J-L534 (age: 2820 ybp)Formula: (2820)/1   

Branch ID Sample ID Number of SNPs Coverage (bp) Formula to correct SNPs number Corrected number of SNPs Formula to estimate age Age by this line only
 YF03291  18.04 7991092 18.04/7991092*8467165 19.11 19.11*144.41+60 2820

FAQ What are SNPs "currently defining" a subclade and subclade "formed" age, "TMRCA" and confidence intervals?

FAQ What is YFull's age estimation methodology?

SNPs currently defining J-L534 RATE
Z33964 / Y14405    
FGC30636 / Y14407    
FGC30639 / Y14408    
FGC30655 / Y14595    
FGC30653 / Y14586    
FGC30651 / Y14588    
FGC30645 / Y14593    
FGC30641 / Y14589    
FGC30677 / Y14596    
Z33963 / Y14587    
Y14409 / FGC30638    
Y14592 / Z33966    
Y14597 / FGC30634