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A00 At subclade A00 added SNPs FGC27275, PF5071, S22304, S24844, S6863, Z10220/V1233.1
A0 At subclade A0 added SNP Y1477
D From subclade D deleted SNPs CTS11577, CTS9290, F2285, F2417, Y15417, Z3684
D-F1612* New sample YF03778 in subclade D-F1612*
D-F2417 Subclade D-F2417 added to D-F1612 as parent of D3, D-M55 with SNPs CTS11577, CTS9290, F2285, F2417
D-M55 At subclade D-M55 added SNP Z3684
E1a1 New sample YF03653 in subclade E1a1
E-V6 Subclade E1b1b1c renamed to E-V6
E-V92 Subclade E1b1b1d renamed to E-V92
E-V68 Subclade E1b1b1a renamed to E-V68
E-M78 Subclade E1b1b1a1 renamed to E-M78
E-M521 Subclade E1b1b1a1c renamed to E-M521
E-Z1902 Subclade E1b1b1a1a renamed to E-Z1902
E-V65 Subclade E1b1b1a1a2 renamed to E-V65
E-V12 Subclade E1b1b1a1a1 renamed to E-V12
E-V32 Subclade E1b1b1a1a1b renamed to E-V32
E-Z1919 Subclade E1b1b1a1b renamed to E-Z1919
E-L677 Subclade E1b1b1a1b2a deleted from E1b1b1a1b2
E-L677 Subclade E1b1b1a1b2b deleted from E1b1b1a1b2
E-L677 Subclade E1b1b1a1b2c deleted from E1b1b1a1b2
E-L677 Subclade E1b1b1a1b2 renamed to E-L677
E-V13 New sample YF03732 in subclade E-V13
E-S26015* New sample YF03763 in subclade E-S26015*
E-Y13926 At subclade E-Y13926 added SNP Y16263
E-Y16160 New sample YF03704 in subclade E-Y16160
E-Y16160 Subclade E-Y16160 added to E-Y15156 with SNPs FGC11446, FGC11447, M6392, Y16160, Y16262, Y16264, Y16265 and other 4 SNPs
E-Z827 Subclade E1b1b1b renamed to E-Z827
E-L19 Subclade E1b1b1b1 renamed to E-L19
E-Z829 Subclade E1b1b1b2 renamed to E-Z829
E-Z1259 Subclade E-Z1274 renamed to E-Z1259
E-Z1259* New sample YF03744 in subclade E-Z1259*
E-Y16161 New sample YF03746 in subclade E-Y16161
E-Y16161 Subclade E-Y16161 added to E-Y4970 with SNPs GG201, Y16161, Y16162, Y16163, Y16164, Y16165, Y16166 and other 12 SNPs
E-Y16159 New sample YF03738 in subclade E-Y16159
E-Y16159 Subclade E-Y16159 added to E-M4254 with SNPs FGC24064, FGC24065, FGC24066, FGC24067, FGC24069, FGC24070, FGC24071 and other 2 SNPs
C-Y15550 New sample YF03515 in subclade C-Y15550
C-Y15849 New sample YF03516 in subclade C-Y15849
G-Y12975 At subclade G-Y12975 added SNP FGC32420
G-Y14600 New sample YF03699 in subclade G-Y14600
G-Y16169 New sample YF03777 in subclade G-Y16169
G-Y16169 Subclade G-Y16169 added to G-Y15861 with SNP Y16169
G2a2a From subclade G2a2a deleted SNP FGC2270/Y1772
H1a At subclade H1a added SNP Z4232/M2848
I-Y7059 At subclade I-Y7059 added SNP Y16258
I-Y7067 Parent of subclade I-Y7065 changed from I-Y7059 to I-Y7067
I-Y7067 Subclade I-Y7065 renamed to I-Y7067
I-Y7067* New sample YF03726 in subclade I-Y7067*
I-Y7065 Parent of subclade I-Y7065 changed from I-Y7059 to I-Y7067
I-S2077* New sample YF03716 in subclade I-S2077*
I-Y7626* New sample YF03775 in subclade I-Y7626*
I-Y7627 Subclade I-Y7626 renamed to I-Y7627
I-L1237 At subclade I-L1237 added SNP Y16259
I-Y6612* New sample YF03727 in subclade I-Y6612*
I-Y16260 New sample YF03729 in subclade I-Y16260
I-Y16260 Subclade I-Y16260 added to I-Y6612 with SNP Y16260
I-Y3866* New sample YF03705 in subclade I-Y3866*
I-Y15031 New sample YF03764 in subclade I-Y15031
I-FGC22045 Subclade I-Y15578 renamed to I-FGC22045
I-Y8598 At subclade I-Y8598 added SNP Y16173
I-Y16174 New sample YF03703 in subclade I-Y16174
I-Y16174 Subclade I-Y16174 added to I-Y8598 with SNPs Y16174, Y16254, Y16255, Y16256
I-Y16170 New sample YF03767 in subclade I-Y16170
I-Y16170 Subclade I-Y16170 added to I-Y12541 with SNPs CTS2832, Y16170, Y16171, Y16172, Y16342, Y16343, Y16344 and other 6 SNPs
I-Y13389* New sample YF03787 in subclade I-Y13389*
I-Y10990 Parent of subclade I-Y8954 changed from I-Z133 to I-Y10990
I-Y10990 Subclade I-Y8954 renamed to I-Y10990
I-Y10990* New sample YF03712 in subclade I-Y10990*
I-Y8954 Parent of subclade I-Y8954 changed from I-Z133 to I-Y10990
I-A1790 New sample YF03784 in subclade I-A1790
I-A1790 Subclade I-A1790 added to I-A375 with SNPs A1790, A1791, A1794
I-S1972 From subclade I-S1972 deleted SNP Y8338
I-A376 At subclade I-A376 added SNP Y8338
I-CTS9352 From subclade I-CTS9352 deleted SNP Y2926
I-L573 From subclade I-L573 deleted SNP PF5049
I-A379* New sample YF03785 in subclade I-A379*
I-A381 Subclade I-A379 renamed to I-A381
I-Z73 At subclade I-Z73 added SNP Y2926
I-Y16175 New sample YF03750 in subclade I-Y16175
I-Y16175 Subclade I-Y16175 added to I-Z2900 with SNP Y16175
I-CTS4002 Subclade I-Y3110 renamed to I-CTS4002
I-CTS10228 Subclade I-Y3111 renamed to I-CTS10228
I-S8201 Subclade I-Y8942 renamed to I-S8201
I-Z2069 Subclade I-Y3681 renamed to I-Z2069
I-Z2068 Subclade I-Y3672 renamed to I-Z2068
I-Y5996 From subclade I-Y5996 deleted SNP Z16327/Y6027
I-A427 Subclade I-Y4886 renamed to I-A427
I-L1290 At subclade I-L1290 added SNP Y14200
I-L1290* New sample YF03741 in subclade I-L1290*
I-Y6639 Subclade I-L1290 renamed to I-Y6639
I-Y8830 From subclade I-Y8830 deleted SNP Y14200
I-CTS1858* New sample YF03760 in subclade I-CTS1858*
J-M10096 From subclade J-M10096 deleted SNP ZS5067/FGC28386/BY247/Y6586
J-Y14643* New sample YF03617 in subclade J-Y14643*
J-ZS6861 New sample YF03751 in subclade J-ZS6861
J-ZS6861 Subclade J-ZS6861 added to J-Y13964 with SNPs ZS6861, ZS6862
J-FGC14302 New sample YF03755 in subclade J-FGC14302
J-FGC14302 Subclade J-FGC14302 added to J-Y13964 with SNP FGC14302
J-Y16181 New sample YF03757 in subclade J-Y16181
J-Y16181 Subclade J-Y16181 added to J-Y8965 with SNPs Y16181, Y16182, Y16183, Y16184, Y16185
J-Y15612 New sample YF03725 in subclade J-Y15612
J-PH1751 Subclade J-PH1751 added to J-Z1296 with SNPs PH1084, PH1751, PH2202, PH2618, PH2967, PH3120, PH3168 and other 8 SNPs
J-PH1553 Subclade J-PH1553 added to J-Z1043 with SNPs PH1553, PH1656, PH1864, PH2264, PH2579, PH3746
J-M410 Subclade J2a renamed to J-M410
J-L581 Subclade J2a2 renamed to J-L581
J-P279 Subclade J2a2a renamed to J-P279
J-M340 Subclade J2a2a1 renamed to J-M340
J-CTS2907 From subclade J-CTS2907 deleted SNP CTS2907/M665
J-L26 Subclade J2a1 renamed to J-L26
J-M339 Subclade J2a1e renamed to J-M339
J-M419 Subclade J2a1f renamed to J-M419
J-P81 Subclade J2a1g renamed to J-P81
J-L198 Subclade J2a1i renamed to J-L198
J-YP1105 Subclade J-YP1105 added to J-PF5171 as parent of J-L1064 with SNP FGC4634/YP1105
J-L24 Subclade J2a1h renamed to J-L24
J-M158 Subclade J2a1h1 renamed to J-M158
J-L25 Subclade J2a1h2 renamed to J-L25
J-L243 Subclade J2a1h2b renamed to J-L243
J-L254 Subclade J2a1h2c renamed to J-L254
J-Z438 From subclade J-Z438 deleted SNPs CTS359/PF5410, CTS7464/PF5432, FGC2834/Z8120/S18787, PF5425, PF5444, Z2139, Z415/PF5424
J-L70 Subclade J-Z387, J2a1h2a1 merged to J-L70 and added SNPs CTS7464/PF5432, PF5444, Z2139, CTS359/PF5410, FGC2834/Z8120/S18787, PF5425, Z415/PF5424
J-M137 Subclade J2a1h2a1a renamed to J-M137
J-M318 Subclade J2a1h2a1b renamed to J-M318
J-M67 Subclade J2a1b renamed to J-M67
J-Z467 From subclade J-Z467 deleted SNPs CTS4080, Y2366
J-S11842* New sample YF03709 in subclade J-S11842*
J-Y15913 Subclade J-S11842 renamed to J-Y15913 and added SNPs Y16177, FGC21416, FGC21400, FGC21356, FGC21364, FGC21366, FGC21399, FGC21396, FGC21390
J-Y16178 New sample YF03776 in subclade J-Y16178
J-Y16178 Subclade J-Y16178 added to J-Y15913 with SNPs Y16178, Y16354, Y16355, Y16356, Y16357
J-Y16179 New sample YF03752 in subclade J-Y16179
J-Y16179 Subclade J-Y16179 added to J-Y15913 with SNPs FGC21402, FGC21403, FGC21404, FGC21405, FGC21406, FGC21407, FGC21411 and other 14 SNPs
J-L210 At subclade J-L210 added SNP CTS4080
J-Y15222 At subclade J-Y15222 added SNP Y16261
J-Y16180 New sample YF03731 in subclade J-Y16180
J-Y16180 New sample YF03771 in subclade J-Y16180
J-Y16180 Subclade J-Y16180 added to J-Y15238 with SNP Y16180
J-L556 At subclade J-L556 added SNP Y16176
J-Y13511 New sample YF03774 in subclade J-Y13511
L From subclade L deleted SNP M2462
L-M317 At subclade L-M317 added SNPs PH1060, PH1071, PH108, PH1371, PH1379, PH1428, PH1520 and other 99 SNPs
L-M2481 At subclade L-M2481 added SNP M2462
L-Y15955 New sample YF03615 in subclade L-Y15955
T-L206 Subclade T1 renamed to T-L206
T-M70 Subclade T1a renamed to T-M70
T-Y7438* New sample YF03736 in subclade T-Y7438*
T-L162 Subclade T1a1 renamed to T-L162
T-L208 Subclade T1a1a renamed to T-L208
T-Y16244 New sample YF03717 in subclade T-Y16244
T-Y16244 Subclade T-Y16244 added to T-Y4119 with SNPs L416, Y16244, Y16245, Y16246, Y16276, Y16277
T-CTS2214 Subclade T-Y4118 renamed to T-CTS2214
T-Y16247 New sample YF03766 in subclade T-Y16247
T-Y16247 Subclade T-Y16247 added to T-Y9102 with SNPs Y16247, Y16340
T-Y10898 At subclade T-Y10898 added SNP Y16242
T-Y16240 Subclade T-Y16240 added to T-Y10898 with SNPs V1236, Y16240, Y16241, Y16243, Y16279, Y16280, Y16281
T-Z709 Subclade T1a1a1 renamed to T-Z709
T-L906 Parent of subclade T1a1a1a1 changed from T-Z710 to T-L906
T-L906 Subclade T1a1a1a1 renamed to T-L906
T-L906* New sample YF03768 in subclade T-L906*
T1a1a1a1 Parent of subclade T1a1a1a1 changed from T-Z710 to T-L906
N-Y6503 From subclade N-Y6503 deleted SNP ZS5067/FGC28386/BY247/Y6586
N-Y16219 New sample YF03512 in subclade N-Y16219
N-Y16219 New sample YF03748 in subclade N-Y16219
N-Y16219 Subclade N-Y16219 added to N-L1026 with SNPs F2288, F3271, F4205, F4284, P89.1/P89.2/P89, Y16219, Y16220 and other 22 SNPs
N-Z1933 New sample YF03772 in subclade N-Z1933
N-Y11245 New sample YF03773 in subclade N-Y11245
N-Y4374 New sample YF03724 in subclade N-Y4374
N-Z5893* New sample YF03728 in subclade N-Z5893*
N-Y5003* New sample YF03708 in subclade N-Y5003*
N-A705 New sample YF03761 in subclade N-A705
N-A705 Subclade N-A705 added to N-Y4706 with SNPs A704, A705, A706, A707, A708, A709, A710, A711, A917, A918, Y16339
N-Y4707 Subclade N-Y4702 renamed to N-Y4707
N-Y4705 Subclade N-Y4703 renamed to N-Y4705
N-M2783 Subclade N-M2782 renamed to N-M2783
N-Z17902 Subclade N-Y5580 renamed to N-Z17902
N-Y5582 Subclade N-Y5576 renamed to N-Y5582
O-F140 Parent of subclade O-CTS2458 changed from O-F446 to O-F140
O-F140 Subclade O-CTS2458 renamed to O-F140
O-F140* New sample YF03779 in subclade O-F140*
O-CTS2458 Parent of subclade O-CTS2458 changed from O-F446 to O-F140
O3a2c2 At subclade O3a2c2 added SNPs N6, Z25702, Z25703, Z25704, Z25705, Z25707, Z25715 and other 5 SNPs
O3a2c2* New sample YF03780 in subclade O3a2c2*
O-F2472 Subclade O3a2c2 renamed to O-F2472
Q-L275 At subclade Q-L275 added SNP FGC1837/Y2066
Q-YP755* New sample YF03718 in subclade Q-YP755*
Q-YP754 Subclade Q-YP755 renamed to Q-YP754
Q-M378 From subclade Q-M378 deleted SNP FGC1837/Y2066
Q-L245 From subclade Q-Y2220 deleted SNPs FGC1895/Y2228, FGC1904/Y2220, Y2229, Y2385
Q-L245 Parent of subclades Q-YP745, Q-Y2209 changed to Q-L245 and added SNPs FGC1895/Y2228, FGC1904/Y2220, Y2229, Y2385
Q-YP745 Parent of subclades Q-YP745, Q-Y2209 changed to Q-L245 and added SNPs FGC1895/Y2228, FGC1904/Y2220, Y2229, Y2385
Q-YP1095* New sample YF03745 in subclade Q-YP1095*
Q-YP1096 Subclade Q-YP1095 renamed to Q-YP1096
Q-Y2209 Parent of subclades Q-YP745, Q-Y2209 changed to Q-L245 and added SNPs FGC1895/Y2228, FGC1904/Y2220, Y2229, Y2385
Q-Y2209* New sample YF03677 in subclade Q-Y2209*
Q-L715 At subclade Q-L715 added SNP YP4269
Q-L940 From subclade Q-L940 deleted SNPs A3242/Y4847, FGC2270/Y1772, FGC6816/Y4842, FGC6818/Y4822, FGC6819/Y4793, FGC6821/Y4846, FGC6860/Y2663 and other 99 SNPs
Q-L940* New sample YF03758 in subclade Q-L940*
Q-L527 At subclade Q-L527 added SNPs A3242/Y4847, FGC6816/Y4842, FGC6818/Y4822, FGC6819/Y4793, FGC6821/Y4846, FGC6860/Y2663, FGC6861/Y2689 and other 98 SNPs
Q-JN15 New sample YF03666 in subclade Q-JN15
Q-CTS1002 At subclade Q-CTS1002 added SNPs CTS11445, Y16253, Y16336, Y16337, Y16338, Z19542, Z19543, Z19546
Q-CTS1002* New sample YF03756 in subclade Q-CTS1002*
Q-Z770 Subclade Q-CTS1002 renamed to Q-Z770
R1a From subclade R1a deleted SNPs CTS2132/PF6176/M658, CTS6423, Y1432, Z2467
R-YP4131 At subclade R-YP4131 added SNPs YP4290, YP4291, YP4292, YP4293, YP4294
R-M459 At subclade R-M459 added SNPs CTS2132/PF6176/M658, Y1432
R-M417 From subclade R-M417 deleted SNP Y221/M808 and added SNP CTS6423
R-YP432 Parent of subclade R-YP431 changed from R-S2880 to R-YP432
R-YP432 Subclade R-YP431 renamed to R-YP432
R-YP432* New sample YF03721 in subclade R-YP432*
R-YP431 Parent of subclade R-YP431 changed from R-S2880 to R-YP432
R-YP1456* New sample YF03517 in subclade R-YP1456*
R-YP1548 Subclade R-YP1541 divided to R-YP1548, R-YP1542
R-YP1542 Subclade R-YP1541 divided to R-YP1548, R-YP1542
R-Y16235 New sample YF03715 in subclade R-Y16235
R-Y16235 Subclade R-Y16235 added to R-YP1364 with SNPs Y16235, Y16236, Y16237, Y16238, Y16272, Y16273, Y16274
R-YP4289 Subclade R-YP4289 added to R-YP1703 with SNP YP4289
R-YP263 Parent of subclade R-Y2921 changed from R-FGC1234 to R-YP263 and deleted SNP FGC2623/Y2912
R-Y2921 At subclade R-Y2921 added SNP FGC2623/Y2912
R-Y2921 Parent of subclade R-Y2921 changed from R-FGC1234 to R-YP263 and deleted SNP FGC2623/Y2912
R-YP1368 At subclade R-YP1368 added SNPs Y16239, Y16257
R-YP4121 New sample YF03720 in subclade R-YP4121
R-YP4248 At subclade R-YP4248 added SNPs Y16296, YP3936, YP3938
R-YP4248 New sample YF03739 in subclade R-YP4248
R-YP983* New sample YF03697 in subclade R-YP983*
R-YP4296 Subclade R-YP4296 added to R-YP351 with SNPs YP4296, YP4297, YP4298, YP4299, YP4300, YP4301, YP4302 and other 5 SNPs
R-YP1147 Subclade R-YP1145 renamed to R-YP1147
R-YP4258 At subclade R-YP4258 added SNP YP4288
R-FGC2555 New sample YF03765 in subclade R-FGC2555
R-YP4278 New sample YF03791 in subclade R-YP4278
R-YP4278 Subclade R-YP4278 added to R-Y35 with SNPs Y16234, Y16398, YP4278, YP4279, YP4280, YP4281, YP4282 and other 2 SNPs
R-FGC11555 New sample YF03701 in subclade R-FGC11555
R-YP4270 Subclade R-YP4270 added to R-Y12463 with SNPs YP4270, YP4271, YP4272, YP4273, YP4274, YP4275, YP4276, YP4277
R-Y5973.2 New sample YF03783 in subclade R-Y5973.2
R-Y15982 New sample YF03678 in subclade R-Y15982
R-S1196 New sample YF03782 in subclade R-S1196
R-S1196 Subclade R-S1196 added to R-S14328 with SNPs S1196, S6868
R-L257* New sample YF03769 in subclade R-L257*
R-Z375 Subclade R-L257 divided to R-Z375, R-Z8191
R-Z375* New sample YF03781 in subclade R-Z375*
R-Z8191 Subclade R-L257 divided to R-Z375, R-Z8191
R-CTS2617 At subclade R-CTS2617 added SNP Y16333
R-Y16248 New sample YF03754 in subclade R-Y16248
R-Y16248 Subclade R-Y16248 added to R-CTS2617 with SNPs PH1525, Y16248, Y16249, Y16250, Y16331, Y16332, Y16334, Y16335
R-BY653 New sample YF03788 in subclade R-BY653
R-BY653 Subclade R-BY653 added to R-DF27 with SNPs BY653, Y16358
R-FGC20767 New sample YF03707 in subclade R-FGC20767
R-FGC20767 Subclade R-FGC20767 added to R-V3505 with SNPs FGC20767, FGC20770
R-YP4295 Subclade R-YP4295 added to R-Z2552 with SNP YP4295
R-Y16018 New sample YF03698 in subclade R-Y16018
R-Y12465 At subclade R-Y12465 added SNP FGC30977
R-FGC30968 New sample YF03770 in subclade R-FGC30968
R-FGC30968 Subclade R-FGC30968 added to R-Y12465 with SNPs FGC30964, FGC30966, FGC30968, FGC30973, FGC30980, FGC30982, FGC30986
R-Z292* New sample YF03714 in subclade R-Z292*
R-Y16251 New sample YF03762 in subclade R-Y16251
R-Y16251 Subclade R-Y16251 added to R-L21 with SNPs A5845, Y16251
R-DF13* New sample YF03706 in subclade R-DF13*
R-CTS1751 Subclade R-CTS1751 added to R-DF13 as parent of R-Z17967 with SNP CTS1751/S3666
R-CTS1751* New sample YF03733 in subclade R-CTS1751*
R-Z17967 New sample YF03702 in subclade R-Z17967
R-Z17967 Subclade R-Z17967 added to R-CTS1751 with SNPs Z17967, Z17968, Z17969
R-Y16233 Subclade R-Y16233 added to R-DF13 as parent of R-Y16225 with SNPs MC14, Y16233
R-Y16233* New sample YF03734 in subclade R-Y16233*
R-Y16225 New sample YF03743 in subclade R-Y16225
R-Y16225 Subclade R-Y16225 added to R-Y16233 with SNPs BY246, BY248, BY2696, BY2699, FGC20987, Y16225, Y16226 and other 17 SNPs
R-S9294* New sample YF03753 in subclade R-S9294*
R-A228 At subclade R-A228 added SNPs A232, A240, FGC13909
R-A241 Subclade R-A241 added to R-A228 as parent of R-CTS9686 with SNPs A241, A243, A254, FGC13933
R-CTS9686 New sample YF03722 in subclade R-CTS9686
R-CTS9686 New sample YF03749 in subclade R-CTS9686
R-CTS9686 Subclade R-CTS9686 added to R-A241 with SNP CTS9686
R-S673 Parent of subclade R-DF97 changed from R-DF85 to R-S673
R-S673 Subclade R-DF97 renamed to R-S673
R-S673* New sample YF03759 in subclade R-S673*
R-DF97 Parent of subclade R-DF97 changed from R-DF85 to R-S673
R-S764* New sample YF03710 in subclade R-S764*
R-S764* New sample YF03737 in subclade R-S764*
R-Y16252 New sample YF03711 in subclade R-Y16252
R-Y16252 Subclade R-Y16252 added to R-S764 with SNP Y16252
R-S953 Parent of subclade R-Y9053 changed from R-Z3008 to R-S953
R-S953 Subclade R-Y9053 renamed to R-S953
R-S953* New sample YF03696 in subclade R-S953*
R-Y9053 Parent of subclade R-Y9053 changed from R-Z3008 to R-S953
R-Y16002* New sample YF03790 in subclade R-Y16002*
R-Y16003 Subclade R-Y16002 renamed to R-Y16003
R-CTS5524 Subclade R-CTS5524 added to R-DF5 as parent of R-Y7346 with SNP CTS5524
R-CTS5524* New sample YF03700 in subclade R-CTS5524*
R-DC8 New sample YF03747 in subclade R-DC8
R-DC8 Subclade R-DC8 added to R-L226 with SNPs DC10, DC8, DC9
R-CTS2501* New sample YF03730 in subclade R-CTS2501*
R-F1092 Subclade R-F1092 added to R-M479 with SNPs F1092, F1159, F1758, F3604