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A00 At subclade A00 added SNP Z351/S516
A1b1 At subclade A1b1 added SNP M5887
B-M8633 At subclade B-M8633 added SNPs FGC33858, FGC33868, Z23092
B2 From subclade B2 deleted SNPs CTS7957/M6422, M5839, M5902, M5991, M6013, M6164, M6376 and other 9 SNPs and added SNPs SK284/Z11871, Y18029, Y18030, Z11680, Z11739, Z11787, Z11807, Z11819, Z23069
B2b At subclade B2b added SNPs CTS1226/M8542, CTS1850/M8573, CTS2542/M8578, CTS4123/M8590, CTS5797/M8601, CTS5982/M8603, CTS599/M8536 and other 44 SNPs
B2b1 At subclade B2b1 added SNP Y18031
B2a At subclade B2a added SNPs CTS7957/M6422, FGC33873, M5839, M5902, M5991, M6013, M6164 and other 10 SNPs
CT From subclade CT deleted SNPs Y1502, Y1504
E1a2b1 At subclade E1a2b1 added SNP Z15075
E1b1b At subclade E1b1b added SNP PF1614
E-CTS693 Subclade E-Z807 renamed to E-CTS693
E-CTS3346 Subclade E-Y6721 renamed to E-CTS3346
E-CTS6667 Subclade E-Y2850 renamed to E-CTS6667
E-Y17750 Subclade E-Y17749 divided to E-Y17750, E-Y17749
E-Y17749 Subclade E-Y17749 divided to E-Y17750, E-Y17749
E-Z813 Subclade E-Z813 added to E-Y15945 as parent of E-Y17859, E-Z809
E-Y17859 Subclade E-Y17859 added to E-Z813
E-V22 From subclade E-V22 deleted SNP CTS6080
E-V22 Subclade E-V22 divided to E-Y2498, E-V22
E-V22* New sample YF04302 in subclade E-V22*
E-Y2498 Subclade E-V22 divided to E-Y2498, E-V22
E-PH2818* New sample YF04198 in subclade E-PH2818*
E-V13 New sample YF02828 in subclade E-V13
E-S7461 New sample YF04388 in subclade E-S7461
E-S7461 Subclade E-S7461 added to E-V13
E-Z38518 Subclade E-Y16713 renamed to E-Z38518
E-Y7026* New sample YF04393 in subclade E-Y7026*
E-CTS9320 Subclade E-S26015 renamed to E-CTS9320
E-Z16988 Subclade E-Y3856 renamed to E-Z16988
E-Z17264 Subclade E-Y6227 renamed to E-Z17264
E-L17 From subclade E-L17 deleted SNPs F836, PF4222, YSC0001337
E-L17 New sample YF04326 in subclade E-L17
E-CTS4431 Subclade E-CTS8780 renamed to E-CTS4431
E-FGC11457 Subclade E-Y13926 renamed to E-FGC11457
E-FGC11450 Subclade E-Y15156 renamed to E-FGC11450
E-FGC11447 Subclade E-ZS1176 renamed to E-FGC11447
E-Z38485 Subclade E-Y16160 renamed to E-Z38485
E-PF2546 Subclade E-Y8827 renamed to E-PF2546
E-CTS12227 New sample YF04408 in subclade E-CTS12227
E-CTS12227 Subclade E-M5043 renamed to E-CTS12227
E-Z5009 Subclade E-Y8829 renamed to E-Z5009
E-Z1259 Subclade E-V1486 divided to E-Z1259, E-Z1274
E-Z1274 Subclade E-V1486 divided to E-Z1259, E-Z1274
E-A1152 Subclade E-Y8828 renamed to E-A1152
E-Z830 Subclade E-Z829 renamed to E-Z830
E-V1515 Subclade E-Z1259 renamed to E-V1515
E-Y17359 Subclade E-Y17358 divided to E-Y17359, E-Y17358
E-Y17359* New sample YF04289 in subclade E-Y17359*
E-Y17358 Subclade E-Y17358 divided to E-Y17359, E-Y17358
E-V1486 Parent of subclades E-Z1267, E-Y5871 changed to E-V1486
E-Z1267 Parent of subclades E-Z1267, E-Y5871 changed to E-V1486
E-Y5871 Parent of subclades E-Z1267, E-Y5871 changed to E-V1486
E-F1382 Subclade E-Y6171 renamed to E-F1382
E-PF6391 Subclade E-S9747 renamed to E-PF6391
E-Y15558 Subclade E-Y15553 renamed to E-Y15558
E-PF6747 Subclade E-Y16780 renamed to E-PF6747
E-Y4972 Subclade E-Y4972 divided to E-K257, E-Y4972
E-Y4972* New sample YF04363 in subclade E-Y4972*
E-K257 Subclade E-Y4972 divided to E-K257, E-Y4972
E1b1a From subclade E1b1a deleted SNPs CTS10404/M4885, CTS1041/M4729, CTS10840/M4922, CTS10956/M4924, CTS11343/M4927, CTS12082, CTS12367 and other 40 SNPs
E1b1a2 At subclade E1b1a2 added SNPs V1128, V1648, V1658, V1758, V1870, V1979, V2170 and other 106 SNPs
E1b1a1 At subclade E1b1a1 added SNPs CTS10404/M4885, CTS1041/M4729, CTS10840/M4922, CTS10956/M4924, CTS11343/M4927, CTS12082, CTS12367 and other 40 SNPs
E1b1a1a2 At subclade E1b1a1a2 added SNP Y18281
E-CTS67 At subclade E-CTS67 added SNPs V1920, CTS11252
E-CTS67 Subclade E-CTS67 divided to E-CTS2476, E-CTS67
E-CTS67* New sample YF04385 in subclade E-CTS67*
E-CTS2476 Subclade E-CTS67 divided to E-CTS2476, E-CTS67
E-CTS11714 Subclade E-CTS447 divided to E-CTS11714, E-CTS447
E-CTS11714* New sample YF04311 in subclade E-CTS11714*
E-CTS11714* New sample YF04337 in subclade E-CTS11714*
E-CTS447 Subclade E-CTS447 divided to E-CTS11714, E-CTS447
C-Y17342 New sample YF04120 in subclade C-Y17342
G-M342 Subclade G1 renamed to G-M342
G-L830 Subclade G1b renamed to G-L830
G-P287 Subclade G2 renamed to G-P287
G-M3115 Subclade G2b renamed to G-M3115
G-P15 Subclade G2a renamed to G-P15
G-Y5797 At subclade G-Y5797 added SNPs FGC608/Z6572, FGC764/Z6733, Z6603
G-Y5797* New sample YF04318 in subclade G-Y5797*
G-Z6653 From subclade G-Z6653 deleted SNP FGC764/Z6733
G-M3308 Subclade G2a2 renamed to G-M3308
G-PF3146 Subclade G2a2a renamed to G-PF3146
G-M286 Subclade G2a2a1a renamed to G-M286
G-PF3239 From subclade G-PF3239 deleted SNP Z2051.3/Z2051.2/Z2051.1/Z2051/CTS3850
G-L30 Subclade G2a2b renamed to G-L30
G-M406 Subclade G2a2b1 renamed to G-M406
G-CTS2488 Subclade G2a2b2 renamed to G-CTS2488
G-PF3359 Subclade G2a2b2b renamed to G-PF3359
G-PF3362 Subclade G2a2b2b1 renamed to G-PF3362
G-PF3355 Subclade G2a2b2b1a renamed to G-PF3355
G-PF3378 Subclade G2a2b2b1a1 renamed to G-PF3378
G-P303 Subclade G2a2b2a renamed to G-P303
G-L694 Subclade G2a2b2a2 renamed to G-L694
G-M278 Subclade G2a2b2a3 renamed to G-M278
G-L140 Subclade G2a2b2a1 renamed to G-L140
G-U1 Subclade G2a2b2a1a renamed to G-U1
G-U13 Subclade G2a2b2a1a1 renamed to G-U13
G-Z1903 Subclade G-L497 divided to G-Z1903, G2a2b2a1b
G-Z2022 Subclade G2a2b2a2a1a renamed to G-Z2022
G-Z2022* New sample YF04173 in subclade G-Z2022*
G-L1263 Subclade G2a2b2a2a1a1 renamed to G-L1263
G-FGC995 At subclade G-FGC995 added SNP FGC951
G-Z6159 New sample YF04387 in subclade G-Z6159
G2a2b2a1b Subclade G-L497 divided to G-Z1903, G2a2b2a1b
G-Z1815 Subclade G2a2b2a1b1 renamed to G-Z1815
H-P96 Subclade H2 renamed to H-P96
H-Z5857 Subclade H3 renamed to H-Z5857
H-Z13871 Subclade H3b renamed to H-Z13871
H-Z5859 Subclade H3b1 renamed to H-Z5859
H-Z5866 Subclade H3a renamed to H-Z5866
H-Z5864 Subclade H3a1 renamed to H-Z5864
H-Z5863 Subclade H3a2 renamed to H-Z5863
H-Z5858 Subclade H3a2b renamed to H-Z5858
H-Z5865 Subclade H3a2a renamed to H-Z5865
H-Z5862 Subclade H3a2a2 renamed to H-Z5862
H-Z5860 Subclade H3a2a1 renamed to H-Z5860
H-Z16780 Subclade H-F1928 renamed to H-Z16780
H-M69 Subclade H1 renamed to H-M69
H-P254 Subclade H1c renamed to H-P254
H-Z5867 Subclade H1b renamed to H-Z5867
H-Z13966 Subclade H1b1 renamed to H-Z13966
H-P266 Subclade H1b1b renamed to H-P266
H-P80 Subclade H1b1a renamed to H-P80
H-Z14258 Subclade H1b2 renamed to H-Z14258
H-Z5868 Subclade H1b2a renamed to H-Z5868
H-M52 Subclade H1a renamed to H-M52
H-Z4469 Subclade H1a2 renamed to H-Z4469
H-Z4487 Subclade H1a2a renamed to H-Z4487
H-Z4417 Subclade H1a2a1 renamed to H-Z4417
H-Z14686 Subclade H1a2a1a renamed to H-Z14686
H-M82 Subclade H1a1 renamed to H-M82
H-M39 Subclade H1a1c renamed to H-M39
H-M97 Subclade H1a1b renamed to H-M97
H-Z5870 Subclade H1a1a renamed to H-Z5870
H-M36 Subclade H1a1a1 renamed to H-M36
H-L683 Subclade H1a1a2 renamed to H-L683
H-M2914 Subclade H1a1d renamed to H-M2914
H-Z5871 Subclade H1a1d1 renamed to H-Z5871
H-Z4361 Subclade H1a1d2 renamed to H-Z4361
H-Z5873 Subclade H1a1d2a renamed to H-Z5873
H-SK1225 Subclade H-SK1225 added to H-Z4361 as parent of H-Z5875, H-Z5885
H-Z5875 Subclade H1a1d2b renamed to H-Z5875
H-Z5876 Subclade H1a1d2b1 renamed to H-Z5876
H-Z5877 Subclade H1a1d2b1a renamed to H-Z5877
H-Z5878 Subclade H1a1d2b2 renamed to H-Z5878
H-Z5879 Subclade H1a1d2b2a renamed to H-Z5879
H-M3038 Subclade H1a1d2b3 renamed to H-M3038
H-Z5881 Subclade H1a1d2b3a renamed to H-Z5881
H-Z5882 Subclade H1a1d2b3a1 renamed to H-Z5882
H-Z5883 Subclade H1a1d2b3a1a renamed to H-Z5883
H-Z5884 Subclade H1a1d2b3a1a1 renamed to H-Z5884
H-Z5885 Subclade H1a1d2c renamed to H-Z5885
H-Z4489 Subclade H1a1d2c2 renamed to H-Z4489
H-Z4542 Subclade H1a1d2c2a renamed to H-Z4542
H-Z4507 Subclade H1a1d2c1 renamed to H-Z4507
H-Z12547 Subclade H1a1d2c1a renamed to H-Z12547
H-Z12537 Subclade H1a1d2c1a1 renamed to H-Z12537
H-Z5888 Subclade H1a1d2c1b renamed to H-Z5888
H-Z5889 Subclade H1a1d2c1b1 renamed to H-Z5889
H-Z5890 Subclade H1a1d2c1b1a renamed to H-Z5890
H-Z5891 Subclade H-Z5891 added to H-Z5890 as parent of H-Y17916
H-Y17916 New sample YF04349 in subclade H-Y17916
H-Y17916 Subclade H-Y17916 added to H-Z5891
I-Z17943 New sample YF04321 in subclade I-Z17943
I-Z17943 Subclade I-Z17943 added to I1
I-Y10633 At subclade I-Y10633 added SNP Y17940
I-Y18321 Subclade I-Y18321 added to I-Y10633 as parent of I-Y18311
I-Y18311 New sample YF04389 in subclade I-Y18311
I-Y18311 Subclade I-Y18311 added to I-Y18321
I-FGC29230 New sample YF04096 in subclade I-FGC29230
I-Y18322 New sample YF04390 in subclade I-Y18322
I-Y18322 Subclade I-Y18322 added to I-Y16811
I-Y17933 New sample YF04367 in subclade I-Y17933
I-Y17933 Subclade I-Y17933 added to I-S7642
I-Y18103 New sample YF04310 in subclade I-Y18103
I-Y18103 Subclade I-Y18103 added to I-Y6340
I-Y10639 New sample YF04319 in subclade I-Y10639
I-Y4739* New sample YF04288 in subclade I-Y4739*
I-YP1012* New sample YF04251 in subclade I-YP1012*
I-Y17922 New sample YF04371 in subclade I-Y17922
I-Y17922 Subclade I-Y17922 added to I-CTS6868
I-Y17220 New sample YF04409 in subclade I-Y17220
I-Y6708 New sample YF04384 in subclade I-Y6708
I-Y6708 Subclade I-Y6708 added to I-Y7057
I-Y18237 Subclade I-Y18237 added to I-Y7231 as parent of I-Y18238
I-Y18238 New sample YF04373 in subclade I-Y18238
I-Y18238 Subclade I-Y18238 added to I-Y18237
I-Y7140 At subclade I-Y7140 added SNP A2396
I-YP1081 New sample YF04415 in subclade I-YP1081
I-A262 New sample YF04410 in subclade I-A262
I-M423 From subclade I-M423 deleted SNPs FGC7054/YP210, Z2587, CTS1802/Z2588/S2638 and added SNPs FGC7071/S2654, FGC8109/Z2593/S2688
I-M423 Subclade I-M423 divided to I-Y3104, I-M423
I-Y3104 Subclade I-M423 divided to I-Y3104, I-M423
I-Y13331 Subclade I-Y13330 divided to I-Y13331, I-Y13330
I-Y13331* New sample YF04325 in subclade I-Y13331*
I-Y13330 Subclade I-Y13330 divided to I-Y13331, I-Y13330
I-Y5450 At subclade I-Y5450 added SNP Y18218
I-Y5450 Subclade I-Y5450 divided to I-Y5451, I-Y5450
I-Y5450* New sample YF04355 in subclade I-Y5450*
I-Y5451 Subclade I-Y5450 divided to I-Y5451, I-Y5450
I-L621 From subclade I-L621 deleted SNPs FGC7071/S2654, FGC8109/Z2593/S2688
I-CTS10228* New sample YF04320 in subclade I-CTS10228*
I-Z2068* New sample YF04294 in subclade I-Z2068*
I-Y17942 New sample YF04381 in subclade I-Y17942
I-Y17942 Subclade I-Y17942 added to I-Y9161
I-Y17535 At subclade I-Y17535 added SNP Y17941
I-Y18109 New sample YF04316 in subclade I-Y18109
I-Y18109 Subclade I-Y18109 added to I-Y17535
I-Y5748* New sample YF04293 in subclade I-Y5748*
J-Z640* New sample YF04309 in subclade J-Z640*
J-Y4349 New sample YF04322 in subclade J-Y4349
J-Y4349 New sample YF04402 in subclade J-Y4349
J-FGC4429 Subclade J-FGC4425 divided to J-FGC4429, J-FGC4425
J-FGC4429* New sample YF04348 in subclade J-FGC4429*
J-FGC4425 Subclade J-FGC4425 divided to J-FGC4429, J-FGC4425
J-Y14641 At subclade J-Y14641 added SNPs FGC4710, FGC4716
J-Y14641* New sample YF04405 in subclade J-Y14641*
J-FGC4702 Subclade J-FGC4702 added to J-Y14641 as parent of J-FGC4711
J-FGC4711 Subclade J-FGC4711 added to J-FGC4702
J-FGC8806 New sample YF04324 in subclade J-FGC8806
J-FGC10591 Subclade J-FGC10585 divided to J-FGC10591, J-FGC10585
J-FGC10591* New sample YF04395 in subclade J-FGC10591*
J-FGC10585 Subclade J-FGC10585 divided to J-FGC10591, J-FGC10585
J-Y8965* New sample YF04304 in subclade J-Y8965*
J-FGC22238 New sample YF04375 in subclade J-FGC22238
J-Y10728 New sample YF04394 in subclade J-Y10728
J-ZS8662 Subclade J-ZS8662 divided to J-ZS8666, J-ZS8662
J-ZS8662* New sample YF04343 in subclade J-ZS8662*
J-ZS8666 Subclade J-ZS8662 divided to J-ZS8666, J-ZS8662
J-Z2453 From subclade J-Z2453 deleted SNPs CTS10740, CTS10991, CTS11996, CTS1985, CTS3378, CTS6187, CTS9483, CTS9636 and added SNPs PH1648, Y18039, Y18040, Y18041, Y18042, Y18043, Y18044
J-Z2453 New sample YF04356 in subclade J-Z2453
J-Y17949 New sample YF04345 in subclade J-Y17949
J-Y17949 Subclade J-Y17949 added to J-Z387
J-Z7706 At subclade J-Z7706 added SNP Y18217
J-FGC9942 Subclade J-FGC9942 added to J-Y13534 as parent of J-Y14696
J-L231 At subclade J-L231 added SNPs FGC32481, FGC32482, FGC32483, FGC32484, FGC32485, FGC32486, FGC32487 and other 46 SNPs
J-L231 New sample YF04354 in subclade J-L231
J-Z467 From subclade J-Z467 deleted SNP FGC3300/Z7571
J-S11842 At subclade J-S11842 added SNP Y18104
J-Y15913 At subclade J-Y15913 added SNPs Y17947, Y18106
J-Y16179 At subclade J-Y16179 added SNPs Y17948, Y18105
J-Y16179 New sample YF04312 in subclade J-Y16179
J-L210 At subclade J-L210 added SNP FGC3300/Z7571
J-Z7671 At subclade J-Z7671 added SNP Y18327
J-Y11200 At subclade J-Y11200 added SNPs Y11860, Y18325, Z30698
J-Y17946 Subclade J-Y17946 added to J-Y11200
J-Y7291* New sample YF04335 in subclade J-Y7291*
J-Y7800 Subclade J-Y7292 renamed to J-Y7800
L-L1307 At subclade L-L1307 added SNPs Z20221, Z20227, Z20238
L-Z5920 At subclade L-Z5920 added SNP Y17969
L-Y12419 At subclade L-Y12419 added SNP Y17951
L-Y17950 New sample YF04342 in subclade L-Y17950
L-Y17950 Subclade L-Y17950 added to L-Y12419
L-SK1426 Subclade L-Z5926 divided to L-SK1426, L-Z5926
L-SK1426* New sample YF04350 in subclade L-SK1426*
L-Z5926 Subclade L-Z5926 divided to L-SK1426, L-Z5926
T-Y15711 Subclade T-Y15709 divided to T-Y15711, T-Y15709
T-Y15711* New sample YF04366 in subclade T-Y15711*
T-Y15709 Subclade T-Y15709 divided to T-Y15711, T-Y15709
T-Y9109 At subclade T-Y9109 added SNPs Y18002, Y18017, Y18133
T-Y18003 New sample YF04328 in subclade T-Y18003
T-Y18003 Subclade T-Y18003 added to T-Y9109
N-Y13850* New sample YF04164 in subclade N-Y13850*
N-Z1939* New sample YF04378 in subclade N-Z1939*
N-Z4890 At subclade N-Z4890 added SNPs Z19831, Z19832
N-Z4890* New sample YF04333 in subclade N-Z4890*
N-CTS8565* New sample YF04404 in subclade N-CTS8565*
N-Y18240 New sample YF04379 in subclade N-Y18240
N-Y18240 Subclade N-Y18240 added to N-Z5893
N-YP1141* New sample YF04407 in subclade N-YP1141*
N-CTS3451* New sample YF04376 in subclade N-CTS3451*
N-VL69 Subclade N-VL69 added to N-Y11783
N-CTS8173* New sample YF04370 in subclade N-CTS8173*
O-Y18196 Subclade O-Y18196 added to O-K644
O-F140 At subclade O-F140 added SNPs Z23457, Z23466/FGC15382
O-B388 Subclade O-B388 added to O-F140
Q-YP745 New sample YF04519 in subclade Q-YP745
Q-YP1096 New sample YF04480 in subclade Q-YP1096
Q-YP1096 New sample YF04481 in subclade Q-YP1096
Q-YP4584 New sample YF04529 in subclade Q-YP4584
Q-YP4584 Subclade Q-YP4584 added to Q-YP1096
Q-YP1009 At subclade Q-YP1009 added SNP Y17971
Q-YP1009 New sample YF04377 in subclade Q-YP1009
Q-M25 At subclade Q-M25 added SNPs F4597/Y18052, F4611/Y18065, F5754/Y18050, M8943, Y18051
Q-YP4385 At subclade Q-YP4385 added SNP F5180/Y18092
Q-F5005 Subclade Q-F5005 added to Q-YP4385
Q-L940 At subclade Q-L940 added SNP FGC6835
Q-YP4568 New sample YF04292 in subclade Q-YP4568
Q-YP4568 Subclade Q-YP4568 added to Q-Y16739
Q-L332 At subclade Q-L332 added SNPs Y17970, Y18330
Q-L329 At subclade Q-L329 added SNPs YP4539, YP4540, YP4541, YP4542, YP4543, YP4544, YP4545 and other 16 SNPs
Q-L329 New sample YF04412 in subclade Q-L329
Q-YP910 At subclade Q-YP910 added SNP YP1110
Q-YP1111 New sample YF04285 in subclade Q-YP1111
Q-L807 New sample YF04362 in subclade Q-L807
Q-L807 Subclade Q-L807 added to Q-Y12445
Q-YP4575 Subclade Q-YP4575 added to Q-CTS1002
R-YP4515 New sample YF04291 in subclade R-YP4515
R-YP4535 New sample YF04347 in subclade R-YP4535
R-YP4535 Subclade R-YP4535 added to R-YP441
R-F2935 New sample YF04413 in subclade R-F2935
R-YP4538 Subclade R-YP4538 added to R-Y2630
R-PF6155 From subclade R-PF6155 deleted SNP Z2943
R-PF6188 At subclade R-PF6188 added SNPs Y17973, Y17974
R-Y2604 At subclade R-Y2604 added SNP Z2943
R-YP1570 Subclade R-YP1568 renamed to R-YP1570
R-YP4557 New sample YF04406 in subclade R-YP4557
R-YP4557 Subclade R-YP4557 added to R-YP1570
R-YP256 Subclade R-YP253 renamed to R-YP256
R-YP515* New sample YF04191 in subclade R-YP515*
R-YP983* New sample YF04331 in subclade R-YP983*
R-YP1696 New sample YF04306 in subclade R-YP1696
R-Y16755 Subclade R-YP4296 divided to R-Y16755, R-YP4296
R-Y16755* New sample YF04329 in subclade R-Y16755*
R-YP4296 Subclade R-YP4296 divided to R-Y16755, R-YP4296
R-YP1626 New sample YF04344 in subclade R-YP1626
R-A7020 Subclade R-A7020 added to R-YP1078
R-YP968 Subclade R-YP968 divided to R-YP969, R-YP968
R-YP968* New sample YF04336 in subclade R-YP968*
R-YP969 Subclade R-YP968 divided to R-YP969, R-YP968
R-YP314* New sample YF04282 in subclade R-YP314*
R-Y1396 At subclade R-Y1396 added SNPs Y17983, Y18328
R-Y1399 At subclade R-Y1399 added SNPs Y17984, Y17985, Y17986, Y17987, Y18329
R-Y2910* New sample YF04307 in subclade R-Y2910*
R-L943 New sample YF04220 in subclade R-L943
R-Y15982 At subclade R-Y15982 added SNP S5701
R-Y17988 New sample YF04313 in subclade R-Y17988
R-Y17988 Subclade R-Y17988 added to R-Y15982
R-Y17975 New sample YF04297 in subclade R-Y17975
R-Y17975 Subclade R-Y17975 added to R-S1200
R-S14328* New sample YF04303 in subclade R-S14328*
R-S1196 Subclade R-S1196 divided to R-S6868, R-S1196
R-S1199 New sample YF04308 in subclade R-S1199
R-S1199 New sample YF04369 in subclade R-S1199
R-S1199 Subclade R-S1199 added to R-S1196
R-S6868 Subclade R-S1196 divided to R-S6868, R-S1196
R-S5673* New sample YF04346 in subclade R-S5673*
R-Y18100 New sample YF04305 in subclade R-Y18100
R-Y18100 Subclade R-Y18100 added to R-S264
R-DF89 Subclade R-DF89 divided to R-Y5976, R-DF89
R-DF89* New sample YF04315 in subclade R-DF89*
R-Y5976 Subclade R-DF89 divided to R-Y5976, R-DF89
R-Y3264 Subclade R-Y3264 divided to R-Y3265, R-Y3264
R-Y3264* New sample YF04364 in subclade R-Y3264*
R-Y3265 Subclade R-Y3264 divided to R-Y3265, R-Y3264
R-Y17999 New sample YF04396 in subclade R-Y17999
R-Y17999 Subclade R-Y17999 added to R-Z2
R-P312 New sample YF04361 in subclade R-P312
R-Y18209 New sample YF04351 in subclade R-Y18209
R-Y18209 Subclade R-Y18209 added to R-P312
R-Z36* New sample YF04330 in subclade R-Z36*
R-A8033 New sample YF04360 in subclade R-A8033
R-A8033 Subclade R-A8033 added to R-Y16884
R-Y17997 New sample YF04301 in subclade R-Y17997
R-Y17997 Subclade R-Y17997 added to R-Y3960
R-FG668 Subclade R-FG668 added to R-S14469
R-Y18001 New sample YF04286 in subclade R-Y18001
R-Y18001 Subclade R-Y18001 added to R-Z29624
R-Y17993 New sample YF04382 in subclade R-Y17993
R-Y17993 Subclade R-Y17993 added to R-Y3267
R-FGC11414 Subclade R-FGC11414 added to R-Y8397
R-Y16019 Subclade R-Y16018 divided to R-Y16019, R-Y16018
R-Y16019* New sample YF04372 in subclade R-Y16019*
R-Y16018 Subclade R-Y16018 divided to R-Y16019, R-Y16018
R-FGC21126 New sample YF04295 in subclade R-FGC21126
R-FGC14126 New sample YF04392 in subclade R-FGC14126
R-FGC14126 Subclade R-FGC14126 added to R-Y3470
R-S16864 Subclade R-S16864 added to R-S1221 as parent of R-FGC39261
R-FGC39261 New sample YF04317 in subclade R-FGC39261
R-FGC39261 New sample YF04334 in subclade R-FGC39261
R-FGC39261 Subclade R-FGC39261 added to R-S16864
R-CTS4183 New sample YF04300 in subclade R-CTS4183
R-CTS4183 Subclade R-CTS4183 added to R-FGC29721
R-A5846 Subclade R-Y16251 divided to R-A5846, R-Y16251
R-Y16251 Subclade R-Y16251 divided to R-A5846, R-Y16251
R-Z17901 At subclade R-Z17901 added SNPs Y18169, Z25926
R-A7309 New sample YF04332 in subclade R-A7309
R-A7309 Subclade R-A7309 added to R-Z17901
R-FGC11134* New sample YF04314 in subclade R-FGC11134*
R-CTS4466 New sample YF04391 in subclade R-CTS4466
R-FGC9775 New sample YF04368 in subclade R-FGC9775
R-FGC9775 Subclade R-FGC9775 added to R-S5668
R-Y10794 At subclade R-Y10794 added SNPs FGC21246, FGC21247, FGC21248
R-Y10794 New sample YF04403 in subclade R-Y10794
R-Y17989 New sample YF04340 in subclade R-Y17989
R-Y17989 Subclade R-Y17989 added to R-Y17108
R-FGC34569 New sample YF04296 in subclade R-FGC34569
R-FGC34569 Subclade R-FGC34569 added to R-L555
R-S7814 New sample YF04327 in subclade R-S7814
R-S7814 Subclade R-S7814 added to R-S588
R-FGC19633 Subclade R-FGC19633 added to R-S695
R-L744* New sample YF04357 in subclade R-L744*
R-Z2185 From subclade R-Z2185 deleted SNP Z17676/Y6066
R-Z2185* New sample YF04281 in subclade R-Z2185*
R-Z2185* New sample YF04359 in subclade R-Z2185*
R-Z2185* New sample YF04374 in subclade R-Z2185*
R-CTS9881 At subclade R-CTS9881 added SNP Z17676/Y6066
R-F1092 At subclade R-F1092 added SNPs F2791, FGC13188, FGC13192, FGC13193, FGC13196, FGC13203, FGC13205 and other 9 SNPs
R-F1092 New sample YF04353 in subclade R-F1092
R-Y12100 Subclade R-Y8763 divided to R-Y12100, R-Y8763
R-Y12100* New sample YF04299 in subclade R-Y12100*
R-Y8763 Subclade R-Y8763 divided to R-Y12100, R-Y8763
R-L1069 New sample YF04156 in subclade R-L1069
R-L1069 New sample YF04158 in subclade R-L1069
R-L1069 Subclade R-FGC12662 deleted from R-L1069
R-M2091 At subclade R-M2091 added SNP FGC22695
R-M2091 Subclade R-M2091 divided to R-Y13546, R-M2091
R-M2091* New sample YF04365 in subclade R-M2091*
R-Y13546 Subclade R-M2091 divided to R-Y13546, R-M2091
R-Y1349 At subclade R-Y1349 added SNP Z29262
R-Y17473 At subclade R-Y17473 added SNPs Y17991, Y17992, Y18120, Y18121, Y18122, Y18123, Y18124, Y18125, Y18126
R-Y17473 New sample YF04323 in subclade R-Y17473
R-Y4665 New sample YF04284 in subclade R-Y4665
R-Y4665 New sample YF04287 in subclade R-Y4665
R-Y4665 Subclade R-Y4665 added to R-V2947