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A1a At subclade A1a added SNP Y8509
BT At subclade BT added SNPs Y8487, Y8488, Y8489
B At subclade B added SNPs Y8485, Y8486
E-Z1180 New sample YF02351 in subclade E-Z1180
E-L793 Subclade E-L793 added to E-Y2947 with SNP L793
G2a2b2a1c1a New sample YF02358 in subclade G2a2b2a1c1a
H1 At subclade H1 added SNP Y8582
H1a At subclade H1a added SNPs Y8583, Y8584, Y8585, Y8586, Y8587, Y8588, Y8589 and other 3 SNPs
H1a1d2 At subclade H1a1d2 added SNP Y8596
H1a1d2c1 At subclade H1a1d2c1 added SNP Y8597
H3 At subclade H3 added SNP Y6718
I-A393 New sample YF02338 in subclade I-A393
I-L22* New sample YF02335 in subclade I-L22*
I-Y7655 New sample YF02378 in subclade I-Y7655
I-Y4734* New sample YF02322 in subclade I-Y4734*
I-Y4734* New sample YF02344 in subclade I-Y4734*
I-Y8598 Subclade I-Y8598 added to I-L258 with SNP Y8598
I-Y5474 New sample YF02365 in subclade I-Y5474
I-A288 At subclade I-A288 added SNPs Y8429, Y8430, Y8431, Y8432, Y8433, Y8434
I-A288 New sample YF02321 in subclade I-A288
I-L573* New sample YF02324 in subclade I-L573*
I-A379 At subclade I-A379 added SNP Y8491
I-A379 New sample YF02339 in subclade I-A379
I-Y7658 Subclade I-Y7658 added to I-Y5448 with SNP Y7658
I-S2122 At subclade I-S2122 added SNP Y7654
I-S2122 New sample YF02380 in subclade I-S2122
I-YP1081 New sample YF02369 in subclade I-YP1081
I-A376* New sample YF02291 in subclade I-A376*
I-Y7231 New sample YF02302 in subclade I-Y7231
I-Y7663 At subclade I-Y7663 added SNPs Y8463, Y8464, Y8465, Y8466, Y8467, Y8468, Y8469, Y8470, Y8471, Y8472, Y8473
I-Y7663 New sample YF02326 in subclade I-Y7663
I-Y7059* New sample YF02366 in subclade I-Y7059*
I-Y7059* New sample YF02367 in subclade I-Y7059*
I-L699 At subclade I-L699 added SNP Y8551
I-L704 At subclade I-L704 added SNPs Y8539, Y8540, Y8541, Y8542, Y8543, Y8544, Y8545 and other 32 SNPs
I-CTS8584* New sample YF02336 in subclade I-CTS8584*
I-Y7682 New sample YF02359 in subclade I-Y7682
I-Y7273 At subclade I-Y7273 added SNPs Y8702, Y8703, Y8704
I-Y7668 New sample YF02286 in subclade I-Y7668
I-Y7426 Subclade I-Y7154 renamed to I-Y7426
I-Y4751 At subclade I-Y4751 added SNP Y8701
I-Y4751* New sample YF02374 in subclade I-Y4751*
I-Y8599 Subclade I-Y8599 added to I-Y4750 with SNPs Y8599, Y8600, Y8601, Y8602
I-Y7244* New sample YF02316 in subclade I-Y7244*
J1a2b2 From subclade J1a2b2 deleted SNPs CTS11741/PF4847, L147.1/L147.3/L147.4/L147.2/L147.5/L147.6/L147.7/L147.8/PF4883/L147
J1a2b2 Subclade J1a2b2a1 deleted from J1a2b2a
J1a2b2 Subclade J1a2b2a deleted from J1a2b2
J1a2b2* New sample YF02485 in subclade J1a2b2*
J-Z2317 Subclade J1a2b2 renamed to J-Z2317
J-Y8537 New sample YF02354 in subclade J-Y8537
J-Y8537 Subclade J-Y8537 added to J-Y5320 with SNPs Y8537, Y8538
J-M47 At subclade J-M47 added SNPs Y8497, Y8498, Y8499, Y8500, Y8501, Y8502, Y8503 and other 28 SNPs
T-Y6409 At subclade T-Y6409 added SNP Y8492
T-Y6409* New sample YF02340 in subclade T-Y6409*
T-Y8699 New sample YF02362 in subclade T-Y8699
T-Y8699 Subclade T-Y8699 added to T-Y6409 with SNP Y8699
T-Y3781 From subclade T-Y3781 deleted SNP CTS10368
T-Y3782 Subclade T-Y3781 renamed to T-Y3782
T1a3 At subclade T1a3 added SNPs CTS5470/S4412, CTS9741, M1690, Y8608, Y8609, Y8610, Y8611 and other 83 SNPs
T-Y8694 Subclade T-Y8694 added to T1a3 with SNPs Y65/Z3292, Y8694
T-Y7393* New sample YF02309 in subclade T-Y7393*
N-L1022* New sample YF02334 in subclade N-L1022*
N-Y7795 New sample YF02342 in subclade N-Y7795
N-Z4786* New sample YF02355 in subclade N-Z4786*
N-L666 At subclade N-L666 added SNP Y8493
N-P43 At subclade N-P43 added SNPs Y8494, Y8495
Q-YP1010 New sample YF02331 in subclade Q-YP1010
Q-L804* New sample YF02368 in subclade Q-L804*
Q-Y4929 New sample YF02375 in subclade Q-Y4929
R-S2859 From subclade R-S2852 deleted SNPs S2852, S2855, S2866
R-S2859 Parent of subclade R-YP621 changed from R-S2852 to R-S2859 and added SNPs S2852, S2855, S2866
R-YP621 Parent of subclade R-YP621 changed from R-S2852 to R-S2859 and added SNPs S2852, S2855, S2866
R-YP358 At subclade R-YP358 added SNP FGC19057
R-YP360 At subclade R-YP360 added SNP Y8496
R-YP360* New sample YF02346 in subclade R-YP360*
R-YP431 At subclade R-YP431 added SNP Y6372
R-S3477 From subclade R-S3477 deleted SNP Z2034/CTS10927 and added SNP S23297
R-YP1129 Subclade R-YP1129 added to R-YP942 with SNPs YP1129, YP1130, YP1131, YP1132, YP1133, YP1134
R-YP1013 New sample YF02360 in subclade R-YP1013
R-YP593 At subclade R-YP593 added SNP YP1135
R-YP1136 Subclade R-YP1136 added to R-YP593 with SNP YP1136
R-YP515 From subclade R-YP515 deleted SNP M6092 and added SNPs Y8605, Y8606, Y8607
R-YP704 At subclade R-YP704 added SNPs CTS3390/S3443, CTS3802/S4442
R-S3446 Subclade R-S3447 renamed to R-S3446 and added SNP CTS5851/S3446
R-YP1120 Subclade R-YP1120 added to R-YP355 with SNPs YP1120, YP1121, YP1122
R-S7759 New sample YF02329 in subclade R-S7759
R-CTS8746 At subclade R-CTS8746 added SNP Y8700
R-S5730 New sample YF02370 in subclade R-S5730
R-S5730 Subclade R-S5730 added to R-CTS8746 with SNP S5730
R-S6241 Subclade R-S6241 added to R-CTS8277 with SNP S6241
R-Z281 Subclade R-Z87 renamed to R-Z281
R-S5096 Subclade R-CTS3421 renamed to R-S5096 and added SNP S5096
R-YP968 At subclade R-YP968 added SNP Y8490
R-YP968 New sample YF02337 in subclade R-YP968
R-YP1112 Subclade R-YP1112 added to R-YP578 with SNPs YP1112, YP1113, YP1114, YP1115, YP1116, YP1117, YP1118, YP1119
R-YP343 At subclade R-YP343 added SNP Y4018
R-YP340 From subclade R-YP340 deleted SNP Y4018
R-YP371* New sample YF02323 in subclade R-YP371*
R-YP350 From subclade R-YP1099 deleted SNP YP1099 and added SNP YP1099
R-M12280 Subclade R-M12280 added to R-YP413 with SNPs M12280, YP1123, YP1124, YP1125, YP1126, YP1127, YP1128
R-Y5977 At subclade R-Y5977 added SNP Y8705
R-YP451* New sample YF02327 in subclade R-YP451*
R1b1c At subclade R1b1c added SNPs Y8444, Y8445, Y8446, Y8447, Y8448, Y8449, Y8450 and other 9 SNPs
R-Y7771 Subclade R1b1c renamed to R-Y7771
R-Y7771* New sample YF02325 in subclade R-Y7771*
R1b1c3 New sample YF02333 in subclade R1b1c3
R1b1a2a1a1b At subclade R1b1a2a1a1b added SNP Z8183
R-CTS5533 Subclade R-CTS5533 added to R-S3207 with SNP CTS5533
R1b1a2a1a1c1a1 At subclade R1b1a2a1a1c1a1 added SNPs CTS7658, S18823
R1b1a2a1a1c1a2 At subclade R1b1a2a1a1c1a2 added SNP S1785
R1b1a2a1a1c1a2a At subclade R1b1a2a1a1c1a2a added SNPs S11515, S11895, S1812
R1b1a2a1a1c2a At subclade R1b1a2a1a1c2a added SNPs DF89, S15627, S1684, S1688, S1690
R-Y676 From subclade R-Y676 deleted SNP S1718
R-Y8604 Subclade R-Y8604 added to R-Y676 with SNP Y8604
R-Y7369 At subclade R-Y7369 added SNPs S8958, V1061
R-Y3443 At subclade R-Y3443 added SNP A279
R1b1a2a1a2 New sample YF02376 in subclade R1b1a2a1a2
R-CTS3555 At subclade R-CTS3555 added SNPs Y8474, Y8475
R-Y7729 At subclade R-Y7729 added SNPs Y8476, Y8477, Y8478, Y8479, Y8480, Y8481, Y8482, Y8483, Y8484
R-Y7729 New sample YF02328 in subclade R-Y7729
R1b1a2a1a2a1a* New sample YF02348 in subclade R1b1a2a1a2a1a*
R-Z419 New sample YF02361 in subclade R-Z419
R-PF6577 New sample YF02345 in subclade R-PF6577
R1b1a2a1a2c Parent of subclade R1b1a2a1a2c1 changed from R-Z2542 to R1b1a2a1a2c and deleted SNP CTS8221/Z2542
R1b1a2a1a2c1 At subclade R1b1a2a1a2c1 added SNP CTS8221/Z2542
R1b1a2a1a2c1 Parent of subclade R1b1a2a1a2c1 changed from R-Z2542 to R1b1a2a1a2c and deleted SNP CTS8221/Z2542
R-A40 At subclade R-A40 added SNPs Y8426, Y8427, Y8428
R-Y2841* New sample YF02349 in subclade R-Y2841*
R-S588* New sample YF02347 in subclade R-S588*
R-S764* New sample YF02350 in subclade R-S764*
R-CTS4296 At subclade R-CTS4296 added SNP Y8603
R-Z2189 Parent of subclade R-DF73 changed from R-Z2534 to R-Z2189
R-Z2189 Subclade R-DF73 renamed to R-Z2189
R-DF73 Parent of subclade R-DF73 changed from R-Z2534 to R-Z2189
R1b1a2a1a2f* New sample YF02364 in subclade R1b1a2a1a2f*