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BT From subclade BT deleted SNPs Y8278, Y8279, Y8280, Y8281, Y8282, Y8283, Y8284 and other 16 SNPs
D At subclade D added SNPs Y11929, Y12041, Y12042, Y12043
D-M55 At subclade D-M55 added SNPs CTS10087, CTS10197, CTS1024, CTS10502/Z3820, CTS10703, CTS10750, CTS11124 and other 100 SNPs
D2a From subclade D2a deleted SNPs M116.2/M116/M116.1, Z3700 and added SNPs CTS10619, CTS2459, CTS3130, CTS6238, CTS7648, Y12561, Y12562 and other 2 SNPs
D2a1 At subclade D2a1 added SNPs CTS10445, CTS11359, CTS1817, CTS932, Z3602
D2a1b2 At subclade D2a1b2 added SNPs CTS3791, CTS9120, CTS9521, Z3615, Z3645
D2a1b2a1 At subclade D2a1b2a1 added SNP Z3622
D-CTS291 Subclade D-CTS291 added to D2a1 with SNPs CTS10248, CTS10972, CTS11528, CTS1708, CTS1976, CTS2010, CTS291 and other 8 SNPs
D-Z1574 At subclade D-Z1574 added SNPs Y12549, Y12551
D-Y12546 Subclade D-Y12546 added to D-Z1574 as parent of D-CTS1405, D-Y11739 with SNP Y12546
D-Y11739 At subclade D-Y11739 added SNPs Y12548, Y12552, Y12553, Y12559
D-Y11739* New sample YF02882 in subclade D-Y11739*
D2b From subclade D2b deleted SNP CTS7457 and added SNPs CTS13008, CTS5302, CTS7467, Z1525, Z3836, Z3837
D2b1 From subclade D2b1 deleted SNP CTS5302
E1b1b From subclade E1b1b deleted SNPs CTS10343/PF1782/M5276, CTS10554/M5283, CTS10605/PF1790, CTS10918/PF1877/M5328, CTS11709/PF1897, CTS12552/PF1928/M5371, CTS12736/PF1931/M5375 and other 86 SNPs
E1b1b1 At subclade E1b1b1 added SNPs CTS10343/PF1782/M5276, CTS10554/M5283, CTS10918/PF1877/M5328, CTS11709/PF1897, CTS12552/PF1928/M5371, CTS12736/PF1931/M5375, CTS1389/PF1525/M5069 and other 82 SNPs
E1b1b1a1 From subclade E1b1b1a1 deleted SNP L18
E-L540 At subclade E-L540 added SNP Y12394
E-L540* New sample YF02909 in subclade E-L540*
E-Y7026 At subclade E-Y7026 added SNP Y12393
E-A783 New sample YF02913 in subclade E-A783
E-M81 From subclade E-M81 deleted SNPs CTS6185/PF2524/M5198, PF2503, PF2546/M5284 and added SNPs M5116, M5346, M5347, M5348, M5349, M5350, M5351, PF2515/M5172, Z1168
E-A930 Subclade E-A930 added to E-M81 with SNP A930
E-M5043 New sample YF02833 in subclade E-M5043
E-PF6794 New sample YF02897 in subclade E-PF6794
E-PF6794 Subclade E-PF6794 added to E-M81 with SNPs PF6789, PF6794, PF6799, Y12245
E-L791 At subclade E-L791 added SNP Y11827
E-L793 At subclade E-L793 added SNPs Y11824, Y11825, Y11826, Y11828, Y11829, Y11830, Y11831, Y7628
C1 At subclade C1 added SNP Y12181
C-V20 At subclade C-V20 added SNPs Y12147, Y12148, Y12180, Y12185, Y12186, Y12187
C-V86 At subclade C-V86 added SNPs Y12165, Y12173, Y12184
C-V222 At subclade C-V222 added SNPs Y12120, Y12121, Y12122, Y12123, Y12124, Y12125, Y12126 and other 46 SNPs
C2b From subclade C2b deleted SNP S22340 and added SNPs Y11082, Y11090, Y11092, Y11093, Y11094, Y11109, Y11127, Y11136, Y12029
C-Y10420 Subclade C-F1756 renamed to C-Y10420
C-F1918 At subclade C-F1918 added SNPs Y11118, Y4550, Y4512, F3618
C-F1918 Subclade C-Y4497 divided to C-F1918, C-Y4541
C-Y4541 Parent of subclade C-F4044 changed from C-Y11137 to C-Y4541
C-Y4541 Subclade C-Y4497 divided to C-F1918, C-Y4541
C-Y11137 Parent of subclade C-F4044 changed from C-Y11137 to C-Y4541
C-M48 Subclade C-M48 added to C2b with SNPs CTS10241, L1370, L1372, M48, M77, M86, Y12224 and other 18 SNPs
C-Y11990 Subclade C-Y11990 added to C2b with SNPs M8574, Y11990, Y11991, Y11992, Y11993, Y11994, Y11995 and other 25 SNPs
G From subclade G deleted SNPs PF2804, PF2907, PF3098/F3359/M3614, Y1386_2, Y230, Y309/Z3285, Y336 and other 6 SNPs and added SNPs CTS1705/M3503, CTS1726/PF2926/M3504, CTS670/M3451, CTS692/PF2845/M3452, CTS827/PF2847/M3454, L204/PF2825, PF2862/M3467 and other 9 SNPs
G1 From subclade G1 deleted SNP Z3360 and added SNPs F2498, F2853, Y12113, Y12114, Y5789, Y6084, Z3344
G-F1761 At subclade G-F1761 added SNPs F4297, Y12112, Y12115, Y12116, Y12117, Y12118, Z3191, Z3342, Z3421
G-L1323 Subclade G-L1323 added to G-F1761 as parent of G-Y12252 with SNPs F4221, L1323, L1324, L1325, L1327, L1328, L1414 and other 27 SNPs
G-Y12252 Subclade G-Y12252 added to G-L1323 with SNPs Y12252, Y12253
G-Z3189 At subclade G-Z3189 added SNPs Z3121, Z3360
G2 From subclade G2 deleted SNPs CTS5666/PF2986/M3325, PF2798, PF2903/M3276, PF3082 and added SNPs CTS120/PF2781/M3443, PF2804, Y237/Z3099, Y321
G2a From subclade G2a deleted SNP L149.1/L149.2/PF2882/F1188/L149 and added SNPs CTS5666/PF2986/M3325, PF2798, PF2903/M3276, PF3082
G2a2 At subclade G2a2 added SNPs Y322, Y355
G2a2a1b1 From subclade G2a2a1b1 deleted SNP Z6490 and added SNPs Y1778, Z6128
G2a2a1b1a From subclade G2a2a1b1a deleted SNPs Z6207, Z6215
G2a2b From subclade G2a2b deleted SNPs PF2913, Y338 and added SNP Y1417
G2a2b2a1 From subclade G2a2b2a1 deleted SNP Y302/Z6294
G-S22146 Subclade G-S22146 added to G2a2b2a1a as parent of G2a2b2a1a1, G-L1266 with SNP S22146
G-L1266 New sample YF02912 in subclade G-L1266
G-L1266 Subclade G2a2b2a1a2, G2a2b2a1a2a merged to G-L1266 and added SNPs S18967, S11286, Y12392, Y12390, S11817, S19822, S21397 and other 35 SNPs
G2a2b2a1c1a At subclade G2a2b2a1c1a added SNPs Y966, Z3137
G-Y306 Subclade G-Y306 added to G2a2b2a1c1a as parent of G2a2b2a1c1a1, G2a2b2a1c1a2 with SNPs FGC287/Y370, Y306/Z3265, Z6320
G-Z6524 From subclade G-Z6524 deleted SNP Z6524
G2a2b2b1a1 From subclade G2a2b2b1a1 deleted SNP PF3398
G-Y5797 At subclade G-Y5797 added SNPs Y12517, Z6627, Z6698, Z6704
G-Z6634 Subclade G-Z6653 renamed to G-Z6634
G-Z7958 Subclade G-Z7940 renamed to G-Z7958
G2b From subclade G2b deleted SNPs PF1343, Z8020
H3 At subclade H3 added SNPs Y11962, Y11963, Y11986, Y11987
H3a At subclade H3a added SNP Y11989
H3a2 At subclade H3a2 added SNP Y11985
H3a2a At subclade H3a2a added SNPs Y11972, Y11988
H3a2a1 At subclade H3a2a1 added SNPs Y11971, Y11973, Y11976
H-F1928 At subclade H-F1928 added SNPs Y11964, Y11965, Y11966, Y11967, Y11968, Y11969, Y11970 and other 7 SNPs
I-Y11205 At subclade I-Y11205 added SNPs Y11863, Y11864, Y11865, Y11866, Y11867, Y11868, Y11869, Y11870
I-Y11248 At subclade I-Y11248 added SNPs Y11953, Y11954, Y11955, Y11956, Y11957, Y11958, Y11959, Y11960
I-Y11264 At subclade I-Y11264 added SNPs Y12044, Y12045
I-Y11221 At subclade I-Y11221 added SNPs F3312/S24145, Y11886, Y11887, Y11888, Y11889, Y11890
I-Y6204 At subclade I-Y6204 added SNPs CTS5178, Y12539
I-L287 At subclade I-L287 added SNP CTS7539
I-Y12541 New sample YF02880 in subclade I-Y12541
I-Y12541 Subclade I-Y12541 added to I-L258 with SNP Y12541
I-Y3603 At subclade I-Y3603 added SNP CTS9451
I-Y11211 At subclade I-Y11211 added SNPs Y11871, Y11872, Y11873, Y11874, Y11875, Y11876, Y11877, Y11878, Y11879
I-Y12315 At subclade I-Y12315 added SNP Y12650
I-Y12315 New sample YF02894 in subclade I-Y12315
I-Y12342 Subclade I-Y12342 added to I-Z60 with SNPs Y12342, Y12343, Y12344
I-Y12329 At subclade I-Y12329 added SNPs Y12659, Y12660, Y12661, Y12662, Y12663, Y12664, Y12665 and other 2 SNPs
I-Y12329 New sample YF02907 in subclade I-Y12329
I-Z2538 At subclade I-Z2538 added SNPs Y12047, Y3153
I-Y11930 Subclade I-Y11930 added to I-Y5384 with SNP Y11930
I-S2078 At subclade I-S2078 added SNP Y11823
I-L1237 At subclade I-L1237 added SNP Y11822
I-Y11765 At subclade I-Y11765 added SNPs Y12057, Y12058, Y12059, Y12060, Y12061, Y12062, Y12063 and other 21 SNPs
I-Y3110* New sample YF02847 in subclade I-Y3110*
I-Y5598* New sample YF02896 in subclade I-Y5598*
I-Z17855 At subclade I-Z17855 added SNP Y12341
I-L1287 At subclade I-L1287 added SNP Y11881
I-L233 At subclade I-L233 added SNPs Y5138, Y5140
I-Y11222 At subclade I-Y11222 added SNPs Y11891, Y11892, Y11893, Y11894, Y11895, Y11896, Y11897, Y11898
I-P78 At subclade I-P78 added SNP Y12654
I-Y6396 At subclade I-Y6396 added SNP Y11260
I-Y11261 At subclade I-Y11261 added SNPs Y12033, Y12034, Y12035, Y12036, Y12037, Y12038, Y12039, Y12040
I-Y8945 At subclade I-Y8945 added SNP Y12653
I-Y8945* New sample YF02900 in subclade I-Y8945*
I-Y11762 At subclade I-Y11762 added SNPs Y12573, Y12578
I-Y11763 At subclade I-Y11763 added SNPs Y12569, Y12570, Y12571, Y12572, Y12574, Y12575, Y12576, Y12577
I-Y11763 New sample YF02883 in subclade I-Y11763
I-Y11763 New sample YF02884 in subclade I-Y11763
I-Y11229 At subclade I-Y11229 added SNPs Y11919, Y11920, Y11921, Y11922, Y12334
I-P95 Subclade I-P95 added to I-Y11229 with SNP P95
I-Y12335 Subclade I-Y12335 added to I-Y11774 with SNPs Y12335, Y12336, Y12337, Y12338, Y12530, Y12531, Y12532
I-Y8935 At subclade I-Y8935 added SNP Y12056
I-Y12052 Subclade I-Y12052 added to I-Y8935 with SNPs Y12052, Y12053, Y12054, Y12055
I-Z180* New sample YF02918 in subclade I-Z180*
I-Y10660 Parent of subclade I-Y10659 changed from I-Y4955 to I-Y10660
I-Y10660 Subclade I-Y10659 renamed to I-Y10660
I-Y10659 Parent of subclade I-Y10659 changed from I-Y4955 to I-Y10660
I-Y11231 At subclade I-Y11231 added SNPs Y11924, Y11925, Y11926, Y11927, Y11928
I-Y4714 At subclade I-Y4714 added SNP Y12543
I-Y12542 New sample YF02881 in subclade I-Y12542
I-Y12542 Subclade I-Y12542 added to I-Y4714 with SNPs Y12542, Y12544
I-L596 At subclade I-L596 added SNPs S6742, Y12523, Y12524, Y12525, Y12527, Y12528
I-L1251 At subclade I-L1251 added SNP Y12526
I-Y11280 Subclade I-Y11280 added to I-L1251 with SNP Y11280
J-Y11776 At subclade J-Y11776 added SNP Y12658
J-Y12347 At subclade J-Y12347 added SNP Y12657
J-Y12349 At subclade J-Y12349 added SNPs Y12655, Y12656
J-Y12349 New sample YF02902 in subclade J-Y12349
J-Y12349 New sample YF02904 in subclade J-Y12349
J-Y11883 Subclade J-Y11883 added to J-Y10723 with SNPs Y11883, Y11884
J-FGC4474 Subclade J-FGC4474 added to J-Y8537 as parent of J-Y12363, J-Y12364 with SNP FGC4474
J-Y12363 Subclade J-Y12363 added to J-FGC4474 with SNP Y12363
J-Y12364 Subclade J-Y12364 added to J-FGC4474 as parent of J-FGC17804 with SNP Y12364
J-FGC17804 Subclade J-FGC17804 added to J-Y12364 with SNP FGC17804
J-FGC22238 Subclade J-FGC22238 added to J-Y8964 with SNP FGC22238
J-L859 Subclade J-L859 added to J-Y6074 with SNPs L859, Y12357, Y12358, Y12359, Y12360, Y12361, Y12362
J-M92 From subclade J-M92 deleted SNP PF5128 and added SNP Y12106
J-Z8096 At subclade J-Z8096 added SNP CTS2906/PF7397
J-L556 At subclade J-L556 added SNPs Y12107, Y12108, Y12109, Y12540
J-Y11782 At subclade J-Y11782 added SNP Y12105
J-Y11782 New sample YF02877 in subclade J-Y11782
J-Y11200 At subclade J-Y11200 added SNPs Y11861, Y11862
J-M319* New sample YF02915 in subclade J-M319*
J-PF5177 From subclade J-PF5177 deleted SNPs PF7421, PF7423 and added SNP Z8074
J-Y8992 New sample YF02518 in subclade J-Y8992
J-Z6046 At subclade J-Z6046 added SNPs Y12369, Y12370, Y12371, Y12372, Y12587, Y12588, Y12608, Y12609
J-Y12400 Subclade J-Y12400 added to J-Y12000 with SNP Y12400
L-L1307 At subclade L-L1307 added SNP Y12414
L-M2398 At subclade L-M2398 added SNP Y12415
L-Z5920 At subclade L-Z5920 added SNPs Y12416, Y12417, Y12418
L-Y12419 Subclade L-Y12419 added to L-Z5920 with SNPs Y12419, Y12420
T At subclade T added SNP Y12704
T-Y4119* New sample YF02911 in subclade T-Y4119*
T-Y8853 At subclade T-Y8853 added SNP Y12702
T-Y8425 At subclade T-Y8425 added SNP Y12701
T-Y12641 Subclade T-Y12641 added to T-Y6671 with SNPs Y12641, Y12642, Y12643, Y12644, Y12645, Y12646, Y12647, Y12648
T-Y6033 Subclade T-L131 renamed to T-Y6033
T-Y11151 At subclade T-Y11151 added SNP Y12703
T-Y11151 Parent of subclade T-Y8614 changed from T1a to T-Y11151 and deleted SNPs Y9202, Y8693, Y9191, Y9184, Y9263, Y8641, Y8642, Y9218, Y9264
T-Y11151 Subclade T-Y8614 renamed to T-Y11151
T-Y8614 At subclade T-Y8614 added SNP Y9185
T-Y8614 Parent of subclade T-Y8614 changed from T1a to T-Y11151 and deleted SNPs Y9202, Y8693, Y9191, Y9184, Y9263, Y8641, Y8642, Y9218, Y9264
T-L1255 From subclade T-L1255 deleted SNP Y9185 and added SNPs Y8641, Y8642, Y8693, Y9184, Y9191, Y9202, Y9218, Y9263, Y9264
T-Y12481 New sample YF02920 in subclade T-Y12481
T-Y8694* New sample YF02921 in subclade T-Y8694*
N-Y11882 Subclade N-Y11882 added to N-CTS8173 with SNP Y11882
N-Y12103 Subclade N-Y12103 added to N-Y4339 with SNPs Y12103, Y12104
N-P43 At subclade N-P43 added SNP Y11923
N-VL67 New sample YF02784 in subclade N-VL67
O3a2c1a Parent of subclade O-M1706 changed from O-Y23 to O3a2c1a and deleted SNPs CTS10821/M1709, CTS11637, CTS11856/M1723, CTS12304, CTS12876/M1736, CTS1336/M1537, CTS2338 and other 55 SNPs
O-M1706 At subclade O-M1706 added SNPs CTS10821/M1709, CTS11637, CTS11856/M1723, CTS12304, CTS12876/M1736, CTS1336/M1537, CTS2338 and other 55 SNPs
O-M1706 Parent of subclade O-M1706 changed from O-Y23 to O3a2c1a and deleted SNPs CTS10821/M1709, CTS11637, CTS11856/M1723, CTS12304, CTS12876/M1736, CTS1336/M1537, CTS2338 and other 55 SNPs
Q-YP1226 At subclade Q-YP1226 added SNP Y11859
Q-Y12448 At subclade Q-Y12448 added SNPs Y12675, Y12676, Y12677, Y12678, Y12679, Y12680, Y12681 and other 10 SNPs
Q-Y12445 Subclade Q-Y12445 added to Q-Y7582 with SNPs Y12445, Y12446, Y12447
Q-CTS748 At subclade Q-CTS748 added SNP CTS11330/M924
Q-CTS1002 At subclade Q-CTS1002 added SNP CTS8567
Q-Y12421 Subclade Q-Y12421 added to Q-M925 with SNPs Y12421, Y12422, Y12423, Y12424, Y12425, Y12426, Y12427 and other 13 SNPs
Q-Y4273 From subclade Q-Y4273 deleted SNP Y6217 and added SNP Y12444
Q-Y6131 At subclade Q-Y6131 added SNPs Y6217, Y8858
R-YP547* New sample YF02865 in subclade R-YP547*
R-PF6155 Parent of subclade R-M458 changed from R-Z282 to R-PF6155
R-PF6155 Subclade R-M458 renamed to R-PF6155
R-M458 Parent of subclade R-M458 changed from R-Z282 to R-PF6155
R-YP1453 Subclade R-YP1453 added to R-YP1182 with SNPs YP1453, YP1454
R-YP1364 New sample YF02916 in subclade R-YP1364
R-YP610 New sample YF02780 in subclade R-YP610
R-YP1420 Subclade R-YP1420 added to R-CTS4179 with SNPs YP1420, YP1422, YP1423
R-YP1433 Subclade R-YP1433 added to R-YP386 with SNPs YP1433, YP1434, YP1435, YP1436, YP1437, YP1438, YP1439 and other 4 SNPs
R-YP1120 At subclade R-YP1120 added SNP YP1427
R-YP1426 Subclade R-YP1426 added to R-YP1120 with SNP YP1426
R-YP1413 At subclade R-YP1413 added SNPs YP1424, YP1425
R-YP983 At subclade R-YP983 added SNP Y11848
R-S5708 At subclade R-S5708 added SNPs S6350, Y12048
R-YP1448 Subclade R-YP1448 added to R-FGC19283 with SNP FGC19279/FGC19272/YP1448
R-YP1428 Subclade R-YP1428 added to R-Y12463 with SNP YP1428
R-Y2902* New sample YF02878 in subclade R-Y2902*
R-YP1447 Subclade R-YP1447 added to R-Y2902 with SNP YP1447
R-L366 At subclade R-L366 added SNP YP1450
R-Y10804 Parent of subclade R-YP1112 changed from R-YP578 to R-Y10804
R-Y10804 Subclade R-YP1112 renamed to R-Y10804
R-YP1112 Parent of subclade R-YP1112 changed from R-YP578 to R-Y10804
R-YP564 Subclade R-YP561 renamed to R-YP564
R-YP569 At subclade R-YP569 added SNPs Y12046, Y5572, Y5573
R-YP351* New sample YF02908 in subclade R-YP351*
R-YP1451 Subclade R-YP1451 added to R-Z93 with SNPs YP1451, YP1452
R-YP1429 Subclade R-YP1429 added to R-YP264 with SNPs YP1429, YP1430, YP1431, YP1432
R-Z2125 Parent of subclade R-YP349 changed from R-Z2124 to R-Z2125
R-YP349 Parent of subclade R-YP349 changed from R-Z2124 to R-Z2125
R-YP1359 At subclade R-YP1359 added SNPs Y12480, YP1357
R-YP1272 At subclade R-YP1272 added SNPs Y12635, Y12636, Y12637, Y12638, Y12639, Y12640
R-P312 New sample YF02876 in subclade R-P312
R-P312 New sample YF02879 in subclade R-P312
R-P312 New sample YF02891 in subclade R-P312
R-L881 Subclade R1b1a2a1a2a3 renamed to R-L881
R-Y11849 Subclade R-Y11849 added to R-DF27 with SNPs CTS5885, CTS6578, CTS7356, Y11849, Y11850, Y11851, Y11852, Y11853, Y11854, Y11855, Y11856
R-Y11215 At subclade R-Y11215 added SNP Y11880
R-S1221* New sample YF02898 in subclade R-S1221*
R-Y11281 At subclade R-Y11281 added SNPs Y12090, Y12091, Y12473
R-Y12465 Subclade R-Y12465 added to R-Y11281 with SNPs Y12465, Y12466, Y12467, Y12469, Y12471, Y12472
R-Y12671 New sample YF02910 in subclade R-Y12671
R-Y12671 Subclade R-Y12671 added to R-Y5649 with SNPs Y12671, Y12672, Y12673, Y12674
R-S781 At subclade R-S781 added SNP S804
R-A922 Subclade R-A922 added to R-S781 with SNP A922
R-S5668 At subclade R-S5668 added SNP Y12649
R-S5979* New sample YF02893 in subclade R-S5979*
R-Y12464 Subclade R-Y12464 added to R-S190 with SNP Y12464
R-Y11789 At subclade R-Y11789 added SNPs Y12518, Y12519, Y12520, Y12521, Y12522
R-CTS3655 At subclade R-CTS3655 added SNPs Y12651, Y12652
R-CTS3655* New sample YF02899 in subclade R-CTS3655*
R-Y12192 Subclade R-Y12192 added to R-S603 with SNPs Y12190, Y12191, Y12192, Y12193
R-Y3644 From subclade R-Y3644 deleted SNPs CTS12358, CTS1426
R-Y11804 At subclade R-Y11804 added SNPs Y12533, Y12534, Y12535
R-Y11804 New sample YF02871 in subclade R-Y11804
R-Y11899 Subclade R-Y11899 added to R-Y7845 with SNPs Y11899, Y11900, Y11901, Y11902, Y11903, Y11904
R-Y11269 At subclade R-Y11269 added SNPs Y11905, Y11906, Y11907, Y11908, Y11909, Y11910, Y11911 and other 3 SNPs
R-L226 At subclade R-L226 added SNP Y6914
R-Y12459 Subclade R-Y12459 added to R-L226 with SNPs Y12459, Y12460, Y12461, Y12462
R-A2076 New sample YF02901 in subclade R-A2076
R-Y12458 Subclade R-Y12458 added to R-L159.2 with SNP Y12458
R-U152* New sample YF02872 in subclade R-U152*
R-DF90 At subclade R-DF90 added SNP Y12051
R-Y11232 At subclade R-Y11232 added SNPs Y11931, Y11932, Y11933, Y11934, Y11935
R-Y11785 At subclade R-Y11785 added SNPs Y12485, Y12486, Y12487, Y12488, Y12489, Y12490, Y12491 and other 3 SNPs
R-Y11178 At subclade R-Y11178 added SNPs Y12395, Y12396, Y12398, Y12402, Y12403, Y12404, Y12405 and other 3 SNPs
R-Y11178 New sample YF02914 in subclade R-Y11178
R-CTS6554 At subclade R-CTS6554 added SNP Y12119
R-V3505 Subclade R-V3505 added to R-P312 with SNP V3505
R-L217.1 At subclade R-L217.1 added SNPs Y11832, Y11833, Y11834, Y11835, Y11836, Y11837, Y11838 and other 7 SNPs
R-S20054 Subclade R-S20054 added to R-Z2 with SNPs S20054, Y10966
R-Y10790 At subclade R-Y10790 added SNP Y11935
R-Z344 From subclade R-Z344 deleted SNP Z352/S386
R-Z6 At subclade R-Z6 added SNP Z352/S386
R-Z2103 At subclade R-Z2103 added SNPs Y12536, Y12537
R-Z2106 At subclade R-Z2106 added SNP Y12538
R-Z2110* New sample YF02873 in subclade R-Z2110*
R-CTS7556 Parent of subclade R-CTS1450 changed from R-Z2110 to R-CTS7556
R-CTS7556 Subclade R-CTS1450 renamed to R-CTS7556
R-CTS1450 Parent of subclade R-CTS1450 changed from R-Z2110 to R-CTS7556
R-M479 At subclade R-M479 added SNPs Y12094, Y12096, Y12097, Y12098, Y12099
R-Y8763 At subclade R-Y8763 added SNP Y12100
R-V3714 At subclade R-V3714 added SNPs Y12095, Y12101
R-L295 At subclade R-L295 added SNPs Y12092, Y12093