with SNP S9747
E-Y6171 New sample YF01958 in subclade E-Y6171
E-Y6171 New sample YF02031 in subclade E-Y6171
E-Y6171 New sample YF02077 in subclade E-Y6171
E-Y6171 New sample YF02106 in subclade E-Y6171
E-Y6171 Subclade E-Y6171 added to E-PF6751 with SNPs F1382, PF5730, Y6168, Y6169, Y6170, Y6171, Y6172 and other 28 SNPs
E-Y5412 New sample YF01962 in subclade E-Y5412
E-Z1274 At subclade E-Z1274 added SNPs CTS11951, CTS6715, CTS7879, CTS8470, Y5850, Y5851, Y5852 and other 59 SNPs
E-M293 At subclade E-M293 added SNP Z1258
E-CTS697 From subclade E-CTS697 deleted SNP CTS697
E-Y5846 New sample YF01976 in subclade E-Y5846
E-Y5846 New sample YF01981 in subclade E-Y5846
E-Y5846 New sample YF01985 in subclade E-Y5846
E-Y5846 New sample YF02002 in subclade E-Y5846
E-Y5846 New sample YF02003 in subclade E-Y5846
E-Y5846 Subclade E-Y5846 added to E-Z1274 with SNPs S27786, Y5846, Y5847, Y5848, Y5849, Y5871, Y5872 and other 48 SNPs
C At subclade C added SNPs Y6675, Y6685, Y6688, Y6691, Y6692, Y6693, Y6717
C-Y1786 From subclade C-Y1786 deleted SNP CTS840 and added SNP Y6682
C1a1 From subclade C1a1 deleted SNP CTS684
C2 From subclade C2 deleted SNP CTS719 and added SNPs Y6674, Y6676, Y6681, Y6683, Y6686, Y6687, Y6689, Y6690, Y6694, Y6718
C2 Subclade C2a deleted from C2
C2 Subclade C2c deleted from C2
C2 Subclade C2d deleted from C2
C2b At subclade C2b added SNPs Y6677, Y6678, Y6679, Y6680, Y6684, Y6695, Y6696 and other 16 SNPs
C2b Subclade C2b1 deleted from C2b
C2b Subclade C2b2a deleted from C2b2
C2b Subclade C2b2 deleted from C2b
C-F1756 New sample YF02109 in subclade C-F1756
C-F1756 Subclade C-F1756 added to C2b with SNPs F1756, F3825, F3843, F3844, F3868, F3896, F3918 and other 6 SNPs
C-Y4497 Subclade C2b renamed to C-Y4497 and added SNP Y6719
C2e From subclade C2e deleted SNPs CTS740, CTS790, CTS821
G From subclade G deleted SNPs M3451/CTS670, M3452/CTS692/PF2845, M3454/CTS827/PF2847
G1 At subclade G1 added SNPs CTS5933, F1218, F1354, F2447, F3062, F4154, F4232 and other 50 SNPs
G1 Subclade G1a1 deleted from G1a
G1 Subclade G1a2 deleted from G1a
G1 Subclade G1a deleted from G1
G1b New sample YF02011 in subclade G1b
G-F1761 Subclade G-F1761 added to G1 with SNPs CTS11562, F1761, F2376, Z3043, Z3046, Z3048, Z3189 and other 5 SNPs
G2 From subclade G2 deleted SNPs M3480/PF2879, M3585/PF3052
G2a2b1 At subclade G2a2b1 added SNPs Y6224, Y6225, Y6226
G-Y6221 New sample YF02038 in subclade G-Y6221
G-Y6221 Subclade G-Y6221 added to G2a2b1 with SNPs Y6221, Y6222, Y6223, Z2396
G2a2b2a From subclade G2a2b2a deleted SNP CTS688
G2a2b2a1 From subclade G2a2b2a1 deleted SNP CTS796 and added SNP Y302/Z6294
G2a2b2a1b From subclade G2a2b2a1b deleted SNP CTS730
G2a2b2a1c1a1 At subclade G2a2b2a1c1a1 added SNPs FGC333, FGC335, FGC341, Y5763, Y5764, Y5765, Y5766
G2a2b2a1c1a1* New sample YF01963 in subclade G2a2b2a1c1a1*
G-Y5797 Subclade G-Y5797 added to G2a as parent of G2a1 with SNP Y5797
H3a At subclade H3a added SNP Z13435
H3b At subclade H3b added SNP Z13942
H3b1 At subclade H3b1 added SNP Z13702
I From subclade I deleted SNPs PF3630/CTS674, PF3631/CTS772
I1* New sample YF01956 in subclade I1*
I1a Subclade I-PF49 deleted from I1a
I1a* New sample YF02122 in subclade I1a*
I-Y3866* New sample YF02092 in subclade I-Y3866*
I-S4767 Subclade I-Y3866 renamed to I-S4767
I-S7642 Subclade I-S7642 added to I-S4767 as parent of I-Y6339, I-Y6340 with SNPs S16432, S7642, S7657
I-Y6339 New sample YF02058 in subclade I-Y6339
I-Y6339 New sample YF02076 in subclade I-Y6339
I-Y6339 Subclade I-Y6339 added to I-S7642 with SNP Y6339
I-Y6340 New sample YF02059 in subclade I-Y6340
I-Y6340 Subclade I-Y6340 added to I-S7642 with SNPs Y6340, Y6341, Y6342, Y6343, Y6344, Y6345, Y6346 and other 7 SNPs
I-S10200 At subclade I-S10200 added SNPs Y5834, Y5835, Y5836, Y5837, Y5838, Y5839, Y5840, Y5841, Y5842, Y5843
I-S10200 New sample YF01974 in subclade I-S10200
I-S14887* New sample YF02063 in subclade I-S14887*
I-Y6204 Subclade I-Y6204 added to I-Y3663 as parent of I-Y6213 with SNPs Y6204, Y6205, Y6206, Y6207, Y6208, Y6209, Y6210, Y6211, Y6212
I-Y6213 Subclade I-Y6213 added to I-Y6204 as parent of I-Y6220 with SNPs Y6213, Y6214, Y6215, Y6216
I-Y6213* New sample YF02034 in subclade I-Y6213*
I-Y6220 New sample YF02037 in subclade I-Y6220
I-Y6220 New sample YF02085 in subclade I-Y6220
I-Y6220 Subclade I-Y6220 added to I-Y6213 with SNP Y6220
I-A288 New sample YF01998 in subclade I-A288
I-A288 Subclade I-A288 added to I-S6270 with SNP A288
I-Z2541 New sample YF02067 in subclade I-Z2541
I-Z60* New sample YF01970 in subclade I-Z60*
I-Z73 From subclade I-Z73 deleted SNP S2109/CTS743
I-L1302* New sample YF02040 in subclade I-L1302*
I-Y5448 New sample YF01973 in subclade I-Y5448
I-Y5568 New sample YF02069 in subclade I-Y5568
I-Y6593 New sample YF02089 in subclade I-Y6593
I-Y6593 Subclade I-Y6593 added to I-L1301 with SNPs Y6593, Y6594, Y6595, Y6596, Y6597
I-Y6747 Subclade I-Y6747 added to I-L803 with SNP Y6747
I-Y1843* New sample YF01938 in subclade I-Y1843*
I-Y6356 New sample YF02061 in subclade I-Y6356
I-Y6356 Subclade I-Y6356 added to I-Y2967 with SNPs F3635, Y6356, Y6357, Y6358, Y6359, Y6360, Y6361 and other 4 SNPs
I-Y6231 New sample YF02047 in subclade I-Y6231
I-Y6231 Subclade I-Y6231 added to I-Z140 with SNPs Y6231, Y6232, Y6233
I-A376 New sample YF02000 in subclade I-A376
I-A376 New sample YF02111 in subclade I-A376
I-A376 Subclade I-A376 added to I-A375 with SNPs A376, S1957, S1973, S1982, S2000, Y6667
I-Z382 Parent of subclade I-Y5384 changed from I-Z382* to I-Z382
I-Y5384 At subclade I-Y5384 added SNP Y6086
I-Y5384 Parent of subclade I-Y5384 changed from I-Z382* to I-Z382
I-Y6085 Subclade I-Y6085 added to I-Y5384 as parent of I-Y6165 with SNPs Y6085, Y6087, Y6088, Y6089, Y6090, Y6091, Y6092, Y6093
I-Y6085* New sample YF02020 in subclade I-Y6085*
I-Y6165 New sample YF02070 in subclade I-Y6165
I-Y6165 Subclade I-Y6165 added to I-Y6085 with SNPs Y6165, Y6166
I-S2078* New sample YF02008 in subclade I-S2078*
I-L1237 At subclade I-L1237 added SNPs Y6612, Y6613, Y6614, Y6615, Y6616, Y6617, Y6618 and other 12 SNPs
I-L1237 Subclade I-CTS7416 deleted from I-L1237
I-Y6622 New sample YF02100 in subclade I-Y6622
I-Y6622 Subclade I-Y6622 added to I-L1237 with SNPs Y6622, Y6624, Y6635
I-L1242 Subclade I-L1242 added to I-Y3968 with SNPs L1242, L1243, S16522
I-Y3979 Subclade I-Y3968 renamed to I-Y3979
I-Y6228 New sample YF02045 in subclade I-Y6228
I-Y6228 Subclade I-Y6228 added to I-Y3979 with SNPs Y6228, Y6229
I-Y6375 New sample YF02071 in subclade I-Y6375
I-Y6375 Subclade I-Y6375 added to I-S2078 with SNPs Y6375, Y6376, Y6377, Y6378, Y6379, Y6380, Y6381 and other 10 SNPs
I-Y4882 New sample YF01983 in subclade I-Y4882
I-Z16971 New sample YF02012 in subclade I-Z16971
I-Z16983 Subclade I-Y4789 renamed to I-Z16983
I-Y6651 New sample YF02103 in subclade I-Y6651
I-Y6651 Subclade I-Y6651 added to I-Z16983 with SNPs Y6651, Y6652, Y6653, Y6654, Y6655, Y6656, Y6657, Y6658
I-Y4460 Subclade I-Y3106 renamed to I-Y4460
I-Z17855 New sample YF02018 in subclade I-Z17855
I-Z17855 Subclade I-Z17855 added to I-L621 with SNP Z17855
I-L158 From subclade I-L158 deleted SNPs PF3953/CTS671, PF3954/CTS799
I-L160 From subclade I-L160 deleted SNP PF4087/CTS814
I-Z97 From subclade I-Z97 deleted SNP CTS787
I-A417 New sample YF02042 in subclade I-A417
I-A417 Subclade I-A417 added to I-Y4223 with SNPs A417, Y6230
I-Y5669 At subclade I-Y5669 added SNPs S12195, S21579
I-Y5669 New sample YF01971 in subclade I-Y5669
I-P78 At subclade I-P78 added SNP Y6397
I-Y6396 Subclade I-Y6396 added to I-Y4884 with SNPs M8965, S10702, Y6396, Y6398, Y6399, Y6400, Y6401 and other 4 SNPs
I-L801* New sample YF02022 in subclade I-L801*
I-CTS1977* New sample YF01951 in subclade I-CTS1977*
I-L1198* New sample YF02072 in subclade I-L1198*
I-Z79 At subclade I-Z79 added SNP Y5737
I-Y5729 Subclade I-Y5729 added to I-Z79 with SNPs Y5729, Y5730, Y5731, Y5732, Y5733, Y5734, Y5735, Y5736
I-Y6060 Subclade I-Y6060 added to I-L1198 as parent of I-Y5748 with SNP Y6060
I-Y6060* New sample YF02091 in subclade I-Y6060*
I-Y6060* New sample YF02118 in subclade I-Y6060*
I-Y5748 New sample YF01950 in subclade I-Y5748
I-Y5748 New sample YF01995 in subclade I-Y5748
I-Y5748 New sample YF02026 in subclade I-Y5748
I-Y5748 Subclade I-Y5748 added to I-Y6060 with SNPs Y5748, Y5749, Y5750, Y5751, Y5752, Y6059
I-L1272 At subclade I-L1272 added SNPs Y5714, Y5715, Y5716, Y5722
I-Y5717 New sample YF01944 in subclade I-Y5717
I-Y5717 New sample YF01947 in subclade I-Y5717
I-Y5717 Subclade I-Y5717 added to I-L1272 with SNPs Y5717, Y5718, Y5719, Y5720, Y5721, Y5723, Y5724 and other 2 SNPs
I-Y5695 Subclade I-Y5695 added to I-Y4955 as parent of I-Y5692 with SNPs Y5695, Y5698, Y5699
I-Y5692 New sample YF01941 in subclade I-Y5692
I-Y5692 New sample YF01952 in subclade I-Y5692
I-Y5692 Subclade I-Y5692 added to I-Y5695 with SNPs Y5692, Y5693, Y5694, Y5696, Y5697, Y5700, Y5701 and other 10 SNPs
I-L1290 At subclade I-L1290 added SNPs Y6637, Y6638, Y6639, Y6640, Y6641, Y6642, Y6643 and other 4 SNPs
I-L1290 New sample YF01979 in subclade I-L1290
I-L1290 New sample YF02102 in subclade I-L1290
I-L1193 At subclade I-L1193 added SNPs Y6020, Y6024, Y6025, Y6026, Y6028, Y6029
I-L1193* New sample YF02082 in subclade I-L1193*
I-Y5996 New sample YF01988 in subclade I-Y5996
I-Y5996 Subclade I-Y5996 added to I-L1193 with SNPs Y5996, Y5997, Y5998, Y5999, Y6000, Y6001, Y6002 and other 18 SNPs
I-Y4750 At subclade I-Y4750 added SNP Y4751
I-Y4750* New sample YF01940 in subclade I-Y4750*
I-Y4750* New sample YF02074 in subclade I-Y4750*
I-Y5673 New sample YF01942 in subclade I-Y5673
I-Y5673 Subclade I-Y5673 added to I-Y4750 with SNP Y5673
I-Y3670 From subclade I-Y3670 deleted SNP Z2091 and added SNPs Y4186, Y6748, Y6749, Y6750, Y6751
I-Y3670* New sample YF02073 in subclade I-Y3670*
I-L1229 At subclade I-L1229 added SNPs Y6083, Z2091
I-S18331 Parent of subclade I-S8171 changed from I-L1229 to I-S18331
I-S18331 Subclade I-S8171 renamed to I-S18331
I-S18331* New sample YF02068 in subclade I-S18331*
I-S8171 Parent of subclade I-S8171 changed from I-L1229 to I-S18331
I-BY138 New sample YF02017 in subclade I-BY138
I-BY138 Subclade I-BY138 added to I-Y3672 with SNP BY138
I-Y6098 New sample YF02027 in subclade I-Y6098
I-Y6098 Subclade I-Y6098 added to I2a2a with SNPs M744/CTS9515, S10540, S10898, S11866, S16600/M7969, S16642, S18074 and other 43 SNPs
J From subclade J deleted SNPs PF4503/CTS687, PF4504/CTS852
J1 At subclade J1 added SNP Y2360
J1a2b From subclade J1a2b deleted SNP PF4797/CTS712
J-Y2919 At subclade J-Y2919 added SNP Y5761
J-Y6094 New sample YF02023 in subclade J-Y6094
J-Y6094 Subclade J-Y6094 added to J-Y2919 with SNPs Y6094, Y6095, Y6096
J-Y4349* New sample YF02006 in subclade J-Y4349*
J-Y6074 Subclade J-Y6074 added to J-Y4349 with SNP Y6074
J-Y6369 Subclade J-Y6369 added to J-Y3015 with SNPs Y6369, Y6370, Y6371
J-Z2266 From subclade J-Z2266 deleted SNP CTS757
J-Z1828 At subclade J-Z1828 added SNP Y5974
J-CTS7188 New sample YF01978 in subclade J-CTS7188
J-Y6304 At subclade J-Y6304 added SNPs Y6312, Y6305, Y6304, Y6307, Y6328, Y6309, Y6308 and other 26 SNPs
J-Y6304 New sample YF02055 in subclade J-Y6304
J-Y6304 Subclade J-Y2909 divided to J-Y6304, J-M10096
J-M10096 Subclade J-Y2909 divided to J-Y6304, J-M10096
J-PF4610 From subclade J-PF4610 deleted SNP PF5085/CTS758
J2a1b Subclade J2a1b2 deleted from J2a1b
J-Z467 From subclade J-Z467 deleted SNP CTS650
J-Z467* New sample YF02101 in subclade J-Z467*
J-L210 Subclade J-Z467, J2a1b3 merged to J-L210
J-M92 Parent of subclades J2a1b1a, J-Z508 changed to J-M92
J-M92 Subclade J-Z500, J2a1b1 merged to J-M92
J2a1b1a Parent of subclades J2a1b1a, J-Z508 changed to J-M92
J-Z508 Parent of subclades J2a1b1a, J-Z508 changed to J-M92
J-Z6254 From subclade J-Z6254 deleted SNP CTS710
J-Y6240 Subclade J-Y6240 added to J-Z500 as parent of J-PF7394 with SNPs Y6240, Y6241, Y6242, Y6243, Y6244, Y6245
J-PF7394 At subclade J-PF7394 added SNP PF7395
J-PF7394 New sample YF02044 in subclade J-PF7394
J-PF7394 Subclade J-F2302.2 deleted from J-PF7394 and deleted SNPs CTS11388, PF7395
J2a1h2 From subclade J2a1h2 deleted SNP PF5276/CTS830
J-Z6092 From subclade J-Z6092 deleted SNP CTS667
J-Z6055 At subclade J-Z6055 added SNPs Y6754, Y6755, Y6756, Y6757, Y6758, Y6759, Y6760 and other 24 SNPs
J-M68 Subclade J-Z6055, J2a1c merged to J-M68
J-M68 Subclade J-Z7742 deleted from J2a1c
J-M102 At subclade J-M102 added SNP Y6300
J-Z1825 At subclade J-Z1825 added SNP Y6301
J-M241 At subclade J-M241 added SNP Y6167
J-L283 At subclade J-L283 added SNP Y6299
J-Z597* New sample YF02051 in subclade J-Z597*
J-Z8429 Subclade J-Z8430 renamed to J-Z8429 and deleted SNPs CTS11760, Z8428, Z8430, M7833
J-Z2432 At subclade J-Z2432 added SNP Y966
J-Y958 At subclade J-Y958 added SNP Y967
LT From subclade LT deleted SNP M2372/CTS753/PF5525
L At subclade L added SNP Y6264
L-L1307 Subclade L1c renamed to L-L1307 and added SNPs Y6263, Y6298
L-Y6247 New sample YF02043 in subclade L-Y6247
L-Y6247 Subclade L-Y6247 added to L-L1307 with SNPs Y6246, Y6247, Y6248, Y6249, Y6250, Y6251, Y6252 and other 40 SNPs
L-M27 Subclade L1a renamed to L-M27
T From subclade T deleted SNP CTS793 and added SNPs Y6045, Y6053, Y6054, Y6672
T1a* New sample YF01990 in subclade T1a*
T1a1 From subclade T1a1 deleted SNP CTS792
T-Y4981 At subclade T-Y4981 added SNP Y5677
T-Y5674 Subclade T-Y5674 added to T-Y4981 with SNPs PF3818, Y5674, Y5675, Y5676, Y5678, Y5679, Y5680 and other 8 SNPs
T-Y6409 New sample YF02079 in subclade T-Y6409
T-Y6409 Subclade T-Y6409 added to T1a1a1a with SNPs Y6409, Y6410, Y6411, Y6412, Y6413, Y6414, Y6415 and other 32 SNPs
T-Y6671 Subclade T-Y6671 added to T1a1a with SNPs Y6671, Y6673
T1a2 At subclade T1a2 added SNPs Y6030, Y6031, Y6032, Y6033, Y6034, Y6035, Y6036 and other 15 SNPs
T1a2b* New sample YF01989 in subclade T1a2b*
NO From subclade NO deleted SNP M2306/CTS707
N From subclade N deleted SNPs CTS813, M2139/CTS833, M2138/Z4837/CTS739
N1a At subclade N1a added SNPs Y4112.2/Y4112, Y6466, Y6467, Y6468, Y6469, Y6470, Y6471 and other 118 SNPs
N1a New sample YF02088 in subclade N1a
N-Z4762 Subclade N renamed to N-Z4762
N1c1 From subclade N1c1 deleted SNPs CTS780, M1980/CTS653, M1981/CTS759
N-VL29 At subclade N-VL29 added SNP Y6058
N-CTS3451 From subclade N-CTS3451 deleted SNP CTS657
N-Y5003* New sample YF01994 in subclade N-Y5003*
N-Y5003* New sample YF02087 in subclade N-Y5003*
N-Y6599 New sample YF02098 in subclade N-Y6599
N-Y6599 Subclade N-Y6599 added to N-Y5003 with SNPs Y6599, Y6600
N-L550 At subclade N-L550 added SNP Y6303
N-L550 New sample YF02057 in subclade N-L550
N-Y6075 New sample YF02014 in subclade N-Y6075
N-Y6075 Subclade N-Y6075 added to N-CTS8173 with SNPs Y6075, Y6076, Y6077, Y6078, Y6079, Y6080, Y6081
N-Y5580 Parent of subclade N-L591 changed from N-M2782 to N-Y5580
N-Y5580 Subclade N-L591 renamed to N-Y5580
N-L1027 New sample YF02056 in subclade N-L1027
N-L1027 Subclade N-L1027 added to N-Y5580 with SNP L1027
N-L591 Parent of subclade N-L591 changed from N-M2782 to N-Y5580
N-Y5743 New sample YF01949 in subclade N-Y5743
N-Y5743 Subclade N-Y5743 added to N-Y4702 with SNPs Y5743, Y5744, Y5745, Y5746, Y5747
N-Y4339 Subclade N-Y4338 renamed to N-Y4339 and added SNPs Y4339, Y4340, Y4344, Y4345, Y4346
N-Z1936 Subclade N1c1a1a2 renamed to N-Z1936
N-L1034 Subclade N1c1a1a2b renamed to N-L1034
N-Z1925 Subclade N1c1a1a2a renamed to N-Z1925
N-Z1941 Subclade N1c1a1a2a1 renamed to N-Z1941
N-Z1940 Subclade N1c1a1a2a1a renamed to N-Z1940
N-L666 Subclade N1c2 renamed to N-L666
N-M128 Subclade N1c2a renamed to N-M128
N-F2905 At subclade N-F2905 added SNPs Y6605, Y6607
N-Z4784 At subclade N-Z4784 added SNPs Y6601, Y6602, Y6603, Y6604, Y6606, Y6608, Y6609, Y6610, Y6611
N-Y6374 Subclade N-Y6374 added to N-Z4784 as parent of N-CTS7324, N-L727 with SNP Y6374
N-L727 Subclade N-L727 added to N-Y6374 as parent of N-L732 with SNP L727
N-L732 From subclade N1b deleted SNP L732
N-L732 Subclade N-L732 added to N-L727 as parent of N-L731 with SNP L732
N-L731 From subclade N1b1 deleted SNPs L731, L733
N-L731 New sample YF02093 in subclade N-L731
N-L731 Subclade N-L731 added to N-L732 with SNPs L731, L733
O-CTS2458 From subclade O-CTS2458 deleted SNP F111
O-CTS52 From subclade O-CTS52 deleted SNP CTS701
O2b From subclade O2b deleted SNPs CTS669, CTS762, CTS783
O2b1a From subclade O2b1a deleted SNP CTS713
O2a1a From subclade O2a1a deleted SNP CTS828
O-CTS10484 From subclade O-CTS10484 deleted SNP CTS651
O-CTS11792 From subclade O-CTS11792 deleted SNP CTS838
O-M122 At subclade O-M122 added SNP Y6773
O-L465 From subclade O-L465 deleted SNP CTS818
O-CTS727 From subclade O-CTS727 deleted SNP CTS727
O-F11 From subclade O-F11 deleted SNP CTS858
Q-L275 From subclade Q-L275 deleted SNP Y2239
Q-L245 From subclade Q-L245 deleted SNP Y2998
Q-Y2209 At subclade Q-Y2209 added SNP Y2998
Q-Y2750 Subclade Q-Y3030 renamed to Q-Y2750
Q-Y2780 Subclade Q-Y2780 added to Q-Y2200 with SNPs FGC1920/Y2754, FGC1924/Y2780, FGC1930/Y2781
Q-YP740 Subclade Q-YP740 added to Q-Y2209 with SNPs YP730, YP731, YP732, YP733, YP734, YP735, YP736 and other 5 SNPs
Q-YP745 New sample YF01986 in subclade Q-YP745
Q-YP745 Subclade Q-YP745 added to Q-Y2220 with SNPs YP745, YP746, YP747
Q-Y1150 From subclade Q-Y1150 deleted SNP Y1193 and added SNPs YP748, YP749, YP750, YP751, YP752, YP753
Q-Y1144 Subclade Q-Y1150 renamed to Q-Y1144
Q-YP755 Subclade Q-YP755 added to Q-Y1144 with SNPs YP754, YP755, YP756, YP757, YP758, YP759
Q-M25 Subclade Q1a1b renamed to Q-M25
Q-L712 Subclade Q1a1b1 renamed to Q-L712
Q-L713 Subclade Q1a1b1a renamed to Q-L713 and deleted SNP M365.3/M365/M365.2/M365.4/M365.1
Q-L53 At subclade Q-L53 added SNPs M1037/Y745, M1082/Y729, M1161/Y768, M1164/Y760, M1177/Y761, M1178/Y762, Y712 and other 21 SNPs
Q-L54 From subclade Q-L54 deleted SNPs M1037/Y745, M1082/Y729, M1161/Y768, M1164/Y760, M1177/Y761, M1178/Y762, Y712 and other 21 SNPs
Q-L330* New sample YF01841 in subclade Q-L330*
Q-M1107 New sample YF02099 in subclade Q-M1107
Q-M930 From subclade Q-M930 deleted SNP M826/CTS856
Q-L804 Subclade Q1a2a1a2 renamed to Q-L804
Q-Y772 Subclade Q-M930 renamed to Q-Y772 and added SNPs Z5903/M882/Y776, M886/CTS8475, M883/Y777, M884/CTS7799, M881/CTS7779, CTS8430, M836, Y773, Y772
Q-CTS12274 Subclade Q1a2a1a1a deleted from Q-L341.2
Q-CTS12274 Subclade Q1a2a1a1b deleted from Q-L341.2
Q-CTS12274 Subclade Q1a2a1a1c deleted from Q-L341.2
Q-CTS12274 Subclade Q1a2a1a1d deleted from Q-L341.2
Q-CTS12274 Subclade Q1a2a1a1e deleted from Q-L341.2
Q-CTS12274 Subclade Q1a2a1a1f deleted from Q-L341.2
Q-M848 Subclade Q-M848 added to Q-L341.2 as parent of Q-CTS748, Q-Y780, Q-Z5911, Q-Z5915 with SNPs CTS2610/M848, M902, Y749, Y775/M907
Q-CTS748 Subclade Q-CTS748 added to Q-M848
Q-Y4273 At subclade Q-Y4273 added SNPs Y6140, Y6151, Y6163, Y6164, Y6217, Y6218, Y6219
Q-Y6131 New sample YF02029 in subclade Q-Y6131
Q-Y6131 New sample YF02033 in subclade Q-Y6131
Q-Y6131 New sample YF02035 in subclade Q-Y6131
Q-Y6131 Subclade Q-Y6131 added to Q-Y4273 with SNPs Y6131, Y6132, Y6133, Y6134, Y6135, Y6136, Y6137 and other 20 SNPs
Q-Z780 Subclade Q-M971 renamed to Q-Z780
Q-Z781 Subclade Q-Y2809 renamed to Q-Z781
Q-Y2816 From subclade Q-Y2816 deleted SNP CTS705
Q-L456 Subclade Q-L456 added to Q-Y2816 with SNP L456
Q-L569 Subclade Q-L569 added to Q-Y2816 with SNPs L569, L570, L571, YP871, YP872, YP873, YP874 and other 32 SNPs
Q-YP910 Subclade Q-YP910 added to Q-Y2816 with SNPs YP910, YP911, YP912, YP913, YP914, YP915, YP916, YP917, YP918
Q-YP919 Subclade Q-YP919 added to Q-Y2816 with SNPs YP919, YP920, YP921, YP922, YP923, YP924, YP925 and other 10 SNPs
Q-Z782 Subclade Q-Y2816 renamed to Q-Z782
Q-Z5902 At subclade Q-Z5902 added SNPs Y6774, Y6775, Y6776, Y6777, Y6778, Y6779, Y6780 and other 9 SNPs
Q-Y6793 New sample YF02110 in subclade Q-Y6793
Q-Y6793 Subclade Q-Y6793 added to Q-Z5902 with SNPs M2520, Y6793, Y6794, Y6795, Y6796, Y6797, Y6798 and other 47 SNPs
R1a From subclade R1a deleted SNP Y2363
R1a From subclade R-M459 deleted SNPs PF6235/M459, PF6236/M516/L120, PF6237/M448/L122, SRY10831.2/SRY1532.2/PAGE65.2/PAGE65.1/SRY1532.1/SRY10831.1/SRY10831
R1a New sample YF02130 in subclade R1a
R1a Parent of subclade R-M198 changed from R-M459 to R1a and added SNPs CTS11530, CTS11633, CTS11706, CTS12276, CTS12321, CTS1963, CTS2132/PF6176/M658 and other 138 SNPs
R-M198 At subclade R-M198 added SNPs CTS10080/PF6208/M755, CTS11720, CTS3230, CTS570, CTS9779, F3337, F3644/M810 and other 33 SNPs
R-M198 Parent of subclade R-M198 changed from R-M459 to R1a and added SNPs CTS11530, CTS11633, CTS11706, CTS12276, CTS12321, CTS1963, CTS2132/PF6176/M658 and other 138 SNPs
R-M417 From subclade R-M417 deleted SNP PAGE7 and added SNPs CTS4259/PF6186/M683, CTS9510, F3398/PF7532, F3551/PF6231, M618/CTS1340/PF6157, M637/PF6165, M649/PF6169 and other 12 SNPs
R-L664 At subclade R-L664 added SNP YP708
R-S2858 Subclade R-S2857 renamed to R-S2858
R-YP356* New sample YF01858 in subclade R-YP356*
R-YP943 Subclade R-YP943 added to R-S2857 with SNPs YP943, YP944, YP945, YP946, YP947, YP948, YP949, YP950
R-YP431 New sample YF02064 in subclade R-YP431
R-YP282 At subclade R-YP282 added SNP YP686
R-S3487 Subclade R-S3487 added to R-S3477 with SNPs S3473, S3480, S3487/CTS7514, S3499, YP678, YP679, YP680, YP681, Z2035
R-YP541 At subclade R-YP541 added SNP YP568
R-YP942 Subclade R-YP942 added to R-S3477 with SNP YP942
R-Y2604 At subclade R-Y2604 added SNP Y2604
R-L1029* New sample YF02096 in subclade R-L1029*
R-YP418* New sample YF01999 in subclade R-YP418*
R-YP418* New sample YF02030 in subclade R-YP418*
R-YP728 New sample YF02097 in subclade R-YP728
R-YP728 Subclade R-YP728 added to R-YP418 with SNP YP728
R-YP729 Subclade R-YP729 added to R-YP443 with SNP YP729
R-YP870 Subclade R-YP870 added to R-Y4135 with SNP YP870
R-YP654 New sample YF02032 in subclade R-YP654
R-YP694 Subclade R-P98 renamed to R-YP694 and added SNPs YP695, YP694, YP697, YP696, YP699, YP698, YP718 and other 13 SNPs
R-CTS4179* New sample YF02036 in subclade R-CTS4179*
R-CTS3390 From subclade R-CTS3390 deleted SNP CTS847 and added SNPs YP704, YP705
R-YP706 Subclade R-YP706 added to R-CTS3390 with SNP YP706
R-YP386* New sample YF02024 in subclade R-YP386*
R-YP618 New sample YF01907 in subclade R-YP618
R-YP618 New sample YF02001 in subclade R-YP618
R-S6842 At subclade R-S6842 added SNP YP693
R-S6842* New sample YF01996 in subclade R-S6842*
R-S7759 Subclade R-S6842 renamed to R-S7759
R-CTS4027 New sample YF01993 in subclade R-CTS4027
R-CTS737 From subclade R-CTS737 deleted SNP CTS737
R-YP401* New sample YF02066 in subclade R-YP401*
R-YP722 Subclade R-YP722 added to R-YP401 with SNPs YP722, YP723, YP724, YP725, YP726
R-Y2609 At subclade R-Y2609 added SNPs Y2607, Y2616
R-Y2608* New sample YF02015 in subclade R-Y2608*
R-L1280 At subclade R-L1280 added SNPs FGC11540/Y6071, FGC11548/Y6072, FGC11556/Y6070
R-YP315 Subclade R-S18681 renamed to R-YP315
R-Y2910* New sample YF02083 in subclade R-Y2910*
R-Y3219 At subclade R-Y3219 added SNP Y3222
R-Y3219* New sample YF02060 in subclade R-Y3219*
R-Y3220 From subclade R-Y3220 deleted SNP Y3222
R-YP269 New sample YF02009 in subclade R-YP269
R-YP940 Subclade R-YP940 added to R-YP389 as parent of R-F2686 with SNPs YP940, YP941
R-YP677 From subclade R-YP677 deleted SNP S799 and added SNP YP869
R-YP677 New sample YF02005 in subclade R-YP677
R-P278.2 At subclade R-P278.2 added SNPs CTS10301, Y6659, Y6660, Y6661, Y6662, Y6663, Y6664, Y6665, Y6666, YP727
R-P278.2 New sample YF02104 in subclade R-P278.2
R-YP371* New sample YF01997 in subclade R-YP371*
R-YP372 At subclade R-YP372 added SNPs Y5158, Y6073
R-YP469 At subclade R-YP469 added SNP YP707
R-YP682 At subclade R-YP682 added SNP Y5570
R-YP682* New sample YF02041 in subclade R-YP682*
R-YP685 At subclade R-YP685 added SNPs Y5569, Y5571, Y5574, Y5575
R-YP685 New sample YF01982 in subclade R-YP685
R-CTS4648 From subclade R-CTS4648 deleted SNP CTS654
R-Z93* New sample YF01991 in subclade R-Z93*
R-YP615 At subclade R-YP615 added SNPs Y5972, YP667, YP668, YP669
R-YP615 New sample YF01977 in subclade R-YP615
R-Y5992 Subclade R-Y5992 added to R-Y934 as parent of R-Y5977 with SNPs Y5981, Y5992, Y5995
R-Y5977 New sample YF02105 in subclade R-Y5977
R-Y5977 Subclade R-Y5977 added to R-Y5992 with SNPs Y5977, Y5978, Y5979, Y5980, Y5982, Y5983, Y5984 and other 6 SNPs
R-YP450 Subclade R-YP449 renamed to R-YP450
R1b1 From subclade R1b1 deleted SNP PF6531/L389
R1b1a2a1a1b* New sample YF02021 in subclade R1b1a2a1a1b*
R-L257 At subclade R-L257 added SNPs Z8186, Z8187, Z8188, Z8189, Z8190/S5741, Z8191
R1b1a2a1a1c1a New sample YF02123 in subclade R1b1a2a1a1c1a
R1b1a2a1a1c1a1a At subclade R1b1a2a1a1c1a1a added SNP L128/PF3499
R1b1a2a1a1c2a At subclade R1b1a2a1a1c2a added SNPs Y5975, Y5976
R1b1a2a1a1c2a New sample YF01980 in subclade R1b1a2a1a1c2a
R-Y6451 New sample YF02084 in subclade R-Y6451
R-Y6451 Subclade R-Y6451 added to R-S3249 with SNPs FGC17297/Y6459, Y6451, Y6452, Y6453, Y6454, Y6455, Y6457 and other 5 SNPs
R1b1a2a1a1c2b2a1* New sample YF02019 in subclade R1b1a2a1a1c2b2a1*
R-Z12 Subclade R1b1a2a1a1c2b2a1a1a1 renamed to R-Z12
R-L148 Subclade R1b1a2a1a1c2b2a1a1a1a renamed to R-L148
R-Y6598 New sample YF02095 in subclade R-Y6598
R-Y6598 Subclade R-Y6598 added to R-Z12 with SNPs CTS10742, Y6598
R1b1a2a1a1c2b2b1a At subclade R1b1a2a1a1c2b2b1a added SNP Y1410
R-S21728 New sample YF02113 in subclade R-S21728
R-S21728 Subclade R-S21728 added to R1b1a2a1a1c2b2b1a with SNPs S11136, S21728, S23955, Y6669
R-Z325 From subclade R-Z324 deleted SNP Z324
R-Z325 From subclade R-Z325 deleted SNP Y1410
R-Z325 Parent of subclades R-Z5052, R-Z81 changed to R-Z325 and added SNP Z324
R-Z5052 Parent of subclades R-Z5052, R-Z81 changed to R-Z325 and added SNP Z324
R-Z81 Parent of subclades R-Z5052, R-Z81 changed to R-Z325 and added SNP Z324
R1b1a2a1a2 New sample YF02010 in subclade R1b1a2a1a2
R1b1a2a1a2 New sample YF02078 in subclade R1b1a2a1a2
R-SRY2627 New sample YF02075 in subclade R-SRY2627
R-Z216 Subclade R1b1a2a1a2a1a1 renamed to R-Z216 and deleted SNP Z218
R-Z297 New sample YF02094 in subclade R-Z297
R-Z297 Subclade R-Z278 renamed to R-Z297
R-Z278 At subclade R-Z278 added SNP Z218
R-Z214 Subclade R1b1a2a1a2a1a1a renamed to R-Z214
R-M153 Subclade R1b1a2a1a2a1a1a1 renamed to R-M153
R-Z1909 At subclade R-Z1909 added SNPs S10708, Y6792
R-Y6789 Subclade R-Y6789 added to R-Z1909 with SNPs S20363, Y6789, Y6790, Y6791
R-S7404 Subclade R-S7404 added to R-CTS9490 with SNP S7404/CTS7970
R-Z36* New sample YF02052 in subclade R-Z36*
R1b1a2a1a2c At subclade R1b1a2a1a2c added SNP Z260
R-CTS2457.2 Subclade R1b1a2a1a2c1m renamed to R-CTS2457.2
R-Z4486 Subclade R-Z4486 added to R-A40 with SNP Z4486
R-L744 At subclade R-L744 added SNP Y6097
R-L744* New sample YF01975 in subclade R-L744*
R-L744* New sample YF02025 in subclade R-L744*
R-L744* New sample YF02086 in subclade R-L744*
R-S781 New sample YF02080 in subclade R-S781
R-S781 Subclade R-S781 added to R-L744 with SNP S781
R-CTS3087 From subclade R-CTS3087 deleted SNP S8129/CTS750
R-L706.2 Subclade R1b1a2a1a2c1b3 renamed to R-L706.2
R-L705.2 Subclade R1b1a2a1a2c1b3a renamed to R-L705.2
R-DF21 Subclade R1b1a2a1a2c1g renamed to R-DF21
R-S3058 Subclade R1b1a2a1a2c1g4 renamed to R-S3058
R-S424 Subclade R1b1a2a1a2c1g4a renamed to R-S424
R-S190 Subclade R1b1a2a1a2c1g4a1 renamed to R-S190
R-S425 Subclade R1b1a2a1a2c1g4a1a renamed to R-S425
R-Z246 Subclade R1b1a2a1a2c1g2 renamed to R-Z246
R-DF25 Subclade R1b1a2a1a2c1g2a renamed to R-DF25
R-DF5 Subclade R1b1a2a1a2c1g2a1 renamed to R-DF5
R-CTS3655 Subclade R1b1a2a1a2c1g2a1b renamed to R-CTS3655
R-L627 Subclade R1b1a2a1a2c1g2a1b1 renamed to R-L627
R-L1402 Subclade R1b1a2a1a2c1g2a1c renamed to R-L1402
R-L658 Subclade R1b1a2a1a2c1g2a1a renamed to R-L658
R-DF49 Subclade R1b1a2a1a2c1a renamed to R-DF49
R-DF23 New sample YF01984 in subclade R-DF23
R-DF23 Subclade R1b1a2a1a2c1a1 renamed to R-DF23
R-Z2961 Subclade R1b1a2a1a2c1a1a renamed to R-Z2961
R-M222 New sample YF01992 in subclade R-M222
R-M222 New sample YF02013 in subclade R-M222
R-M222 Subclade R1b1a2a1a2c1a1a1 renamed to R-M222
R-DF85 Subclade R1b1a2a1a2c1a1a1a renamed to R-DF85
R-S588 New sample YF02065 in subclade R-S588
R-L1335 Subclade R1b1a2a1a2c1k renamed to R-L1335
R-L1065 Subclade R1b1a2a1a2c1k1 renamed to R-L1065
R-Y6668 New sample YF02112 in subclade R-Y6668
R-Y6668 New sample YF02120 in subclade R-Y6668
R-Y6668 Subclade R-Y6668 added to R-S744 with SNPs CTS4931, Y6668
R-Y5739 New sample YF01948 in subclade R-Y5739
R-Y5739 Subclade R-Y5739 added to R-L1065 with SNPs Y5739, Y5740, Y5741, Y5742
R-L195 Subclade R1b1a2a1a2c1d renamed to R-L195
R-L371 Subclade R1b1a2a1a2c1h renamed to R-L371
R-L679 Subclade R1b1a2a1a2c1n renamed to R-L679
R-L96 Subclade R1b1a2a1a2c1c renamed to R-L96
R-CTS4466 Subclade R1b1a2a1a2c1l1 deleted from R1b1a2a1a2c1l
R-CTS4466 Subclade R1b1a2a1a2c1l renamed to R-CTS4466 and added SNPs A149, A114
R-Y6238 Subclade R-Y6238 added to R-A115 as parent of R-A159 with SNP Y6238
R-A159 Subclade R-A159 added to R-Y6238 with SNP A159
R-Z251 Subclade R1b1a2a1a2c1j renamed to R-Z251
R-Y5833 Subclade R-Y5833 added to R-Z251 as parent of R-L555 with SNP Y5833
R-L555 New sample YF01964 in subclade R-L555
R-L555 New sample YF01966 in subclade R-L555
R-L555 Subclade R1b1a2a1a2c1j1 renamed to R-L555 and added SNPs Y5810, Y5815, Y5816, S20749, Y5819, Y5832, Y5830 and other 14 SNPs
R-PF4217 New sample YF01965 in subclade R-PF4217
R-PF4217 Subclade R-PF4217 added to R-L555 with SNPs M9609, PF4217
R-Z253 Subclade R1b1a2a1a2c1f renamed to R-Z253
R-Z14282 Subclade R1b1a2a1a2c1f3 renamed to R-Z14282
R-Z2534 Subclade R1b1a2a1a2c1f2 renamed to R-Z2534
R-Z2185 At subclade R-Z2185 added SNP Y6066
R-CTS9881 At subclade R-CTS9881 added SNPs Y6061, Y6062, Y6063, Y6064, Y6065, Y6067, Y6068, Y6069
R-CTS9881* New sample YF02004 in subclade R-CTS9881*
R-Z255 Subclade R1b1a2a1a2c1e renamed to R-Z255 and added SNPs Y5759, Y5758, Y5760
R-L159.2 New sample YF01960 in subclade R-L159.2
R-L159.2 Subclade R1b1a2a1a2c1e1 renamed to R-L159.2
R-S4268 At subclade R-S4268 added SNPs Y6234, Y6235, Y6236, Y6237
R-L644 Subclade R1b1a2a1a2e1a renamed to R-L644
R-Z2111* New sample YF01968 in subclade R-Z2111*
R-CTS1450* New sample YF01987 in subclade R-CTS1450*
R-Y5587 Parent of subclade R-Y5586 changed from R-CTS1450 to R-Y5587
R-Y5587 Subclade R-Y5586 renamed to R-Y5587
R-Y5587* New sample YF02119 in subclade R-Y5587*
R-Y5586 Parent of subclade R-Y5586 changed from R-CTS1450 to R-Y5587