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A1a At subclade A1a added SNPs CTS1809, CTS311, Y8073, Z2174/S5025
A1b1 At subclade A1b1 added SNP M9044
B-Z5107 Subclade B-Z5107 added to B-Y1577 with SNPs Z5107, Z5421
D At subclade D added SNPs CTS1269, CTS1582, CTS3086, CTS4488, CTS5704, CTS7082, CTS795 and other 10 SNPs
D-F1612 At subclade D-F1612 added SNP F3519
D-M55 At subclade D-M55 added SNP Y12567
D2a From subclade D2a deleted SNPs CTS3130, Z3693
D2a1b At subclade D2a1b added SNPs CTS10074, CTS1051, CTS10919, CTS10933, CTS1107, CTS11264, CTS1284 and other 77 SNPs
E1a At subclade E1a added SNPs CTS11591, CTS1172, CTS1876, CTS2384/Z929, CTS3678, CTS4268, CTS4477 and other 20 SNPs
E1a2 At subclade E1a2 added SNPs CTS10713/Z958, CTS11085/Z959, CTS2223, CTS3538, CTS3669, CTS3914, CTS4276 and other 11 SNPs
E1a2a At subclade E1a2a added SNPs CTS2632, CTS4519, CTS9089, Y967, Z906, Z918
E1a2a1a At subclade E1a2a1a added SNPs CTS3380, CTS4187, Z885
E1a2a1a1 At subclade E1a2a1a1 added SNP CTS9869
E-Z5993 Subclade E-Z5993 added to E1a2a1a with SNP Z5993
E1a2a1b At subclade E1a2a1b added SNPs CTS1285, CTS6573, CTS9489/M1146
E-Y947 Subclade E-Y947 added to E1a2a1b as parent of E-Z5992 with SNPs A173, CTS10712, CTS11737, CTS3351, CTS3615, CTS3840, CTS7140 and other 3 SNPs
E-Z5992 Subclade E-Z5992 added to E-Y947 with SNP Z5992
E-Z5991 Subclade E-Z5991 added to E1a2a with SNP Z5991
E-Z5990 Subclade E-Z5990 added to E1a2b1a1a as parent of E1a2b1a1a1 with SNP Z5990
E-M4225 At subclade E-M4225 added SNPs CTS1001/M4727, CTS6635/M4835, CTS8826/M4872, M4732, M4895, Y1623
E1b1a1a1g1 At subclade E1b1a1a1g1 added SNPs CTS3852, F3750/M4236, V3224/CTS4921/M4243
E1b1a1a1g1 Subclade E1b1a1a1g1b deleted from E1b1a1a1g1
E1b1a1a1g1 Subclade E1b1a1a1g1c deleted from E1b1a1a1g1
E1b1a1a1g1 Subclade E1b1a1a1g1d deleted from E1b1a1a1g1
E-M4232 Subclade E-M4232 added to E1b1a1a1g1 as parent of E-Z1720, E-Z5941 with SNPs CTS11221/M4256, CTS9042/M4249, M4232, M4255, Z1806, Z1807/M4233
E-CTS1598 Subclade E-CTS1598 added to E-M4041 with SNPs CTS11695, CTS11789, CTS1598, CTS2359, CTS2584, CTS5768, CTS6074, PF6587
E-M3988 At subclade E-M3988 added SNP CTS2504/Z1717/M3993
E1b1a1a1g1a At subclade E1b1a1a1g1a added SNP CTS6773/M3987
E1b1a1a1g1a1 At subclade E1b1a1a1g1a1 added SNPs CTS2678/Z1810, CTS7737/Z1811, Z1812
E-Z1786 Subclade E-Z1786 added to E1b1a1a1g1a2 as parent of E-CTS127, E-CTS1387 with SNP Z1786/M3912/Z5953
E-CTS127 Subclade E-CTS127 added to E-Z1786 with SNPs CTS127/Z1764, CTS680/Z1765, Z1723, Z1724, Z1766
E-CTS1387 Subclade E-CTS1387 added to E-Z1786 as parent of E-CTS907 with SNPs CTS1387/Z1739/M3908, CTS7262/Z1742/M3922, M3932, Z1740/M3909
E-CTS907 Subclade E-CTS907 added to E-CTS1387 as parent of E-CTS10992 with SNPs CTS1166/Z1744, CTS1201, CTS1870/Z1741/M3916, CTS2804, CTS3345/Z1753, CTS3599/Z1754, CTS5402/Z1755 and other 9 SNPs
E-CTS10992 Subclade E-CTS10992 added to E-CTS907 with SNPs CTS10992/Z1729, CTS2013, CTS7384/Z1763, Z1730, Z1762
E-CTS421 Subclade E-CTS421 added to E1b1a1a1g1a with SNPs CTS421, M3943
E-Y4008 Subclade E-Y4008 added to E1b1a1a1g1a with SNPs L1498/Y4008, Z5951
E-Z5950 Subclade E-Z5950 added to E1b1a1a1g1a with SNP Z5950
E-Z5952 Subclade E-Z5952 added to E1b1a1a1g1a with SNP Z5952
E-CTS1536 Subclade E-CTS1536 added to E-Z5954 with SNPs CTS1536, CTS4178, CTS4718/Z1735, CTS4911, CTS7134, CTS7973/Z1737, V3731/PF7391/S2348, Z1732, Z1733, Z1734, Z1738
E-Z5958 Subclade E-Z5958 added to E1b1a1a1g1a with SNP Z5958
E-Z1788 Subclade E-Z1788 added to E-M3988 as parent of E-CTS3119, E-L914, E-Z4189 with SNPs CTS3603/M3906, M3905/S11985, V3862/CTS9968, Z1788/M3907, Z1790
E-CTS3119 Subclade E-CTS3119 added to E-Z1788 as parent of E-Z1721 with SNPs CTS11328/Z1789/M3870, CTS3119/Z1787/M3866
E-Z1721 Subclade E-Z1721 added to E-CTS3119 as parent of E-Z1769 with SNPs CTS10929/M3832, CTS8027/M3851, V2580/CTS3243/Z1781/M3867, Z1721, Z1777
E-Z1769 Subclade E-Z1769 added to E-Z1721 as parent of E-CTS283 with SNPs CTS10652/M3854, CTS5497/Z1782/M3868, CTS8026/M3850, M3852, Z1769, Z1778, Z1779, Z1780, Z1783/M3853, Z1784/M3869
E-CTS283 Subclade E-CTS283 added to E-Z1769 as parent of E-CTS1458 with SNPs CTS1807/M11203, CTS283/Z1768/M3811, CTS4781/M3812, CTS5226/Z1798, CTS5495, CTS6467/Z1772/M3813, CTS7186/Z1785/M3814 and other 5 SNPs
E-CTS1458 Subclade E-CTS1458 added to E-CTS283 with SNPs CTS11662, CTS1458/Z1792, CTS4361, CTS8157/Z1799, CTS8497, CTS9091, Z1793, Z1794
E-L914 Subclade E-L914 added to E-Z1788 with SNP L914
E-Z4189 Subclade E-Z4189 added to E-Z1788 with SNP Z4189/M2747
E-CTS1251 Subclade E-CTS1251 added to E-M4217 as parent of E-Z5947 with SNPs CTS10689/M4113, CTS11305, CTS1251/M4043, CTS1770/M4104, CTS5534/M4109, CTS8689/M4059, CTS9954 and other 3 SNPs
E-Z5947 Subclade E-Z5947 added to E-CTS1251 as parent of E-Z5948 with SNPs S6276, Z5947
E-Z5948 Subclade E-Z5948 added to E-Z5947 with SNP Z5948
E-M4197 At subclade E-M4197 added SNPs CTS2198/M4200, M4199, M4204
E-F1823 Subclade E-F1823 added to E-M4197 as parent of E-Z5942 with SNP F1823
E-Z5942 Subclade E-Z5942 added to E-F1823 as parent of E-Z5943 with SNP Z5942
E-Z5943 Subclade E-Z5943 added to E-Z5942 as parent of E-Z5944, E-Z5946 with SNP Z5943
E-Z5944 Subclade E-Z5944 added to E-Z5943 with SNP Z5944
E-Z5946 Subclade E-Z5946 added to E-Z5943 with SNP Z5946
E-Z5941 Subclade E-Z5941 added to E-M4232 as parent of E-CTS1433, E-CTS9123 with SNP Z5941
E-CTS1433 Subclade E-CTS1433 added to E-Z5941 as parent of E-CTS618 with SNP CTS1433
E-CTS618 Subclade E-CTS618 added to E-CTS1433 as parent of E-CTS12954 with SNPs CTS1756, CTS2830, CTS618
E-CTS12954 Subclade E-CTS12954 added to E-CTS618 with SNP CTS12954
E-CTS9123 Subclade E-CTS9123 added to E-Z5941 with SNP CTS9123
E-CTS4700 Subclade E-CTS4700 added to E-CTS1036 as parent of E-CTS205, E-Z5939, E-Z5940 with SNPs CTS12955, CTS4700, CTS4947, CTS6143, CTS6680, CTS6690, CTS7243
E-CTS205 Subclade E-CTS205 added to E-CTS4700 with SNPs CTS10239, CTS1640, CTS205, CTS3975, CTS5029, CTS7808, CTS7860, CTS8317, CTS9419
E-Z5939 Subclade E-Z5939 added to E-CTS4700 with SNP Z5939
E-Z5940 Subclade E-Z5940 added to E-CTS4700 with SNP Z5940
E1b1a1a1a At subclade E1b1a1a1a added SNP CTS4492
E-CTS2754 Subclade E-Z1706 deleted from E-CTS2754
E-M4061 Subclade E-M4061 added to E-Z1677 with SNP M4061/S21901
E-CTS1610 Subclade E-CTS1610 added to E1b1a1a1f1b1 with SNPs CTS1610, CTS1881, CTS6487
E-Y12908 Subclade E-Y12908 added to E-M4269 with SNPs M4280, M4299, Y12908
E-CTS6649 At subclade E-CTS6649 added SNP CTS9883
E-PF2902 Subclade E-PF2902 added to E-CTS3274 as parent of E-CTS308, E-Z6009 with SNPs CTS10951, CTS10959, CTS11236, CTS12004, CTS4907, CTS6973, PF2902/M3495
E-CTS308 Subclade E-CTS308 added to E-PF2902 with SNPs CTS1543, CTS308, CTS3725, CTS5366, CTS9325, CTS9930
E-Z6009 Subclade E-Z6009 added to E-PF2902 with SNP Z6009
E-Z6010 Subclade E-Z6010 added to E-CTS3274 as parent of E-F2481 with SNP Z6010
E-F2481 Subclade E-F2481 added to E-Z6010 with SNP F2481
E-Z6014 Subclade E-Z6014 added to E-Z6013 with SNP Z6014
E-Z6015 Subclade E-Z6015 added to E-Z6013 as parent of E-Z6016 with SNPs M7820, Z6015
E-Z6016 Subclade E-Z6016 added to E-Z6015 with SNP Z6016
E-Z6017 Subclade E-Z6017 added to E-Z6012 as parent of E-Z6018 with SNP Z6017
E-Z6018 Subclade E-Z6018 added to E-Z6017 with SNP Z6018
E-Z6019 Subclade E-Z6019 added to E-Z6012 with SNP Z6019
E-Z6020 Subclade E-Z6020 added to E-CTS3274 with SNP Z6020
E-Z2142 Subclade E-Z2142 added to E-CTS6649 as parent of E-Z6004 with SNPs Z2142/PF5281, Z6003
E-Z6004 Subclade E-Z6004 added to E-Z2142 with SNP Z6004
E-Z6006 Subclade E-Z6006 added to E-Z6005 with SNPs S25454, Z6006
E-Z6007 Subclade E-Z6007 added to E-Z6005 with SNPs Z6007, Z6008
E-V1452 Subclade E-V1452 added to E1b1a1a2 as parent of E-PF1852, E-Y1727, E-Z6000 with SNPs V1452, Z5999
E-PF1852 Subclade E-PF1852 added to E-V1452 as parent of E-Z5996 with SNP PF1852
E-Z5996 Subclade E-Z5996 added to E-PF1852 with SNP Z5996
E-Y1727 Subclade E-Y1727 added to E-V1452 with SNP Y1727
E-V13 New sample YF03221 in subclade E-V13
E-Y13926 Subclade E-Y13926 added to E-S2979 with SNPs Y13926, Y14129, Y14130
Z849 Subclade E-Z841 renamed to Z849
E-L791 At subclade E-L791 added SNPs Y14106, Y14107
E-L791* New sample YF03170 in subclade E-L791*
E-Y6923 New sample YF03164 in subclade E-Y6923
E-M98 At subclade E-M98 added SNP CTS9568
G2a2 From subclade G2a2 deleted SNP Y355
G-Y12970 New sample YF03147 in subclade G-Y12970
G2b From subclade G2b deleted SNP Z8016 and added SNPs Y13928, Y13929
G-Y12975 At subclade G-Y12975 added SNPs M3102, Y13927
G-Y12975 New sample YF03059 in subclade G-Y12975
I1a New sample YF03190 in subclade I1a
I-L22* New sample YF03182 in subclade I-L22*
I-Y13930 Subclade I-Y13930 added to I-S10891 with SNPs Y13930, Y13931, Y13932, Y13933, Y13934, Y13935, Y13936, Y13937
I-S23679 Parent of subclade I-L1438 changed from I-P109 to I-S23679
I-S23679 Subclade I-L1438 renamed to I-S23679
I-S23679* New sample YF03174 in subclade I-S23679*
I-L1438 Parent of subclade I-L1438 changed from I-P109 to I-S23679
I-Y4739 At subclade I-Y4739 added SNPs Y13943, Y13944
I-Y4739* New sample YF03192 in subclade I-Y4739*
I-Y4740 Subclade I-Y4739 renamed to I-Y4740
I-Y3603* New sample YF03236 in subclade I-Y3603*
I-Z138 At subclade I-Z138 added SNP Z2540.2/Z2540.1/PF2805.1/PF2805.2
I-Y11211 At subclade I-Y11211 added SNP Y13939
I-Y11211 New sample YF03177 in subclade I-Y11211
I-Y11067 Subclade I-Y10625 renamed to I-Y11067
I-Y4951 Parent of subclade I-Y4949 changed from I-L1302 to I-Y4951
I-Y4951 Subclade I-Y4949 renamed to I-Y4951
I-Y4949 Parent of subclade I-Y4949 changed from I-L1302 to I-Y4951
I-Y13049* New sample YF03227 in subclade I-Y13049*
I-Y13050 Subclade I-Y13049 renamed to I-Y13050
I-Y13938 Subclade I-Y13938 added to I-Y11026 with SNP Y13938
I-Y13940 Subclade I-Y13940 added to I-Y11312 with SNPs Y13940, Y13941, Y13942
I-A196* New sample YF03206 in subclade I-A196*
I-Y6910 Parent of subclade I-Y6885 changed from I-Y6900 to I-Y6910
I-Y6910 Subclade I-Y6885 renamed to I-Y6910
I-Y6910* New sample YF03187 in subclade I-Y6910*
I-Y6885 Parent of subclade I-Y6885 changed from I-Y6900 to I-Y6910
I-S26361 New sample YF03153 in subclade I-S26361
I-BY351 At subclade I-BY351 added SNP BY352
I-Y13946 New sample YF03189 in subclade I-Y13946
I-Y13946 Subclade I-Y13946 added to I-Y7075 with SNPs Y13946, Y14110, Y14111, Y14112, Y14113, Y14114, Y14115
I-Y6634* New sample YF03146 in subclade I-Y6634*
I-Y6624 Parent of subclade I-Y6622 changed from I-Y6612 to I-Y6624
I-Y6624 Subclade I-Y6622 renamed to I-Y6624
I-Y6624* New sample YF03204 in subclade I-Y6624*
I-Y6624* New sample YF03220 in subclade I-Y6624*
I-Y6622 Parent of subclade I-Y6622 changed from I-Y6612 to I-Y6624
I-Y6375 At subclade I-Y6375 added SNP Y14126
I-Y13945 New sample YF03191 in subclade I-Y13945
I-Y13945 Subclade I-Y13945 added to I-Y6375 with SNP Y13945
I-Y13952 Subclade I-Y13952 added to I-Z63 with SNPs Y13952, Y13953, Y13954, Y13955, Y13956, Y13957, Y13958, Y13959, Y13960, Y13961, Y13962
I-Y11765 At subclade I-Y11765 added SNP Y14128
I-Y11765 New sample YF03195 in subclade I-Y11765
I-Y13330 New sample YF03152 in subclade I-Y13330
I-Y4460* New sample YF03145 in subclade I-Y4460*
I-Y1773 New sample YF03199 in subclade I-Y1773
I-Y5669* New sample YF02924 in subclade I-Y5669*
I-Y5359 At subclade I-Y5359 added SNP Y160
I-Y13948 Subclade I-Y13948 added to I-Y9161 with SNPs Y13948, Y13949, Y13950, Y13951
I-Z78* New sample YF03218 in subclade I-Z78*
I-Y5717 New sample YF03117 in subclade I-Y5717
I-Y13947 Subclade I-Y13947 added to I-Y8830 with SNP Y13947
I-Y3670 At subclade I-Y3670 added SNP Y13901
I-L1229 At subclade I-L1229 added SNP Y13900
I-Y13321 At subclade I-Y13321 added SNPs Y13902, Y13903, Y13904, Y13905, Y13906, Y13907
I-Y13321 New sample YF03168 in subclade I-Y13321
I-S6635 At subclade I-S6635 added SNPs Y14155, Y14156, Y14157, Y14158
I-Y11280 New sample YF03175 in subclade I-Y11280
J-Y12354 New sample YF02906 in subclade J-Y12354
J-Y12347 New sample YF02905 in subclade J-Y12347
J-Y13102 New sample YF03113 in subclade J-Y13102
J-Y3081 At subclade J-Y3081 added SNP Y13966
J-Y5399 At subclade J-Y5399 added SNP Y13967
J-Y13968 Subclade J-Y13968 added to J-Y5399 with SNP Y13968
J-Y11883* New sample YF02988 in subclade J-Y11883*
J-Y13099 New sample YF03022 in subclade J-Y13099
J-Y13099 New sample YF03224 in subclade J-Y13099
J-Y13353 At subclade J-Y13353 added SNPs Y13896, Y13897, Y13898, Y13899
J-Y13353 New sample YF03167 in subclade J-Y13353
J-Y13964 Subclade J-Y13964 added to J-Y10723 with SNP Y13964
J-Y13963 New sample YF03209 in subclade J-Y13963
J-Y13963 Subclade J-Y13963 added to J-FGC17804 with SNP Y13963
J-Y8965 Parent of subclade J-Y8964 changed from J-Y9271 to J-Y8965
J-Y8965 Subclade J-Y8964 renamed to J-Y8965
J-Y8965* New sample YF03172 in subclade J-Y8965*
J-Y8964 Parent of subclade J-Y8964 changed from J-Y9271 to J-Y8965
J-L859 New sample YF03166 in subclade J-L859
J-Y7292 Subclade J-Y7291 renamed to J-Y7292
J-Y8344 At subclade J-Y8344 added SNP Y13890
J-Y8344* New sample YF03155 in subclade J-Y8344*
J-Y13341 At subclade J-Y13341 added SNPs Y13893, Y13894, Y13895
J-Y13341* New sample YF03165 in subclade J-Y13341*
J-Z7706 Subclade J-Y13535, J-Z7704 merged to J-Z7706 and added SNP Y13965
J-Y13534 Parent of subclade J-L231 changed from J-Z7704 to J-Y13534
J-Y13534 Subclade J-Y13535 renamed to J-Y13534
J-L231 Parent of subclade J-L231 changed from J-Z7704 to J-Y13534
J-Y13969 Subclade J2a1h2d renamed to J-Y13969 and added SNPs Y13971, Y13970, Y13969
J-L271 Subclade J2a1h2d1 renamed to J-L271
J-M365.2 New sample YF03156 in subclade J-M365.2
J-PF5171* New sample YF03103 in subclade J-PF5171*
J-Y12400 New sample YF03075 in subclade J-Y12400
T-CTS6507* New sample YF03150 in subclade T-CTS6507*
N-Y5003* New sample YF03144 in subclade N-Y5003*
N-Y6077 Subclade N-Y6075 renamed to N-Y6077
N-L551 At subclade N-L551 added SNPs Y14127, Y14154
N-L551* New sample YF03161 in subclade N-L551*
N-L551* New sample YF03193 in subclade N-L551*
N-Y13977 New sample YF03173 in subclade N-Y13977
N-Y13977 Subclade N-Y13977 added to N-L551 with SNPs Y13977, Y13978, Y13979, Y13980, Y13981, Y14148, Y14149, Y14150, Y14151, Y14152, Y14153
N-Y11783* New sample YF03229 in subclade N-Y11783*
N-Y13982 New sample YF03181 in subclade N-Y13982
N-Y13982 Subclade N-Y13982 added to N-M2782 with SNPs Y13982, Y13983, Y14116, Y14117
N-L591* New sample YF02399 in subclade N-L591*
N-CTS4642 At subclade N-CTS4642 added SNPs Y12017, Y13972
N-Y13973 Subclade N-Y13973 added to N-CTS4642 with SNP Y13973
N-CTS7189* New sample YF03154 in subclade N-CTS7189*
N-Y13974 Subclade N-Y13974 added to N-CTS7189 with SNPs Y13974, Y13975, Y13976, Y14108, Y14109
N-L666 At subclade N-L666 added SNP Y8495
N-P43 From subclade N-P43 deleted SNP Y8495
N-F2905 From subclade N-F2905 deleted SNP M1922
N-L732 At subclade N-L732 added SNPs Y13908, Y13909, Y13910, Y13911, Y13912, Y13913, Y13914 and other 8 SNPs
N-L732* New sample YF03169 in subclade N-L732*
O2a At subclade O2a added SNPs Y14042, Y14043
O-CTS4769 At subclade O-CTS4769 added SNPs Y13990, Y13991, Y13992, Y13993
O-CTS7399 At subclade O-CTS7399 added SNPs Y13998, Y13999, Y14000, Y14001, Y14003, Y14004, Y14005 and other 13 SNPs
O-Y13994 Subclade O-Y13994 added to O-CTS7399 as parent of O-Y13997 with SNPs Y13994, Y13995, Y13996, Y14002, Y14013, Y14016, Y14017, Y14025, Y14026
O-Y13997 Subclade O-Y13997 added to O-Y13994 with SNP Y13997
O-M119 At subclade O-M119 added SNPs Y14027, Y14028, Y14029, Y14030, Y14031, Y14032, Y14033 and other 5 SNPs
O-CTS2458 From subclade O-CTS2458 deleted SNP CTS4206
O-F492 At subclade O-F492 added SNP CTS4206
O-Y13984 Subclade O-Y13984 added to O-CTS2458 with SNPs CTS4585, Y13984, Y13985, Y13986, Y13987, Y13988, Y13989
O-CTS1754 At subclade O-CTS1754 added SNPs CTS8594, F1461
O3a2c1a At subclade O3a2c1a added SNP F235/M1587
O-CTS2643 From subclade O-CTS2643 deleted SNP Y7117
O-Y13527 At subclade O-Y13527 added SNP L1360
O3a2c2 At subclade O3a2c2 added SNP CTS11869
O-CTS445 At subclade O-CTS445 added SNPs CTS6164, F1511, F2592, F3559
O-CTS6489 Subclade O-CTS6489 added to O-M7 as parent of O-F1275 with SNP CTS6489
O-L465 At subclade O-L465 added SNPs CTS12021, CTS1558, CTS3993, CTS5661, CTS818, CTS8261, F170, F300, F498
O-CTS727 From subclade O-CTS727 deleted SNP CTS7057/M1645 and added SNPs CTS727, CTS9396, F4102
O-CTS3709 At subclade O-CTS3709 added SNPs CTS4680, CTS7475, F1915
O-CTS11209 Subclade O-CTS11209 added to O-CTS3709 as parent of O-L599 with SNPs CTS11209, CTS1772, CTS4560, CTS4766, CTS5754, CTS6882, CTS7719 and other 3 SNPs
O-L599 Subclade O-L599 added to O-CTS11209 with SNPs CTS10555, CTS10575, CTS10657, CTS10881, CTS1252, CTS4199, CTS4205 and other 5 SNPs
O-F2640 Subclade O-F2640 added to O-CTS3709 as parent of O-CTS11210 with SNPs CTS10447, CTS10844, CTS11107, CTS11906, CTS11982, CTS12501, CTS1290 and other 49 SNPs
O-CTS11210 Subclade O-CTS11210 added to O-F2640 as parent of O-CTS2432 with SNPs CTS10172, CTS11059, CTS11210, CTS11748, CTS12139, CTS1584, CTS2366 and other 17 SNPs
O-CTS2432 Subclade O-CTS2432 added to O-CTS11210 as parent of O-CTS2901 with SNPs CTS1880, CTS2432
O-CTS2901 Subclade O-CTS2901 added to O-CTS2432 with SNP CTS2901
O-F915 Subclade O-F915 added to O-CTS727 with SNPs CTS10252, CTS1936, CTS2355, CTS4168, CTS7376, F1478, F1675 and other 11 SNPs
O-IMS-JST002611 At subclade O-IMS-JST002611 added SNP F460
O-CTS11342 From subclade O-CTS11342 deleted SNP CTS11342
O-F11 At subclade O-F11 added SNPs F2, F251
O-CTS12877 Subclade O-CTS12877 added to O-F11 as parent of O-CTS257 with SNP CTS12877
O-CTS257 Subclade O-CTS257 added to O-CTS12877 with SNPs CTS10038, CTS10232, CTS11666, CTS257, CTS3154, CTS5319, CTS5409 and other 2 SNPs
O-F539 From subclade O-F539 deleted SNP CTS7057/M1645 and added SNP Y6585
O-F632 From subclade O-F632 deleted SNP CTS7057/M1645
O-F110 Subclade O-F110 added to O-F632 as parent of O-F17 with SNPs CTS10716, CTS3007, CTS9666, F110/M11115, F133, F434, F646
O-F17 Subclade O-F17 added to O-F110 as parent of O-F377, O-F793 with SNPs CTS11839, CTS12091, CTS2801, CTS362, CTS3663, CTS4414, CTS5822 and other 7 SNPs
O-F377 Subclade O-F377 added to O-F17 as parent of O-CTS7789 with SNPs CTS8548, F377
O-CTS7789 At subclade O-CTS7789 added SNPs CTS5424, F1503
O-F238 From subclade O-F238 deleted SNP CTS7057/M1645 and added SNP CTS11193
Q-YP1003* New sample YF03148 in subclade Q-YP1003*
Q-L472 At subclade Q-L472 added SNP CTS12768/M1182
Q-F1096 At subclade Q-F1096 added SNP F844
Q-M25 From subclade Q-M25 deleted SNPs Y3915, Y9307, Y9308 and added SNPs Y14044, Y14124, Y14125
Q-L712 At subclade Q-L712 added SNPs Y3915, Y9307, Y9308
Q-YP1669 At subclade Q-YP1669 added SNPs S19575, Y14045, Y14046, Y14047, Y14118, Y14119, Y14120, Y14121, Y14122, Y14123
Q-YP1669 New sample YF03186 in subclade Q-YP1669
Q-L56 At subclade Q-L56 added SNP Y2471
Q-L53 From subclade Q-L53 deleted SNPs CTS11101/M1172, CTS11350/M1174, CTS7619/M1135, Y742, Y754
Q-L54 At subclade Q-L54 added SNPs CTS11101/M1172, CTS11350/M1174, CTS7619/M1135
Q-M930 From subclade Q-M930 deleted SNPs Y770, Z788/CTS7143/M879
Q-L804 At subclade Q-L804 added SNP L806
Q-M848* New sample YF03217 in subclade Q-M848*
Q-Y12421 At subclade Q-Y12421 added SNP L1425
Q-CTS4000 Subclade Q-CTS4000 added to Q-Z5906 as parent of Q-Z5907 with SNP CTS4000
Q-L940 From subclade Q-L940 deleted SNPs Y4813, Y4831, Y5471
Q-Y4813 Subclade Q-Y4813 added to Q-L527 as parent of Q-Y11649, Q-Y4929 with SNPs Y4813, Y4831, Y5471
Q-Y6793 At subclade Q-Y6793 added SNP Y7719
R-YP282 At subclade R-YP282 added SNP YP1222
R-YP441* New sample YF03158 in subclade R-YP441*
R-YP441* New sample YF03226 in subclade R-YP441*
R-S3477 At subclade R-S3477 added SNP Y4997
R-S3473 Subclade R-S3487 renamed to R-S3473
R-PF6155 From subclade R-PF6155 deleted SNP PF7521/Z2908/S4567
R-PF6155* New sample YF03202 in subclade R-PF6155*
R-Y2604 At subclade R-Y2604 added SNP PF7521/Z2908/S4567
R-YP416* New sample YF03157 in subclade R-YP416*
R-YP445 From subclade R-YP445 deleted SNP CTS8041
R-YP1341 Subclade R-YP1337 renamed to R-YP1341
R-YP3896 Subclade R-YP3896 added to R-Y2395 with SNPs YP3896, YP3897, YP3898, YP3899, YP3900, YP3901, YP3902 and other 10 SNPs
R-YP618* New sample YF03205 in subclade R-YP618*
R-CTS870 Subclade R-S5708 renamed to R-CTS870
R-S7735 New sample YF03176 in subclade R-S7735
R-S7735 Subclade R-S7735 added to R-S5708 with SNP S7735
R-YP1116 Parent of subclade R-YP1112 changed from R-Y10804 to R-YP1116
R-YP1116 Subclade R-YP1112 renamed to R-YP1116
R-YP1112 Parent of subclade R-YP1112 changed from R-Y10804 to R-YP1116
R-YP1410 At subclade R-YP1410 added SNP Y14104
R-CTS4648 At subclade R-CTS4648 added SNPs Y13891, Y13892
R-CTS4648* New sample YF03160 in subclade R-CTS4648*
R-YP1506 Parent of subclade R-YP1505 changed from R-Z93 to R-YP1506
R-YP1506 Subclade R-YP1505 renamed to R-YP1506
R-YP1505 Parent of subclade R-YP1505 changed from R-Z93 to R-YP1506
R-YP1269 New sample YF03225 in subclade R-YP1269
R-YP639 Subclade R-YP615 renamed to R-YP639
R-DF27 Parent of subclade R-Y13607 changed from R-P312 to R-DF27
R-Y13607 At subclade R-Y13607 added SNPs Y14080, Y14081, Y14082, Y14083, Y14084, Y14085, Y14086
R-Y13607 Parent of subclade R-Y13607 changed from R-P312 to R-DF27
R-S1221* New sample YF03159 in subclade R-S1221*
R-S19290 From subclade R-S19290 deleted SNP S15337
R-S19290 New sample YF03198 in subclade R-S19290
R-Y14105 Subclade R-Y14105 added to R-Z419 with SNP Y14105
R-Y14050 New sample YF03208 in subclade R-Y14050
R-Y14050 Subclade R-Y14050 added to R-DF17 with SNP Y14050
R-Z29624 Subclade R-Z29624 added to R-Z2573 as parent of R-CTS1090 with SNP FGC32092/Z29624
R-CTS2501 At subclade R-CTS2501 added SNP Y2371
R-L744* New sample YF03214 in subclade R-L744*
R-Y14048 Subclade R-Y14048 added to R-A922 with SNP Y14048
R-S5668* New sample YF03162 in subclade R-S5668*
R-S764* New sample YF03180 in subclade R-S764*
R-Y6668* New sample YF02112 in subclade R-Y6668*
R-L96 New sample YF03163 in subclade R-L96
R-Y14049 Subclade R-Y14049 added to R-DF13 with SNP Y14049
R-S844 Subclade R-S844 added to R-Z253 with SNPs A17, A19/S847, A20/M7983, A22, A25, S841, S844 and other 10 SNPs
R-Y13500 At subclade R-Y13500 added SNPs A495, A496, A497, A498, A500, A501, A503 and other 4 SNPs
R-Y14087 Subclade R-Y14087 added to R-Y4010 with SNP Y14087
R-U152* New sample YF03188 in subclade R-U152*
R-CTS9733 At subclade R-CTS9733 added SNP YSC0000193
R-Y14088 New sample YF03171 in subclade R-Y14088
R-Y14088 Subclade R-Y14088 added to R-Y4355 with SNPs Y14088, Y14089, Y14090, Y14091, Y14092, Y14093, Y14094 and other 23 SNPs
R-S11515* New sample YF03151 in subclade R-S11515*
R-Y14063 New sample YF03203 in subclade R-Y14063
R-Y14063 Subclade R-Y14063 added to R-U198 with SNPs CTS12226, CTS4089, Y14063, Y14064, Y14065, Y14066, Y14067 and other 7 SNPs
R-L584 New sample YF03149 in subclade R-L584
R-V2986 At subclade R-V2986 added SNPs Y14078, Y14079
R-M478 At subclade R-M478 added SNP Y14187
R-Y14051 New sample YF03179 in subclade R-Y14051
R-Y14051 Subclade R-Y14051 added to R-M478 with SNPs A1465, FGC7545/Z6561, L1432, L1433, Y14051, Y14052, Y14053 and other 39 SNPs
R-Y8766 At subclade R-Y8766 added SNP Y12101
R-V3714 From subclade R-V3714 deleted SNP Y12101