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A1a At subclade A1a added SNPs A1003/Z10178, PH2947, PH3077, PH4280, PH445, PH4719, PH4739 and other 379 SNPs
A-Y7944 At subclade A-Y7944 added SNPs Y17313, Y17316, Z11363, Z11364, Z11370, Z11373, Z11378 and other 23 SNPs
E-Z5990 At subclade E-Z5990 added SNP Z14898
E-PH2818 Parent of subclade E-L674 changed from E-V22 to E-PH2818 and deleted SNPs PH1534, PH1897, PH2503, PH2508, PH2926, PH3153, PH3206 and other 43 SNPs
E-L674 At subclade E-L674 added SNPs F1386, FGC37188, PH1534, PH1897, PH2503, PH2508, PH2926 and other 47 SNPs
E-L674 New sample YF04048 in subclade E-L674
E-L674 Parent of subclade E-L674 changed from E-V22 to E-PH2818 and deleted SNPs PH1534, PH1897, PH2503, PH2508, PH2926, PH3153, PH3206 and other 43 SNPs
E-Y16713 At subclade E-Y16713 added SNP Y10787
E-Z38664 New sample YF04026 in subclade E-Z38664
E-Z38664 Subclade E-Z38664 added to E-Y3856 with SNP Z38664
E-ZS1176 Parent of subclade E-Y16160 changed from E-Y15156 to E-ZS1176
E-ZS1176 Subclade E-Y16160 renamed to E-ZS1176
E-ZS1176* New sample YF04017 in subclade E-ZS1176*
E-Y16160 Parent of subclade E-Y16160 changed from E-Y15156 to E-ZS1176
E-A601 New sample YF04067 in subclade E-A601
E-A601 Subclade E-A601 added to E-Y8827 with SNP A601
E-Z5010 Subclade E-Z5010 added to E-Y8829 with SNPs Z21117/MZ73, Z5010, Z5011
E-Z5013 Subclade E-Z5013 added to E-Y8829 as parent of E-Y8828 with SNP Z5013
E-Y14891 At subclade E-Y14891 added SNPs Y16782, Y16783, Y16784, Y17228
E-Y16781 New sample YF04061 in subclade E-Y16781
E-Y16781 Subclade E-Y16781 added to E-Y14891 with SNPs Y16781, Y17225, Y17226, Y17227, Z32705
E-F2831 At subclade E-F2831 added SNPs Y16780, Z20996, Z21000, Z21014, Z21016, Z21017, Z21018 and other 5 SNPs
E-F2831* New sample YF04025 in subclade E-F2831*
E-Z12663 Subclade E-F2831 renamed to E-Z12663
E-Y6923 At subclade E-Y6923 added SNP Y17287
E-Y6923* New sample YF03950 in subclade E-Y6923*
E-Y15936 At subclade E-Y15936 added SNPs Y17285, Y17286
E-Y15936* New sample YF04076 in subclade E-Y15936*
E-Y15938 Subclade E-Y15936 renamed to E-Y15938
E1b1a1 At subclade E1b1a1 added SNP F1586
E-Z1721 From subclade E-Z1721 deleted SNP CTS8027/M3851
E-Z1721* New sample YF03971 in subclade E-Z1721*
E-Z1769 At subclade E-Z1769 added SNP CTS8027/M3851
E-M3942 New sample YF04005 in subclade E-M3942
E-M3942 Subclade E-M3942 added to E-CTS421 with SNPs M3942, M3944
E-CTS6649 At subclade E-CTS6649 added SNPs Y17184, Z15933, Z15939, Z15940, Z15941, Z15943, Z15944 and other 7 SNPs
E-CTS3274 At subclade E-CTS3274 added SNP Z16056
E-Z6018 At subclade E-Z6018 added SNPs Y16785, Y16786, Y17185, Y17186, Y17188, Z16129, Z16130 and other 20 SNPs
E-Y16787 New sample YF04015 in subclade E-Y16787
E-Y16787 Subclade E-Y16787 added to E-Z6018 with SNPs Y16787, Y17187
G1 From subclade G1 deleted SNP Z3328
G1b At subclade G1b added SNPs F3505, FGC3921, Y16789, Y16790, Y16791, Y16792, Y16793 and other 113 SNPs
G1b New sample YF04027 in subclade G1b
G-F1761 At subclade G-F1761 added SNP Z3328
G-Y12970 At subclade G-Y12970 added SNP Z30731
G-Y16788 New sample YF03966 in subclade G-Y16788
G-Y16788 Subclade G-Y16788 added to G-Y12970 with SNPs Y16788, Y16968, Y16969, Y16970
I-A5697 At subclade I-A5697 added SNPs Y16802, Y16964
I-A5697* New sample YF03953 in subclade I-A5697*
I-A5718 Subclade I-A5697 renamed to I-A5718
I-FGC24034 New sample YF04044 in subclade I-FGC24034
I-FGC24034 Subclade I-FGC24034 added to I-Y11248 with SNP FGC24034
I-Y16435 At subclade I-Y16435 added SNPs Y17340, Y17341
I-Y16434 At subclade I-Y16434 added SNPs Y17337, Y17338, Y17339
I-Y2245* New sample YF03943 in subclade I-Y2245*
I-Y6615 At subclade I-Y6615 added SNP FGC9541
I-Y16811 New sample YF03963 in subclade I-Y16811
I-Y16811 Subclade I-Y16811 added to I-Y6612 with SNPs Y16811, Y16967
I-A394 Subclade I-A393 renamed to I-A394
I-S11236 Subclade I-Y15014 renamed to I-S11236
I-S19291 New sample YF03993 in subclade I-S19291
I-S19291 Subclade I-S19291 added to I-S11236 with SNP S19291
I-Y16809 New sample YF03961 in subclade I-Y16809
I-Y16809 Subclade I-Y16809 added to I-Y15543 with SNPs Y16809, Y16966
I-Y16813 New sample YF04037 in subclade I-Y16813
I-Y16813 Subclade I-Y16813 added to I-Z2337 with SNPs JN38, Y16813, Y16814, Y16815, Y17250, Y17251, Y17252 and other 10 SNPs
I-FGC10445 At subclade I-FGC10445 added SNP FGC10485
I-FGC10445* New sample YF03976 in subclade I-FGC10445*
I-FGC10470 Subclade I-FGC10445 renamed to I-FGC10470
I-Y16705 Subclade I-FGC10444 renamed to I-Y16705
I-Y16705* New sample YF03998 in subclade I-Y16705*
I-Y16808 New sample YF04055 in subclade I-Y16808
I-Y16808 Subclade I-Y16808 added to I-S9318 with SNPs Y16808, Y17218
I-S14887* New sample YF03723 in subclade I-S14887*
I-FGC33034* New sample YF04029 in subclade I-FGC33034*
I-FGC22054 Subclade I-FGC33034 renamed to I-FGC22054
I-Z2046 At subclade I-Z2046 added SNP Y17219
I-Y17220 New sample YF04059 in subclade I-Y17220
I-Y17220 New sample YF04073 in subclade I-Y17220
I-Y17220 Subclade I-Y17220 added to I-Z2046 with SNP Y17220
I-Y17215 New sample YF04021 in subclade I-Y17215
I-Y17215 Subclade I-Y17215 added to I-Y13389 with SNP Y17215
I-Y16812 New sample YF04079 in subclade I-Y16812
I-Y16812 Subclade I-Y16812 added to I-Z133 with SNPs Y16812, Y17288
I-Y8954 New sample YF04058 in subclade I-Y8954
I-A6849 New sample YF04078 in subclade I-A6849
I-A6849 Subclade I-A6849 added to I-S5619 with SNPs A6849, FGC3485/A6835/A6867
I-Y12903* New sample YF04082 in subclade I-Y12903*
I-Y12344 Subclade I-Y12903 renamed to I-Y12344
I-Y15584* New sample YF04016 in subclade I-Y15584*
I-Z73* New sample YF04070 in subclade I-Z73*
I-Y13938 New sample YF03990 in subclade I-Y13938
I-Y16803 New sample YF04031 in subclade I-Y16803
I-Y16803 Subclade I-Y16803 added to I-L1302 with SNPs Y16803, Y16804, Y16805, Y16806, Y16807, Y17246, Y17247
I-Y14155 At subclade I-Y14155 added SNP FGC18622
I-Y5450 New sample YF03959 in subclade I-Y5450
I-Y16810 New sample YF04010 in subclade I-Y16810
I-Y16810 Subclade I-Y16810 added to I-Y4460 with SNPs A6105, A6106, Y16810
I-CTS5779 At subclade I-CTS5779 added SNP Y17107
I-Y17106 New sample YF03992 in subclade I-Y17106
I-Y17106 Subclade I-Y17106 added to I-CTS5779 with SNP Y17106
I-Y3548* New sample YF04018 in subclade I-Y3548*
I-Y3548* New sample YF04022 in subclade I-Y3548*
I-S24121 From subclade I-S24121 deleted SNP Y16417
I-Y16415 At subclade I-Y16415 added SNPs Y17142, Y17269, Y17270
I-Y16417 Subclade I-Y16415 renamed to I-Y16417 and added SNP Y16417
I-Y17117 Subclade I-Y17117 added to I-Y16415 as parent of I-Y17266 with SNPs Y17116, Y17117, Y17118, Y17119, Y17120, Y17121, Y17122 and other 16 SNPs
I-Y17117* New sample YF04001 in subclade I-Y17117*
I-Y17266 New sample YF04041 in subclade I-Y17266
I-Y17266 New sample YF04042 in subclade I-Y17266
I-Y17266 Subclade I-Y17266 added to I-Y17117 with SNPs Y17266, Y17267, Y17268
I-Y17214 New sample YF04020 in subclade I-Y17214
I-Y17214 Subclade I-Y17214 added to I-Y11857 with SNP Y17214
I-Y4884 At subclade I-Y4884 added SNP Y17230
I-Y5369 New sample YF04064 in subclade I-Y5369
I-Y16963 Subclade I-Y16963 added to I-L801 as parent of I-Y7202, I-L1290 with SNP Y16963
I-Y6647 Parent of subclade I-Y6644 changed from I-L1290 to I-Y6647
I-Y6647 Subclade I-Y6644 renamed to I-Y6647
I-Y6647* New sample YF03951 in subclade I-Y6647*
I-Y6644 Parent of subclade I-Y6644 changed from I-L1290 to I-Y6647
I-Y13022 From subclade I-Y13022 deleted SNP Y13408
I-Y13022* New sample YF04069 in subclade I-Y13022*
J-Z1828 From subclade J-Z1828 deleted SNP FGC14026/Y4406 and added SNP FGC13990
J-Z18463 New sample YF03946 in subclade J-Z18463
J-Z18463 Subclade J-Z18463 added to J-Z1828 with SNPs Z18463, Z18464
J-Z1842 At subclade J-Z1842 added SNP FGC14026/Y4406
J-ZS2910 New sample YF04006 in subclade J-ZS2910
J-L93 At subclade J-L93 added SNP Z18101/Y11909
J-FGC9583 New sample YF03962 in subclade J-FGC9583
J-FGC9583 Subclade J-FGC9583 added to J-L859 with SNPs FGC9583, FGC9585, FGC9587
J-ZS5801 Subclade J-ZS5801 added to J-Y8965 with SNPs FGC23911/ZS5801, FGC23914, FGC23920/ZS5812, FGC23922, ZS5802/FGC23912, ZS5806, ZS5809, ZS5811
J-Y9274* New sample YF03541 in subclade J-Y9274*
J-FGC5427 Subclade J-FGC5427 added to J-Y8537 as parent of J-FGC14435 with SNPs FGC5427, FGC5428
J-FGC5427* New sample YF03985 in subclade J-FGC5427*
J-FGC14435 New sample YF04013 in subclade J-FGC14435
J-FGC14435 Subclade J-FGC14435 added to J-FGC5427 with SNPs FGC14435, FGC14437, Z18219, Z18222
J-Y14193* New sample YF04002 in subclade J-Y14193*
J-Y16898 New sample YF03947 in subclade J-Y16898
J-Y16898 Subclade J-Y16898 added to J-Y14193 with SNPs Y16898, Y16899, Y16900, Y16901, Y16902, Y16903
J-Y12364* New sample YF03994 in subclade J-Y12364*
J-Y12904 New sample YF03991 in subclade J-Y12904
J-Y13963 New sample YF04052 in subclade J-Y13963
J-Y14434 At subclade J-Y14434 added SNPs Y16843, Y17100, Y17101, Y17102, Y17103, Y17104, Z28518, Z36791
J-Y16842 New sample YF03987 in subclade J-Y16842
J-Y16842 Subclade J-Y16842 added to J-Y14434 with SNPs Y16842, Y16844, Z35780, Z35781, Z35788, Z35789, Z35796
J-L271 At subclade J-L271 added SNPs FGC32585, FGC32587, FGC32588, FGC32589, FGC32590, FGC32591, FGC32592 and other 25 SNPs
J-L271 New sample YF04035 in subclade J-L271
J-M319 At subclade J-M319 added SNP Z17200
J-Y16817 New sample YF03948 in subclade J-Y16817
J-Y16817 Subclade J-Y16817 added to J-M319 with SNPs PF3916, PH3298, S7586, S7618, SK1448, Y16817, Y16818 and other 79 SNPs
J-Y4036 Parent of subclade J-Z467 changed from J-M67 to J-Y4036 and deleted SNPs FGC3342/Z475, FGC3293/Z7565
J-Y4036 Subclade J-Z467 renamed to J-Y4036
J-Y17067 New sample YF03978 in subclade J-Y17067
J-Y17067 New sample YF04066 in subclade J-Y17067
J-Y17067 Subclade J-Y17067 added to J-Y4036 with SNPs Y16994, Y16995, Y16996, Y16997, Y16998, Y16999, Y17000 and other 77 SNPs
J-Z467 Parent of subclade J-Z467 changed from J-M67 to J-Y4036 and deleted SNPs FGC3342/Z475, FGC3293/Z7565
J-Y13373* New sample YF03982 in subclade J-Y13373*
L From subclade L deleted SNPs M2383, M2480, M2543, PF5837/M2660, Z20166/Y5555
L-M317 At subclade L-M317 added SNP Y16845
L-M317* New sample YF04014 in subclade L-M317*
L-PH2079 Subclade L-M317 renamed to L-PH2079
L-M2481 At subclade L-M2481 added SNPs M2383, M2480, M2543, PF5837/M2660, Z20166/Y5555
L-M27 At subclade L-M27 added SNP Z20337
L-SK1433 Subclade L-SK1433 added to L-Z5930 with SNPs SK1433, Y17158
T-L206 At subclade T-L206 added SNPs FGC1291, FGC1543
T-L162 From subclade T-L162 deleted SNP PF5520 and added SNP FGC30187/Z19870
T-Y16897 New sample YF04062 in subclade T-Y16897
T-Y16897 Subclade T-Y16897 added to T-L208 with SNPs Y16897, Y17229, Z19964
T-CTS11451 At subclade T-CTS11451 added SNP PF5520
T-Y12643 Parent of subclade T-Y12641 changed from T-Y6671 to T-Y12643
T-Y12643 Subclade T-Y12641 renamed to T-Y12643
T-Y12643* New sample YF03945 in subclade T-Y12643*
T-Y12641 Parent of subclade T-Y12641 changed from T-Y6671 to T-Y12643
T-Y7794* New sample YF03944 in subclade T-Y7794*
T-Y7794* New sample YF03949 in subclade T-Y7794*
N-F4205 Subclade N-Y16219 divided to N-F4205, N-Y16312
N-F4205* New sample YF04034 in subclade N-F4205*
N-Y16312 Subclade N-Y16219 divided to N-F4205, N-Y16312
N-Z1925* New sample YF03973 in subclade N-Z1925*
N-Y8711 Subclade N-Z1925 renamed to N-Y8711
N-Z1941* New sample YF04039 in subclade N-Z1941*
N-Y4374 New sample YF04033 in subclade N-Y4374
N-Y4374 New sample YF04075 in subclade N-Y4374
N-Z5893* New sample YF03974 in subclade N-Z5893*
N-YP1141* New sample YF04032 in subclade N-YP1141*
N-CTS9976 From subclade N-CTS9976 deleted SNP Z4971
N-Y5005* New sample YF03972 in subclade N-Y5005*
N-Z4908 Parent of subclade N-L550 changed from N-VL29 to N-Z4908
N-Z4908 Subclade N-L550 renamed to N-Z4908
N-Z4908* New sample YF04053 in subclade N-Z4908*
N-L550 Parent of subclade N-L550 changed from N-VL29 to N-Z4908
N-Y17113 New sample YF04000 in subclade N-Y17113
N-Y17113 Subclade N-Y17113 added to N-L550 with SNPs FGC14539, FGC14540, FGC14542, FGC14543, FGC14546, FGC14547, FGC14548, FGC14550, Y17113, Y17114, Y17115
N-Y4706* New sample YF04084 in subclade N-Y4706*
N-L1027 At subclade N-L1027 added SNPs Y16846, Y17282, Y17283
N-L1027 New sample YF04071 in subclade N-L1027
N-Z16981 Subclade N-Y4756 renamed to N-Z16981
N-Y16847 New sample YF04028 in subclade N-Y16847
N-Y16847 Subclade N-Y16847 added to N-Y15922 with SNPs Y16847, Y16848, Y17238, Y17239, Y17240, Y17241, Y17242
O-CTS7634* New sample YF03969 in subclade O-CTS7634*
Q-YP4500 New sample YF04277 in subclade Q-YP4500
Q-YP4500 Subclade Q-YP4500 added to Q-Y1144 with SNPs YP4495, YP4496, YP4497, YP4498, YP4499, YP4500, YP4501
Q-M378* New sample YF04219 in subclade Q-M378*
Q-L301 At subclade Q-L301 added SNPs FGC4605/YP4511, FGC4632/YP4502, FGC4640/YP4503, FGC4642/YP4504, FGC4645/YP4505, FGC4648/YP4506, FGC4649/YP4507 and other 2 SNPs
Q-L301 New sample YF04263 in subclade Q-L301
Q-L245* New sample YF04279 in subclade Q-L245*
Q-Y525 New sample YF04273 in subclade Q-Y525
Q-Y525 New sample YF04275 in subclade Q-Y525
Q-Y515 New sample YF04274 in subclade Q-Y515
Q-L712 New sample YF04272 in subclade Q-L712
Q-YP4385 New sample YF04063 in subclade Q-YP4385
Q-YP4385 Subclade Q-YP4385 added to Q-L712 with SNPs FGC17838, Y16849, Y16850, Y17232, Y17233, Y17281, YP4385 and other 53 SNPs
Q-L56 At subclade Q-L56 added SNP Y17105
Q-Z5902 New sample YF04276 in subclade Q-Z5902
Q-Y16739 New sample YF04049 in subclade Q-Y16739
Q-Y4303 Parent of subclade Q-Y4273 changed from Q-M3 to Q-Y4303
Q-Y4303 Subclade Q-Y4273 renamed to Q-Y4303
Q-Y4303* New sample YF03988 in subclade Q-Y4303*
Q-Y4273 Parent of subclade Q-Y4273 changed from Q-M3 to Q-Y4303
R-S3479 Parent of subclade R-S3477 changed from R-L664 to R-S3479
R-S3479 Subclade R-S3477 renamed to R-S3479
R-S3477 Parent of subclade R-S3477 changed from R-L664 to R-S3479
R-Z2035 Subclade R-S3473 renamed to R-Z2035
R-S3473 At subclade R-S3473 added SNP PH3128/YP4478
R-YP4515 Subclade R-YP4515 added to R-YP441 with SNP YP4515
R-YP1214* New sample YF03955 in subclade R-YP1214*
R-YP294* New sample YF04080 in subclade R-YP294*
R-YP4487 Subclade R-YP4487 added to R-YP1385 with SNP YP4487
R-YP4488 Subclade R-YP4488 added to R-Y2630 with SNP YP4488
R-YP4516 Subclade R-YP4516 added to R-YP1386 with SNP YP4516
R-PF7521 Parent of subclade R-Y2604 changed from R-M458 to R-PF7521
R-PF7521 Subclade R-Y2604 renamed to R-PF7521
R-PF6188 Subclade R-PF6188 added to R-PF7521 as parent of R-PF7536, R-Z29307 with SNPs PF6177, PF6180, PF6188, PF6197, Z29305, Z29306
R-PF7536 Subclade R-PF7536 added to R-PF6188 with SNPs PF7536, PF7539, PF7541, Z29308, Z29309, Z29310
R-Z29307 Subclade R-Z29307 added to R-PF6188 with SNP Z29307
R-Y2604 Parent of subclade R-Y2604 changed from R-M458 to R-PF7521
R-YP593* New sample YF04047 in subclade R-YP593*
R-YP443 Parent of subclade R-YP445 changed from R-YP444 to R-YP443
R-YP443 Subclade R-YP445 renamed to R-YP443
R-YP443* New sample YF04068 in subclade R-YP443*
R-YP445 Parent of subclade R-YP445 changed from R-YP444 to R-YP443
R-YP4514 Subclade R-YP4514 added to R-YP694 with SNPs M898, YP4514
R-CTS4027 At subclade R-CTS4027 added SNPs M6537, Y16851, YP594, YP595, YP596, YP597, YP598 and other 7 SNPs
R-CTS4027 New sample YF04024 in subclade R-CTS4027
R-YP4491 Subclade R-YP4491 added to R-YP4248 with SNPs YP4491, YP4492, YP4493, YP4494
R-YP1100 At subclade R-YP1100 added SNP CTS1319
R-YP4449 At subclade R-YP4449 added SNP Y17231
R-YP4449 New sample YF04065 in subclade R-YP4449
R-YP4341 New sample YF03996 in subclade R-YP4341
R-CTS4179* New sample YF03983 in subclade R-CTS4179*
R-Z280* New sample YF04212 in subclade R-Z280*
R-YP4479 Subclade R-YP4479 added to R-CTS4648 with SNPs YP4479, YP4480, YP4481, YP4482, YP4483, YP4484, YP4485, YP4486
R-YP4460 At subclade R-YP4460 added SNP Y17284
R-YP4460 New sample YF04072 in subclade R-YP4460
R-YP4312 From subclade R-YP4312 deleted SNP YP4331
R-YP951* New sample YF04123 in subclade R-YP951*
R-YP677 At subclade R-YP677 added SNP Y16879
R-YP677 New sample YF04036 in subclade R-YP677
R-Y1396 Subclade R-Y1396 added to R-Y2902 as parent of R-Y1399 with SNPs Y1396, Y1397, Y1398
R-Y1399 Subclade R-Y1399 added to R-Y1396 with SNP Y1399
R-FGC20973 New sample YF04009 in subclade R-FGC20973
R-FGC20973 Subclade R-FGC20973 added to R1b1c with SNPs FGC20973, FGC20974, FGC20977, FGC20983, FGC20986, FGC20994, FGC20995 and other 11 SNPs
R-Y7771 From subclade R-Y7771 deleted SNPs FGC21041/V1227, PF6289, PF6330
R-Y11410 New sample YF03999 in subclade R-Y11410
R-Y11410 Subclade R-Y11410 added to R-FGC14590 with SNPs FGC14597, FGC14598, FGC14599, FGC14600, FGC14601, FGC14602, FGC14605/Y11410 and other 15 SNPs
R-BY250 At subclade R-BY250 added SNP BY251
R-BY250 Parent of subclade R-Y15982 changed from R-CTS1450 to R-BY250
R-BY250 Subclade R-Y15982 renamed to R-BY250
R-BY250* New sample YF04038 in subclade R-BY250*
R-Y15982 Parent of subclade R-Y15982 changed from R-CTS1450 to R-BY250
R-FGC30517 New sample YF04081 in subclade R-FGC30517
R-FGC30517 Subclade R-FGC30517 added to R-U198 with SNP FGC30517
R-Y16853 New sample YF04030 in subclade R-Y16853
R-Y16853 Subclade R-Y16853 added to R-L44 with SNPs FGC6188, FGC6194, FGC6196, FGC6198, FGC6200, FGC6201, FGC6202/S16602 and other 16 SNPs
R-P312 New sample YF03957 in subclade R-P312
R-P312 New sample YF03970 in subclade R-P312
R-P312 New sample YF03995 in subclade R-P312
R-Y17221 New sample YF04060 in subclade R-Y17221
R-Y17221 Subclade R-Y17221 added to R-P312 with SNPs Y17221, Y17222, Y17223, Y17224
R-Y5047 Parent of subclade R-Y5046 changed from R-DF99 to R-Y5047
R-Y5047 Subclade R-Y5046 renamed to R-Y5047
R-Y5047* New sample YF04083 in subclade R-Y5047*
R-Y5046 At subclade R-Y5046 added SNP FGC16988
R-Y5046 New sample YF03975 in subclade R-Y5046
R-Y5046 Parent of subclade R-Y5046 changed from R-DF99 to R-Y5047
R-Y6237* New sample YF03964 in subclade R-Y6237*
R-Y16889 Subclade R-Y16889 added to R-Z36 as parent of R-Y16884 with SNPs PH2997, Y16889, Y16892, Y17161, Y17162
R-Y16884 New sample YF04007 in subclade R-Y16884
R-Y16884 New sample YF04023 in subclade R-Y16884
R-Y16884 New sample YF04074 in subclade R-Y16884
R-Y16884 Subclade R-Y16884 added to R-Y16889 with SNPs CTS10568, Y16884, Y16885, Y16886, Y16887, Y16888, Y16890 and other 18 SNPs
R-CTS5531 Parent of subclade R-Z37 changed from R-Z36 to R-CTS5531
R-CTS5531 Subclade R-Z37 renamed to R-CTS5531
R-CTS5531* New sample YF03956 in subclade R-CTS5531*
R-Z37 Parent of subclade R-Z37 changed from R-Z36 to R-CTS5531
R-Y16860 New sample YF04008 in subclade R-Y16860
R-Y16860 Subclade R-Y16860 added to R-S8183 with SNPs S22778, Y16860, Y16861, Y16862, Y17175, Y17176, Y17177, Y17178, Y17179, Y17180, Y17181
R-Y17276 Subclade R-Y17276 added to R-Y4355 as parent of R-Y16875 with SNPs Y17276, Y17277, Y17278, Y17279, Y17280
R-Y16875 New sample YF04046 in subclade R-Y16875
R-Y16875 Subclade R-Y16875 added to R-Y17276 with SNPs Y16875, Y16876, Y16877, Y16878, Y17272, Y17273, Y17274, Y17275, Z30162
R-Y17091 Subclade R-Y17091 added to R-CTS9490 as parent of R-Y17076 with SNPs CTS2066, FGC37040/Y17092, FGC37041/Y17091, FGC37045/Y17093, FGC37061/Y17097, FGC37065/Y17090, Y17094, Y17095
R-Y17076 New sample YF03981 in subclade R-Y17076
R-Y17076 New sample YF03984 in subclade R-Y17076
R-Y17076 Subclade R-Y17076 added to R-Y17091 with SNPs FGC37046/Y17080, FGC37047/Y17082, FGC37049/Y17084, FGC37050/Y17085, FGC37052/Y17088, FGC37053/Y17076, FGC37054/Y17077 and other 5 SNPs
R-Y15787 New sample YF03967 in subclade R-Y15787
R-Y15787 Subclade R-Y15787 added to R-Y14529 with SNPs FGC3119, L725, Y15787, Y16863, Y16864, Y16865, Y16866 and other 27 SNPs
R-Z29624 At subclade R-Z29624 added SNPs A6086, Z29623, Z29625
R-CTS1090 At subclade R-CTS1090 added SNPs Z29614, Z29615, Z29616, Z29618, Z29619, Z29621, Z29622, Z29626
R-YP4295 At subclade R-YP4295 added SNPs A6457, A6458, Y17098, Y17099
R-YP4295 New sample YF03986 in subclade R-YP4295
R-Y16881 New sample YF03954 in subclade R-Y16881
R-Y16881 Subclade R-Y16881 added to R-Z292 with SNPs CTS11486, CTS9993, Y16881, Y16882, Y16883, Y16965
R-Y7733 Parent of subclade R-CTS3555 changed from R-CTS606 to R-Y7733
R-Y7733 Subclade R-CTS3555 renamed to R-Y7733
R-Y7733* New sample YF04011 in subclade R-Y7733*
R-CTS3555 Parent of subclade R-CTS3555 changed from R-CTS606 to R-Y7733
R1b1a2a1a2a1a* New sample YF04012 in subclade R1b1a2a1a2a1a*
R-S16785 At subclade R-S16785 added SNP Y17143
R-Y16854 New sample YF04003 in subclade R-Y16854
R-Y16854 Subclade R-Y16854 added to R-S16785 with SNPs CTS7654, Y16854, Y16855, Y16856, Y16857, Y17144, Y17145 and other 9 SNPs
R-CTS2142* New sample YF03958 in subclade R-CTS2142*
R-Y16251 At subclade R-Y16251 added SNPs A5843, A5846, Y17212
R-Y16874 New sample YF04019 in subclade R-Y16874
R-Y16874 New sample YF04054 in subclade R-Y16874
R-Y16874 Subclade R-Y16874 added to R-Y16251 with SNPs M10730, Y16874, Y17189, Y17190, Y17191, Y17192, Y17193 and other 16 SNPs
R-CTS1751 From subclade R-CTS1751 deleted SNP Y16481
R-CTS1751* New sample YF03952 in subclade R-CTS1751*
R-Z17967 At subclade R-Z17967 added SNP Y16481
R-Z17901 New sample YF04085 in subclade R-Z17901
R-Y17109 Subclade R-Y17109 added to R-Z255 as parent of R-Y16880 with SNPs Z16437/Y17109, Z16439/Y17110
R-Y16880 New sample YF03997 in subclade R-Y16880
R-Y16880 New sample YF04050 in subclade R-Y16880
R-Y16880 New sample YF04051 in subclade R-Y16880
R-Y16880 Subclade R-Y16880 added to R-Y17109 with SNPs A5629, A5630/Y17111, A5631/Y17108, Y16880, Y17112
R-Z16431 New sample YF04077 in subclade R-Z16431
R-Z16431 Subclade R-Z16431 added to R-Y12458 with SNPs Z16431, Z16432
R-DF1* New sample YF03977 in subclade R-DF1*
R-A259 New sample YF04040 in subclade R-A259
R-A259 Subclade R-A259 added to R-Y2841 with SNP A259
R-Y16858 New sample YF03980 in subclade R-Y16858
R-Y16858 Subclade R-Y16858 added to R-S744 with SNPs A1141, Y16858, Y16859, Y17075
R-A5911 New sample YF03968 in subclade R-A5911
R-A5911 Subclade R-A5911 added to R-Y11899 with SNP A5911
R-FGC20566 New sample YF03960 in subclade R-FGC20566
R-FGC20566 New sample YF03965 in subclade R-FGC20566
R-FGC20566 New sample YF03989 in subclade R-FGC20566
R-FGC20566 New sample YF04045 in subclade R-FGC20566
R-CTS2501* New sample YF03979 in subclade R-CTS2501*