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A0 At subclade A0 added SNPs CTS10050/M10145, CTS12325, Y10000, Y10001, Y10002, Y10003, Y10004 and other 760 SNPs
A1b At subclade A1b added SNPs Y10840, Y10844, Y10848, Y10850, Y10854, Y10856, Y10857 and other 7 SNPs
BT At subclade BT added SNPs Y10837, Y10838, Y10839, Y10841, Y10842, Y10843, Y10845 and other 37 SNPs
B-M8633 At subclade B-M8633 added SNP Y10227
B2 At subclade B2 added SNPs Y10228, Y10229, Y10230, Y10231, Y10232, Y10234, Y10235 and other 34 SNPs
E1b1a1a1a At subclade E1b1a1a1a added SNPs CTS11301, CTS1249, CTS2844, CTS835, Y10565, Y10566, Y10567 and other 9 SNPs
E-CTS805 Subclade E-CTS805 added to E1b1a1a1a with SNP CTS805
E1b1a1a1f1a At subclade E1b1a1a1f1a added SNP Y10580
E-CTS2754 Subclade E-CTS2754 added to E-M4670 as parent of E-M7207, E-Z1706 with SNP CTS2754/Z1641
E-M7207 Subclade E-M7207 added to E-CTS2754 with SNP M7207
E-CTS5788 Subclade E-CTS5788 added to E-Z1706 as parent of E-CTS6454, E-K695, E-Z5963 with SNP CTS5788/Z1705
E-CTS6454 Subclade E-CTS6454 added to E-CTS5788 with SNP CTS6454
E-K695 Subclade E-K695 added to E-CTS5788 with SNP K695
E-Z5963 Subclade E-Z5963 added to E-CTS5788 as parent of E-Z5964 with SNP Z5963
E-Z5964 Subclade E-Z5964 added to E-Z5963 with SNP Z5964
E-Z5967 Subclade E-Z5967 added to E-Z5966 with SNP Z5967
E-Z5968 Subclade E-Z5968 added to E-Z5966 as parent of E-Z5969 with SNP Z5968
E-Z5969 Subclade E-Z5969 added to E-Z5968 as parent of E-Z5970 with SNP Z5969
E-Z5970 Subclade E-Z5970 added to E-Z5969 as parent of E-M10619 with SNPs M11610, Z5970, Z5971
E-M10619 Subclade E-M10619 added to E-Z5970 as parent of E-Z5972 with SNP M10619
E-Z5972 Subclade E-Z5972 added to E-M10619 with SNP Z5972
E-M4667 Subclade E-M4667 added to E-M4670 as parent of E-CTS5299, E-M4665 with SNP CTS9387/M4667
E-Z5977 Subclade E-Z5977 added to E-CTS5299 with SNP Z5977
E-M4437 Subclade E-M4437 added to E1b1a1a1f1a1d-Z1704 with SNPs CTS9106/M4451, M4437
E-CTS1151 Subclade E-CTS1151 added to E-Z1630 as parent of E-Y2576 with SNPs CTS10479, CTS1151, CTS11791, CTS4877, CTS7800, CTS7900, CTS8813, CTS9474, CTS9747, PF3088, Z1637
E-Y2576 Subclade E-Y2576 added to E-CTS1151 with SNP Y2576
E-Z1647 Subclade E-Z1647 added to E-Z1630 as parent of E-CTS1338, E-Z1649 with SNP CTS9756/Z1647/M4656
E-CTS1338 Subclade E-CTS1338 added to E-Z1647 with SNPs CTS1338/M4652, CTS4051/M4653, CTS9694/M4655, M4654, M4657
E-Z1649 At subclade E-Z1649 added SNPs Y10563, Y10564
E-Z1653 Subclade E-Z1653 added to E-Z1649 as parent of E-M3745 with SNPs CTS11946/Z1653, CTS1324, CTS4128, CTS4889, CTS5000, CTS5460, CTS598 and other 5 SNPs
E-M3745 Subclade E-M3745 added to E-Z1653 as parent of E-Z5984 with SNPs CTS10060, M3745/PF1062, Z1656, Z1657
E-Z5984 Subclade E-Z5984 added to E-M3745 with SNP Z5984
E-Z1673 Subclade E-Z1673 added to E-Z1649 as parent of E-Z1676 with SNPs CTS2368/Z1665, Z1660, Z1673
E-Z1676 Subclade E-Z1676 added to E-Z1673 as parent of E-Z1677 with SNPs CTS11738/Z1676, CTS1648/Z1663, CTS2235/Z1664, CTS3486/Z1666, CTS4828/Z1667, CTS5453/Z1668/Z1670, CTS5873/Z1669, CTS9621, Z1661, Z1662, Z1672
E-Z1677 Subclade E-Z1677 added to E-Z1676 with SNPs CTS3341, CTS3708/Z1675, Z1674, Z1677
E-Z5978 Subclade E-Z5978 added to E1b1a1a1f1a1d-Z1704 as parent of E-CTS397, E-M4204 with SNP Z5978
E-CTS397 Subclade E-CTS397 added to E-Z5978 as parent of E-Z5979 with SNPs CTS10382, CTS3642, CTS397/Z1693
E-Z5979 Subclade E-Z5979 added to E-CTS397 as parent of E-Y55 with SNP Z5979
E-Y55 Subclade E-Y55 added to E-Z5979 with SNPs Y55, Z5980
E-M4204 Subclade E-M4204 added to E-Z5978 with SNPs CTS11506, M4204, Z5981
E-CTS67 Subclade E-CTS67 added to E-Z5982 as parent of E-CTS1871, E-CTS447 with SNPs CTS10022, CTS1454, CTS1478, CTS2061/Z1686, CTS2476/Z1687, CTS261/Z1679, CTS3539 and other 13 SNPs
E-CTS1871 Subclade E-CTS1871 added to E-CTS67 as parent of E-CTS2323 with SNP CTS1871
E-CTS2323 Subclade E-CTS2323 added to E-CTS1871 with SNPs CTS11353, CTS2323, CTS4630, CTS5374, CTS7016, CTS7420, CTS9207
E-CTS447 Subclade E-CTS447 added to E-CTS67 as parent of E-Z1700 with SNPs CTS10415, CTS11714/Z1697, CTS4218, CTS447, CTS452, CTS6388, CTS9580, Z1681, Z1694, Z1695, Z1696
E-Z1700 Subclade E-Z1700 added to E-CTS447 with SNPs CTS11609/Z1701, CTS5234, Z1700
E-Z5983 Subclade E-Z5983 added to E-Z5982 with SNP Z5983
E-Z5962 Subclade E-Z5962 added to E-M4670 with SNP Z5962
E-Z1643 Subclade E-Z1643 added to E-Z5976 as parent of E-CTS553 with SNP Z1643
E-CTS553 Subclade E-CTS553 added to E-Z1643 with SNPs CTS553/Z1644, Z1645
E-Z874 At subclade E-Z874 added SNP CTS668
E-CTS1360 Subclade E-CTS1360 added to E-Z874 with SNPs CTS11288, CTS11391, CTS1360, CTS2540/Z1633, CTS2560/Z1634, CTS3096, CTS3102 and other 4 SNPs
E-CTS1622 Subclade E-CTS1622 added to E-Z874 with SNP CTS1622
E-CTS3323 Subclade E-CTS3323 added to E-Z5973 as parent of E-CTS1045 with SNPs CTS3323, Z5975
E-CTS1045 Subclade E-CTS1045 added to E-CTS3323 with SNPs CTS10250, CTS1045/Z870, CTS11589, CTS3684/Z872, CTS3937/M9805, CTS4968/Z873, CTS5191 and other 9 SNPs
E-Z5974 Subclade E-Z5974 added to E-Z5973 with SNP Z5974
E-M5043 New sample YF02507 in subclade E-M5043
E-PF2431 At subclade E-PF2431 added SNPs Y10526, Y10527, Y10528, Y10529, Y10530, Y10531, Y10532 and other 3 SNPs
E-PF2438 At subclade E-PF2438 added SNPs Y10541, Y10542, Y10543, Y10544, Y10547, Y10550, Y10556, Y10557, Y10559
E-Y10539 Subclade E-Y10539 added to E-PF2438 with SNPs Y10539, Y10540, Y10545, Y10546, Y10548, Y10549, Y10551 and other 4 SNPs
E-Y2961 Parent of subclade E-L791 changed from E-M34 to E-Y2961
E-Y2961 Subclade E-L791 renamed to E-Y2961
E-L791 Parent of subclade E-L791 changed from E-M34 to E-Y2961
E-Y4971* New sample YF02512 in subclade E-Y4971*
E2 At subclade E2 added SNPs CTS10020, CTS10565, CTS10606, CTS11304/M10999, CTS11446, CTS11478, CTS1173 and other 64 SNPs
E-M98 At subclade E-M98 added SNPs CTS10377, CTS10601, CTS11049/Z1031, CTS11130, CTS11472/Z1035, CTS12892, CTS2922 and other 22 SNPs
E-CTS1307 Subclade E-CTS1307 added to E-M98 with SNPs CTS10529, CTS11436, CTS1307, CTS1441, CTS1779, CTS3562, CTS4066 and other 4 SNPs
E-M200 At subclade E-M200 added SNPs CTS10078, CTS10745, CTS11093/Z992, CTS12977, CTS155/Z971, CTS1611/Z980, CTS1618 and other 26 SNPs
E-CTS2629 Subclade E-CTS2629 added to E-M200 with SNPs CTS10407, CTS11679, CTS2629, CTS4131, CTS5716, CTS5864
C At subclade C added SNP F767
C-Y1786 At subclade C-Y1786 added SNP L684
C1a At subclade C1a added SNP CTS12866
C1a2 At subclade C1a2 added SNPs CTS11798, CTS2273, F870, M1009, P53.1/P53.2/P53, S23981, V1069 and other 73 SNPs
C-Y10490 New sample YF02502 in subclade C-Y10490
C-Y10490 Subclade C-Y10490 added to C1a2 with SNPs F1628, PF647/M9705, S21803, S854, Y10490, Y10491, Y10492 and other 32 SNPs
C1b At subclade C1b added SNPs K182, K460
C1b1a1a1a1a At subclade C1b1a1a1a1a added SNP K465
C2b From subclade C2b deleted SNPs Y4565, Y4579, Y4657 and added SNPs Y4575, Y5458, Y6716, Y8786, Y8797, Y8814, Y8817
C-F1756 At subclade C-F1756 added SNPs P157/PF2771, Y10416, Y10417, Y10418, Y10419, Y10420, Y10421 and other 20 SNPs
C-Y4497 At subclade C-Y4497 added SNPs L373, L374, Y4565, Y4579, Y4657
C2e At subclade C2e added SNP Z3861
C2e1 At subclade C2e1 added SNP Z1334
C2e2a At subclade C2e2a added SNP K541
G-Z5856 At subclade G-Z5856 added SNP Y8902
I1 At subclade I1 added SNP Y1857
I1a From subclade I1a deleted SNP Y1857
I-Y10633 Subclade I-Y10633 added to I1a with SNPs Y10633, Y10634, Y10635, Y10636, Y10637, Y10638
I-Y7282 At subclade I-Y7282 added SNP Y10703
I-Y10699 Subclade I-Y10699 added to I-Y7282 with SNPs Y10699, Y10700, Y10701, Y10702
I-L287* New sample YF02535 in subclade I-L287*
I-Y8953 At subclade I-Y8953 added SNPs Y10972, Y10973
I-Y5474* New sample YF02523 in subclade I-Y5474*
I-Y8943 At subclade I-Y8943 added SNP Y9434
I-Y8943 New sample YF02544 in subclade I-Y8943
I-S9318 At subclade I-S9318 added SNP S9318
I-S9318 Parent of subclade I-Y3601 changed from I-Y3603 to I-S9318
I-S9318 Subclade I-Y3601 renamed to I-S9318
I-Y3601 Parent of subclade I-Y3601 changed from I-Y3603 to I-S9318
I-Y10639 Subclade I-Y10639 added to I-Y3601 with SNP Y10639
I-Y10640 Subclade I-Y10640 added to I-Y3603 with SNPs Y10640, Y10641, Y10642, Y10643, Y10644, Y10645, Y10646, Y10647
I-Z138* New sample YF02562 in subclade I-Z138*
I-L1302* New sample YF02536 in subclade I-L1302*
I-Y10625 Subclade I-Y10625 added to I-L1302 with SNP Y10625
I-Y5180* New sample YF02504 in subclade I-Y5180*
I-Y9156 Subclade I-Y8339 divided to I-Y9156, I-Y8340
I-Y8340 Parent of subclade I-Y8339 changed from I-Y5568 to I-Y8340
I-Y8340 Subclade I-Y8339 divided to I-Y9156, I-Y8340
I-Y8339 At subclade I-Y8339 added SNPs M7411, M7585, M7586
I-Y8339 Parent of subclade I-Y8339 changed from I-Y5568 to I-Y8340
I-Y10696 Subclade I-Y10696 added to I-Y6594 with SNPs Y10696, Y10697, Y10698
I-S2122 At subclade I-S2122 added SNP Y7653
I-S2122 New sample YF02525 in subclade I-S2122
I-Y8955 At subclade I-Y8955 added SNP Y10896
I-Y6231 At subclade I-Y6231 added SNP Y10891
I-Y10890 Subclade I-Y10890 added to I-Y7277 with SNP Y10890
I-A376* New sample YF02423 in subclade I-A376*
I-A376* New sample YF02494 in subclade I-A376*
I-A263* New sample YF02500 in subclade I-A263*
I-Y8333 At subclade I-Y8333 added SNPs Y8335, Y8844, Y8846
I1b Subclade I-Y1857 deleted from I1b
I1b Subclade I-Y1916 deleted from I-Y1857
I-CTS5510 At subclade I-CTS5510 added SNPs Y8941, Y9411, Y9412, Y9413, Y9414
I-CTS5510 New sample YF02529 in subclade I-CTS5510
I-L1498 Subclade I-Y4008 renamed to I-L1498
I-Y3749 Subclade I-Y3722 divided to I-Y3749, I-Y3734
I-Y3734 Subclade I-Y3722 divided to I-Y3749, I-Y3734
I-Y10622 Subclade I-Y10622 added to I-CTS5779 with SNPs Y10622, Y10623, Y10624
I-Y8942 New sample YF02547 in subclade I-Y8942
I-Y10677 Subclade I-Y10677 added to I-Y5669 with SNPs Y10677, Y10678, Y10679, Y10680, Y10681, Y10682, Y10683 and other 9 SNPs
I-Y4886* New sample YF02531 in subclade I-Y4886*
I-Y4886* New sample YF02552 in subclade I-Y4886*
I-Y8945 At subclade I-Y8945 added SNPs Y9370, Y9371, Y9372, Y9373, Y9374, Y9375, Y9376 and other 12 SNPs
I-Y8945 New sample YF02522 in subclade I-Y8945
I-Y8945 New sample YF02532 in subclade I-Y8945
I-Y10659 Subclade I-Y10659 added to I-Y4955 with SNPs Y10659, Y10660, Y10661, Y10662, Y10663, Y10664, Y10665 and other 2 SNPs
I-Y10671 Subclade I-Y10671 added to I-Y5188 with SNPs Y10671, Y10672, Y10673, Y10674, Y10675, Y10676
I-Y4171 Subclade I-L126 renamed to I-Y4171
I-Y8701 Subclade I-Y4751 renamed to I-Y8701
I-Y4751* New sample YF02533 in subclade I-Y4751*
I-Y10655 Subclade I-Y10655 added to I-Y4751 with SNPs Y10655, Y10656, Y10657, Y10658
I-Y8599 At subclade I-Y8599 added SNP Y10704
I-Y8600 Subclade I-Y8599 renamed to I-Y8600
I-Y7190 At subclade I-Y7190 added SNP L361
I-Y10626 Subclade I-Y10626 added to I-M284 with SNPs Y10626, Y10627, Y10628, Y10629, Y10630, Y10631, Y10632
I-Y9443 Subclade I-Y9443 added to I-Y3672 as parent of I-L812, I-Y10648 with SNP Y9443
I-Y5308 Subclade I-L812 renamed to I-Y5308
I-Y10648 Subclade I-Y10648 added to I-Y9443 with SNPs Y10648, Y10649, Y10650, Y10651, Y10652, Y10653, Y10654
I2a2b At subclade I2a2b added SNPs S10412, S10886, S10978, S11108, S11216, S11330, S11727 and other 63 SNPs
I2a2b Subclade I2a2b1 deleted from I2a2b
J-Y10735 Subclade J-Y10735 added to J-Z2313 with SNPs Y10735, Y10736, Y10737, Y10738, Y10739, Y10740, Y10741 and other 10 SNPs
J-Y10723 Subclade J-Y10723 added to J-Y4349 with SNP Y10723
J-Y5321 At subclade J-Y5321 added SNP Y10887
J-Y10957 Subclade J-Y10957 added to J-Y9271 as parent of J-Y8961 with SNP Y10957
J-Y8961 At subclade J-Y8961 added SNP Y10953
J-Y8957 At subclade J-Y8957 added SNPs Y10730, Y10731, Y10732, Y10733, Y10944, Y10945, Y10946 and other 5 SNPs
J-Y8981 At subclade J-Y8981 added SNPs Y10943, Y10948
J-Y8537* New sample YF02539 in subclade J-Y8537*
J-Y10728 Subclade J-Y10728 added to J-Y8537 with SNPs Y10728, Y10729
J-Y8960 At subclade J-Y8960 added SNP Y10958
J-Y8964 At subclade J-Y8964 added SNPs Y10959, Y10960, Y10961, Y10962
J-Y8964 New sample YF02567 in subclade J-Y8964
J-Y8964 New sample YF02570 in subclade J-Y8964
J-Y8977 At subclade J-Y8977 added SNPs Y10934, Y10935, Y10936, Y10937, Y10938, Y10939, Y10940
J-Y10941 Subclade J-Y10941 added to J-Y8977 with SNPs Y10941, Y10942
J-Y8966 At subclade J-Y8966 added SNPs Y10886, Y9439, Y9440, Y9441, Y9442, Y9444, Y9445, Y9446, Y9453
J-Y8966* New sample YF02543 in subclade J-Y8966*
J-Y8966* New sample YF02549 in subclade J-Y8966*
J-Y8966* New sample YF02550 in subclade J-Y8966*
J-Y8959 At subclade J-Y8959 added SNPs Y10963, Y10964, Y10965, Y10966, Y10967
J-Y10734 Subclade J-Y10734 added to J-Z1842 with SNP Y10734
J-L210 At subclade J-L210 added SNP Y9358
J-Z482* New sample YF02520 in subclade J-Z482*
J-Z8096 At subclade J-Z8096 added SNP Y7532
J2a1b1a At subclade J2a1b1a added SNPs Y9395, Y9396, Y9397, Y9398, Y9399, Y9400, Y9402 and other 4 SNPs
J2a1b1a New sample YF02528 in subclade J2a1b1a
J-Y3612 At subclade J-Y3612 added SNP Y10722
J-Y3620 Subclade J-Y3612 renamed to J-Y3620
J-Y6957 At subclade J-Y6957 added SNPs CTS9539/M7348, Y10724, Y10725, Y10726
J-Y10727 Subclade J-Y10727 added to J-Y6957 with SNP Y10727
J-Y5009 At subclade J-Y5009 added SNP Y9415
J-Y5009* New sample YF02530 in subclade J-Y5009*
J-Y8344 At subclade J-Y8344 added SNP Y8893
J-PF5171 Parent of subclades J-L1064, J-PF5174 changed to J-PF5171
J-PF5171 Subclade J-PF5174 renamed to J-PF5171
J-L1064 Parent of subclades J-L1064, J-PF5174 changed to J-PF5171
J-PF5174 Parent of subclades J-L1064, J-PF5174 changed to J-PF5171
J-YSC0000253 At subclade J-YSC0000253 added SNPs Y9328, Y9334, Y9335, Y9336, Y9340, Y9341, Y9343, Y9345, Y9348, Y9350
J-YSC0000246 At subclade J-YSC0000246 added SNPs Y9329, Y9330, Y9331, Y9332, Y9337, Y9338, Y9344 and other 4 SNPs
J-Y8992 At subclade J-Y8992 added SNPs Y8993, Y9339
T-Y4119* New sample YF02515 in subclade T-Y4119*
T-Y9102 At subclade T-Y9102 added SNPs Y10897, Y10898, Y10899, Y10900, Y10901, Y10902, Y10903 and other 24 SNPs
T-Y9102 New sample YF02559 in subclade T-Y9102
T-Y7381 At subclade T-Y7381 added SNPs Y9424, Y9425
T-Y7381* New sample YF02353 in subclade T-Y7381*
T-Y7389 New sample YF02198 in subclade T-Y7389
T-Y9326 New sample YF02516 in subclade T-Y9326
T-Y9326 New sample YF02540 in subclade T-Y9326
T-Y9326 Subclade T-Y9326 added to T-Y7468 with SNPs Y9326, Y9327
T-Y8614 Subclade T1a3 divided to T-Y8614, T-L1255
T-L1255 Subclade T1a3 divided to T-Y8614, T-L1255
T-L1255* New sample YF02487 in subclade T-L1255*
T-Y8694* New sample YF02490 in subclade T-Y8694*
T-L1254 New sample YF02491 in subclade T-L1254
T-L1254 New sample YF02509 in subclade T-L1254
N-Y10756 Subclade N-Y10756 added to N-Y5005 with SNPs Y10756, Y10757
N-Y4999 Subclade N-Y5005 renamed to N-Y4999
N-Y7300 Parent of subclade N-Y7297 changed from N-Y5004 to N-Y7300
N-Y7300 Subclade N-Y7297 renamed to N-Y7300
N-Y7297 At subclade N-Y7297 added SNPs Y7522, Y7525
N-Y7297 Parent of subclade N-Y7297 changed from N-Y5004 to N-Y7300
N-LGM2 New sample YF02524 in subclade N-LGM2
N-Y4702* New sample YF02582 in subclade N-Y4702*
N-Y5743 New sample YF02517 in subclade N-Y5743
N-Y10931 Subclade N-Y10931 added to N-Y4339 with SNPs Y10931, Y10932, Y10933
N-Y9454 New sample YF02551 in subclade N-Y9454
N-Y9454 Subclade N-Y9454 added to N-L550 with SNPs Y9454, Y9455
N-Z1936 From subclade N-Z1936 deleted SNPs CTS11407, CTS11520, CTS4125, Z1926, Z1928/CTS2733, Z1929/CTS3372, Z1930/CTS4006, Z1931/CTS5708, Z1932/CTS7227, Z1934/CTS9925
N-Z1925 At subclade N-Z1925 added SNPs CTS11407, CTS11520, CTS4125, Y8711, Z1926, Z1928/CTS2733, Z1929/CTS3372, Z1930/CTS4006, Z1931/CTS5708, Z1932/CTS7227, Z1934/CTS9925
N-CTS8565 Subclade N-Z4878 renamed to N-CTS8565
N-YP1138 New sample YF02545 in subclade N-YP1138
N-Z5894 At subclade N-Z5894 added SNP Y9276
N-Z5894* New sample YF02555 in subclade N-Z5894*
N-CTS7189 At subclade N-CTS7189 added SNP Y7718
N-Y10755 Subclade N-Y10755 added to N-M2126 with SNPs M2004, M2010, M2019, M2023, M2028, M2045, M2050 and other 9 SNPs
N-Y9022 At subclade N-Y9022 added SNPs Y10758, Y10759, Y10892, Y10893, Y9279, Y9280, Y9281 and other 5 SNPs
N-Y9022 New sample YF02511 in subclade N-Y9022
O2 At subclade O2 added SNP Y9317
O-K473 Subclade O-K473 added to O2b1a with SNPs CTS1351, CTS3640, CTS7046, CTS8690, CTS9786, K473, K478, K479
O-K18 At subclade O-K18 added SNPs Y10780, Y9316, Y9321
O2a At subclade O2a added SNPs Y9318, Y9319, Y9323, Y9324, Y9342
O-M1280 At subclade O-M1280 added SNP Y9315
O-Y9322 Subclade O-Y9322 added to O-M1280 as parent of O-Y9325 with SNP Y9322
O-Y9325 Subclade O-Y9325 added to O-Y9322 as parent of O-Y9033 with SNP Y9325
O-Y9033 At subclade O-Y9033 added SNP Y9320
O-CTS10887 At subclade O-CTS10887 added SNPs Y10760, Y10761, Y10762, Y10763
O-F417 At subclade O-F417 added SNPs Y10775, Y10776, Y10778, Y10779
O-CTS250 At subclade O-CTS250 added SNPs CTS1084, F1043, F1378, F1568, F1666, F2543, F2701 and other 12 SNPs
O-F2760 Subclade O-CTS250 renamed to O-F2760
O-CTS8920 Subclade O-CTS8920 added to O-F446 with SNP CTS8920
O-Y8387 At subclade O-Y8387 added SNP Y9147
Q-M378 From subclade Q-Y2016 deleted SNPs FGC1774/Y2016, FGC1793/Y2036
Q-M378 Parent of subclades Q-L245, Q-Y2250 changed to Q-M378 and added SNPs FGC1774/Y2016, FGC1793/Y2036
Q-L245 Parent of subclades Q-L245, Q-Y2250 changed to Q-M378 and added SNPs FGC1774/Y2016, FGC1793/Y2036
Q-YP1010* New sample YF02501 in subclade Q-YP1010*
Q-YP740 New sample YF02356 in subclade Q-YP740
Q-YP1236 Subclade Q-YP1236 added to Q-YP1095 with SNPs YP1236, YP1237, YP1238, YP1239, YP1240, YP1241, YP1242 and other 7 SNPs
Q-YP1226 Subclade Q-YP1226 added to Q-YP745 with SNPs YP1226, YP1227, YP1228, YP1229, YP1230, YP1231, YP1232 and other 3 SNPs
Q-Y2250 Parent of subclades Q-L245, Q-Y2250 changed to Q-M378 and added SNPs FGC1774/Y2016, FGC1793/Y2036
Q-F1096 At subclade Q-F1096 added SNPs Y9312, Y9313, Y9314
Q-M25 At subclade Q-M25 added SNPs Y9307, Y9308, Y9310
Q-L712 From subclade Q-L712 deleted SNP YP854
Q-L715 At subclade Q-L715 added SNPs FGC6919, Y9299, Y9300, Y9301, Y9302, Y9303, Y9304, Y9305, Y9306, Y9309, Y9311
Q-L715* New sample YF02513 in subclade Q-L715*
Q-L713 At subclade Q-L713 added SNPs FGC7015, FGC7020, FGC7023, Y10786, YP854
Q-Y9048 At subclade Q-Y9048 added SNPs Y9298, Y9293, Y9291, Y9297, Y9294, Y9295
Q-Y9048 Parent of subclade Q-Y9047 changed from Q-L804 to Q-Y9048
Q-Y9048 Subclade Q-Y9047 renamed to Q-Y9048
Q-Y9047 At subclade Q-Y9047 added SNPs Y9290, Y9292, Y9296
Q-Y9047 Parent of subclade Q-Y9047 changed from Q-L804 to Q-Y9048
Q-Y10787 New sample YF02510 in subclade Q-Y10787
Q-Y10787 Subclade Q-Y10787 added to Q-Y9047 with SNP Y10787
Q-M848 Parent of subclade Q-CTS2731 changed from Q-CTS12274 to Q-M848
Q-CTS2731 Parent of subclade Q-CTS2731 changed from Q-CTS12274 to Q-M848
Q-M925 Subclade Q-M925 added to Q-M848 as parent of Q-CTS748 with SNP CTS11357/M925
Q-CTS1002 Subclade Q-CTS1002 added to Q-CTS748 as parent of Q-Z768 with SNPs CTS1002, CTS10405, CTS10620, CTS10625, CTS10779, CTS11007, CTS11283 and other 20 SNPs
Q-Z768 Subclade Q-Z768 added to Q-CTS1002 with SNPs CTS479, CTS5173/PF770, Z768
Q-Y10781 Subclade Q-Y10781 added to Q-CTS748 with SNPs CTS10623, CTS10699, CTS10746, CTS3931, CTS5172, CTS7417, CTS9116 and other 2 SNPs
Q-Z5907 Subclade Q-Z5907 added to Q-M848 with SNP Z5907
Q-Z5902 At subclade Q-Z5902 added SNP Y10788
R-M198 From subclade R-M198 deleted SNPs YFC002154, YFC002195
R-YP441* New sample YF02538 in subclade R-YP441*
R-YP1210 Subclade R-YP1210 added to R-YP1014 with SNPs YP1210, YP1211, YP1212, YP1213, YP1214, YP1215, YP1216 and other 5 SNPs
R-YP1136 New sample YF02526 in subclade R-YP1136
R-YP507 At subclade R-YP507 added SNPs Y10818, Y10819
R-YP984 Parent of subclade R-YP983 changed from R-YP618 to R-YP984
R-YP984 Subclade R-YP983 renamed to R-YP984
R-YP983 Parent of subclade R-YP983 changed from R-YP618 to R-YP984
R-Y9073 New sample YF02560 in subclade R-Y9073
R-YP556 At subclade R-YP556 added SNP Y9277
R-YP1178 Parent of subclade R-YP1171 changed from R-YP556 to R-YP1178
R-YP1178 Subclade R-YP1171 renamed to R-YP1178
R-YP1171 Parent of subclade R-YP1171 changed from R-YP556 to R-YP1178
R-S6241 At subclade R-S6241 added SNPs YP1257, YP1258
R-YP398 At subclade R-YP398 added SNPs Y10812, Y10813
R-YP392 Subclade R-YP398 renamed to R-YP392
R-S5168 Subclade R-S5096 renamed to R-S5168
R-YP1205 Subclade R-YP1205 added to R-S5096 with SNPs S7680, YP1205, YP1206, YP1207, YP1208, YP1209
R-YP401 At subclade R-YP401 added SNPs Y10814, Y10815, Y10816
R-YP1198 Subclade R-YP1198 added to R-YP401 with SNPs Y10817, YP1198, YP1199, YP1200, YP1201, YP1202, YP1203, YP1204
R-YP1195 Subclade R-YP1195 added to R-YP722 with SNPs YP1195, YP1196, YP1197
R-YP1259 Subclade R-YP1259 added to R-YP722 with SNP YP1259
R-YP578 At subclade R-YP578 added SNPs Y10820, Y9118
R-Y10802 Subclade R-Y10802 added to R-YP578 as parent of R-YP1078 with SNP Y10802
R-YP1078 From subclade R-YP1078 deleted SNP Y9118
R-YP1112 At subclade R-YP1112 added SNPs Y10803, Y10804, Y10894, Y10895
R-YP1145 At subclade R-YP1145 added SNPs Y10805, Y10806, Y10808, Y10809, YP1164/Y10807
R-YP343* New sample YF02488 in subclade R-YP343*
R-YP372 At subclade R-YP372 added SNPs Y10810, Y10811
R-YP1256 Subclade R-YP1256 added to R-YP569 with SNP YP1256
R-YP1260 Subclade R-YP1260 added to R-YP682 with SNPs YP1260, YP1261
R-Z664 Subclade R-YP294 renamed to R-Z664
R-Y5977 At subclade R-Y5977 added SNP Y10796
R-YP1051 Subclade R-YP1041 renamed to R-YP1051
R1b1c At subclade R1b1c added SNPs Y10834, Y10835, Y10836
R-A411 At subclade R-A411 added SNP Y9084
R1b1a2a1a1c2b* New sample YF02505 in subclade R1b1a2a1a1c2b*
R-Z343 Subclade R1b1a2a1a1c2b2a1a1b2a renamed to R-Z343
R-S3334 Subclade R1b1a2a1a1c2b2a1a1b2a1 renamed to R-S3334 and added SNP S20321
R-Y10821 Subclade R-Y10821 added to R-S3334 with SNPs CTS7678/S3935, S14406, Y10821, Y10822, Y10823
R-S3595 From subclade R-S3595 deleted SNPs CTS1331, CTS4099, CTS7814, CTS7815 and added SNP Y10792
R-A294 Subclade R-A294 added to R-S3595 as parent of R-Y10790 with SNPs A294, A296
R-Y10790 Subclade R-Y10790 added to R-A294 with SNPs Y10790, Y10791, Y10793
R-Y9083 Subclade R-Z81 renamed to R-Y9083
R-Z82 From subclade R-Z82 deleted SNPs CTS12668, CTS3388, CTS349/S3970, CTS3694, CTS5928, CTS5967, CTS8025 and other 6 SNPs
R-Y9133 At subclade R-Y9133 added SNPs Y9120, Y9121, Y9122, Y9126
R-Z5054 Subclade R-Z5052 renamed to R-Z5054
R1b1a2a1a1c2b3 At subclade R1b1a2a1a1c2b3 added SNPs Y10968, Y10969
R-A279 Subclade R-Y3443 renamed to R-A279
R-Y9087 At subclade R-Y9087 added SNPs Y10801, Y9426, Y9427, Y9428, Y9429, Y9430, Y9431, Y9432
R-Y9087 New sample YF02541 in subclade R-Y9087
R-S1221 Parent of subclade R-Y7765 changed from R-Z295 to R-S1221
R-S1221 Subclade R-Y7765 renamed to R-S1221
R-Y7765 Parent of subclade R-Y7765 changed from R-Z295 to R-S1221
R-Y10797 Subclade R-Y10797 added to R-Y7765 with SNPs Y10797, Y10798, Y10799, Y10800
R-CTS2142 At subclade R-CTS2142 added SNPs Y9355, Y9356
R-CTS2142* New sample YF02519 in subclade R-CTS2142*
R-Y7363 At subclade R-Y7363 added SNP Y7402
R-Z1899* New sample YF02581 in subclade R-Z1899*
R-PF6658 From subclade R-Z193 deleted SNP Z193 and added SNP Z193
R-Z192 Parent of subclade R-CTS10676 changed from R-Z193 to R-Z192
R-Z192 Subclade R-PF6658 renamed to R-Z192
R-CTS10676 Parent of subclade R-CTS10676 changed from R-Z193 to R-Z192
R-A40 At subclade R-A40 added SNP Y10971
R-S781 New sample YF02561 in subclade R-S781
R-Y10794 Subclade R-Y10794 added to R-S5668 with SNPs A3, A4, A5, A6, A7, A8, A9 and other 4 SNPs
R-CTS3087 From subclade R-CTS3087 deleted SNPs CTS11477, CTS4490, CTS9358, CTS9746, S8130
R-DF21* New sample YF02537 in subclade R-DF21*
R-DF21* New sample YF02548 in subclade R-DF21*
R-A50 At subclade R-A50 added SNPs Y9435, Y9436, Y9437, Y9438
R-A50 New sample YF02546 in subclade R-A50
R-L658 At subclade R-L658 added SNPs Y9359, Y9360, Y9361, Y9362, Y9363, Y9364, Y9365, Y9366, Y9367, Y9368, Y9369
R-L658* New sample YF02508 in subclade R-L658*
R-Y9061 New sample YF02521 in subclade R-Y9061
R-Y9061 Subclade R-Y9059 renamed to R-Y9061
R-Y7346 At subclade R-Y7346 added SNP Y7349
R-Y2841* New sample YF02506 in subclade R-Y2841*
R-Y9391 New sample YF02527 in subclade R-Y9391
R-Y9391 Subclade R-Y9391 added to R-S603 with SNP Y9391
R-DF88 Subclade R1b1a2a1a2e1 renamed to R-DF88
R-Y6234 Subclade R-S4268 divided to R-Y6234, R-Y6237
R-Y6237 Subclade R-S4268 divided to R-Y6234, R-Y6237
R-Z302 Subclade R1b1a2a1a2e2 renamed to R-Z302
R-Z2244 From subclade R1b1a2a1a2d deleted SNPs CTS6549, CTS6550, L238/S182 and added SNP L238/S182
R-CTS11638 Subclade R-CTS11638 added to R-Z2244 as parent of R-Y10824 with SNP CTS11638
R-Y10824 Subclade R-Y10824 added to R-CTS11638 with SNPs Y10824, Y10825, Y10826, Y10827, Y10828, Y10829, Y10830, Y10831, Y10832, Y10833
R-Y10789 Subclade R-Y10789 added to R-CTS1450 with SNP Y10789